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Image: a_piece.jpg   640x480 36294 bytes 2006.06.09

A tool. A piece. An object used by another for their benefit. Not mine... Yet, I stand alone.

Image: ArtistsHandClr.gif   801x1215 20733 bytes 2006.08.04

A vague image of somewhere between human and animal. This is the artist's hand. Part man, part's who I am. I know I'm different, and would never want to change that.

Image: atashi.jpg   608x780 70395 bytes 2005.02.06

Atashi-Cloud Neavwerond... My friend's RP character. I drew this based on his description. Atashi is a fennec fox.\r\n\r\nAtashi(c)Knux

Image: atashic.jpg   430x611 62628 bytes 2005.02.06

I went ahead and colored that pic of Atashi... It's not my best job with Photoshop, but it wasn't an ink either...

Image: challenge.gif   600x767 39083 bytes 2007.01.17


Well, I was contacted by one of my long-time deviantART watchers about a duel between my character and his. Well, I suggested that if we were to fight, we'd use swords, and thus the art battle has begun.\r\n\r\nKnux the Fox (C) Knux, the artist.

Tags: knux, sword, fox, fight, angry, anger, furry  
Image: conbadge.jpg   621x399 92477 bytes 2007.02.28

Not my first conbadge, but the first I plan on using right away. I made this today in a manner of minutes, besides the time taken to acquire materials. This was made with all traditional media. Only pencil and colored pencil. Knux the Fox (C) Knux, the artist.

Tags: furry, fox, knux, conbadge  
Image: DaiHead.jpg   537x310 53809 bytes 2005.02.12

Some diagrams I drew tonight to show what I want my fursuit head to look like.

Image: DaiPride.jpg   631x820 90754 bytes 2005.02.05

My first worthy artwork of 2005. This is also a new style for Dai. This is the first image since his rebirth in flames. (Not yet in the online book)\r\n\r\nDai Guremoui(c)Knux

Image: DaiTrust.jpg   593x711 93353 bytes 2005.02.05

One of my last two drawings in 2004. I've been drawing for years to get to this level. So, Dai Trust shall start my directory off with a bang! Dai Guremoui, the gray fox, standing in the sunlight with a look of trust in his eyes.\r\n\r\nDai Guremoui(c)Knux

Image: dingo.gif   376x518 30489 bytes 2005.02.07

It's a pictcha of my good friend, da Dingo! I was trying a new style here. I kinda like it.

Image: fox.jpg   677x400 28232 bytes 2005.03.23

A nice fox drawing I did in pencil.

Image: gray_fox.jpg   677x400 130884 bytes 2005.03.23

I photoshopped the heck out of that fox drawing.

Image: HarperHope.jpg   636x824 106335 bytes 2005.02.05

A beautiful illustration of Dai's wife, Harper Okibi.\r\n\r\nHarper Okibi and Dai Guremoui(c)Knux

Image: HarperStanding.gif   545x627 16631 bytes 2006.08.06

It's been a long time since I've drawn Harper Okibi, hasn't it? Well, here she is as I see her, now. What's that? You think I'm crazy? All the characters I draw are unique, and I see them all in my head as I'm drawing them. Harper Okibi (C)2006 Legend of Dai and Knux

Image: Kelly2.gif   600x778 47102 bytes 2007.03.28

Kelly the Panda

first official Kelly the Panda drawing. Kelly the Panda (c) her player

Tags: panda furry  
Image: kent.jpg   548x697 59303 bytes 2005.02.06

I have an rl friend named, Kent. I was spending some time at his house one night, and I asked him "If you could be any animal, what would you be?" And thus spawned Kent Whitetiger.

Image: Knux.jpg   500x852 113837 bytes 2007.02.01


It's been a long time since I spent several hours working on just one drawing. This started as the sketch of a fox in my sketches section, and it evolved and became cleaner, better, and crisper than before. This is the first drawing I've ever done to simply be called Knux, because it simply is me, in my purest form. Knux the Fox (C) Knux, the artist.

Tags: furry, fox, anthro, knux  
Image: Knux_Fox.jpg   571x738 60728 bytes 2005.11.22

This is quite possibly my best work ever! This is me showing everyone just how serious I am. Knux the Fox (C)2005 Knux and Legend of Dai.

Image: KnuxFox.gif   600x818 52596 bytes 2007.01.04


The initial upload was deleted due to the image being too large, so I resized it, and here it is.\r\n\r\nKnux the Fox (C) Knux, the artist.

Image: KnuxGrin.jpg   800x1037 151277 bytes 2007.04.12

Knux Grin

Added some texturing and shading. It looks a bit more life-like, now. Hope you like it. Knux the Fox (c) Knux, the artist.

Tags: fox furry anthro smile  
Image: Knuxy.jpg   552x716 82445 bytes 2005.02.07

Me....colored...Hard time with it though...Both may be doomed to the sketches...oh well...

Image: Paskis.jpg   826x1107 116994 bytes 2006.08.30

My first commission. I had entered a Tail Sale in FurNation Worlds, and he won me. He just wanted to find an artist that could draw his character, so he paid me to draw this in Lindens. Paskis(C)his player.

Image: preconbadge.jpg   860x545 74059 bytes 2006.08.07

A preliminary design for my first conbadge, which I will be wearing at MFF this year.

Image: ProjectVixen.gif   678x1062 124262 bytes 2007.01.25

Project Vixen No. 1

Well, this is a result of a female figure study I did tonight. It's not much, but still possibly the best vixen I've ever drawn.

Tags: vixen, fox, anthro, furry  
Image: Unnamed_Fox.gif   783x956 65164 bytes 2006.08.02

this unnamed fox kinda appeared in my head, so I drew him.

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