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Image: bluesorrow.jpg   745x876 80392 bytes 2002.01.12

A 'Soai' one of the winged feline species I am writing into a book/novel/story idea that I keep kicking about. She is mid flight, and is cradling an injured child in her arms. The cloth is supposed to be see through. Prisma on 80# acid free.

Image: dance.jpg   391x643 29150 bytes 2002.09.04

Generic Female Feline GFF (R) with green henna tattoo's dancing with an axe. I dew this while in a bit of pain, and with nothing better to do than have a doctor examine a broken tow by twisting. He told me to do something to take my mind off the pain... and I drew this lady. Nothing complex, but still a nifty image. I liked the henna tat idea...

Image: dgn.jpg   316x600 22152 bytes 2002.01.12

Ever have one of those 'what if?' thoughts? Well this came from a 'what if a dragon had ram like horns?' and... tada! Prisma pens on 80# acid free.

Image: koep1a.jpg   1151x298 176681 bytes 2002.09.04

The first first ever edition of Kolamity of Epic Proportions! I am going to try and publish this as a weekly comic, updating on each friday. Consider this one early and a treat! Here we see Dereck getting fired and Mia obscenely happy. No color yet, maybe I will get around to coloring. *shrug* Dereck is (C) me, Mia is (C) Amia Welsh, and the strip is (C) me for now. If you have comments, suggestions, or wish to appear as a guest cameo, drop me a line! Send an email to

Image: phar.jpg   405x1004 91173 bytes 2004.02.24

Holy cow, its been years since I uploaded any origional work, so here goes. Phar is Copywright Colleen Campbell, the image is C me, but Colleen has rights to use, manipulate, or re-post as she wishes. Anyone else can get a high res copy of this image on CDR for the low low price of a blank CDR and postage! What a deal! Cheaper than most prints! The image idea was generated from a FAX contest commission, and took ... okay, a LONG time coloring the way that I like to. Digital image, B&W line art on pen and 80# paper. More coming soon, perhaps...

Image: punkpussy.jpg   372x650 37797 bytes 2002.09.04

Henna tat's, fishnet stockings, a low cut blue dress and a bass guitar. God I wish I looked that good ;). When previously mentioned doctor decided to take the cast off, he used a rather large saw. To keep my mind off the saw (and I think he enjoyed the other image ^_^) I drew this one, and colored it quickly. The only thing that came out bad was the shape of her head... but thats when the saw DID slip so... >.<

Image: sturm.jpg   700x647 56712 bytes 2002.09.04

This started out a dragon doodle, then became a story image, then a pencil render... and I got new markers! I went back over the origional pencil with the markers and was stunned at the depth of color and interesting things that the pen did to the pencil! I think I am going to remember this technique for future pictures, it adds so much to the simple color. All (C) me, I have used the gryphon character here and there and named him Strum Notchblade

Image: wierd.jpg   511x651 39998 bytes 2002.09.04

Just some wierd thing that started because of AsherCRAK... Asherons call... MUST SLAY MATTIE... *coughs*... began as a pencil render, then moved on to markers, looking for the depth of color I found using one over the other before. It came out okay... nothing super great. Un-named char/species and I dont think I'll ever get around to naming it. I really like how the skull on the handguard came out.

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