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Image: monalisa.jpg   678x483 82521 bytes 2004.07.19

This is Mona Lisa from the old TMNT. I couldn't find any pics of her on the net, so this was based off of pictures of her action figure, which actually doesn't look much like her. I managed to get a copy of the episode she was in, so expect to see some updated pics of her some time.

Image: foxies.jpg   450x620 145910 bytes 2004.07.19

I did this one for a friend. She wanted foxes with bushy tails, and I thought to make them a very playful couple, since that kinda matches her personality.

Image: bunride.jpg   514x559 224375 bytes 2004.07.19

My second pic of the bunny & minotaur couple. I've got a few more ideas for them that I'll eventually get to.

Image: bunxmino.jpg   466x626 194235 bytes 2004.07.19

I haven't decided on names for these two yet. I had the idea to make a couple where the male is really large, but not really in charge. The bunny is the one that calls the shots.

Image: komorixkurai1.jpg   462x610 110648 bytes 2004.07.19

This is my first fully-colored Yiff pic.

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