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Image: kieniialley.jpg   468x680 102676 bytes 2006.08.08

Kienii meets a wandering wolf and runs off to an alley with him for a quick rendezvous.

Image: sphinxorgy2.jpg   544x446 109737 bytes 2006.08.04

Just re-uploading this with some very minor fixes; there were just some small mistakes that bothered me.

Image: sandiexbaden.jpg   444x562 117086 bytes 2006.02.01

Sandie and Baden are having a nice fuck out in the forest. Like their parents before them, they both have large sexual appetites to fill. So, expect to see more of them in the future.\r\nAlso, if there's a particular character of mine that you'd like to see more of, let me know. It's useful to know who are the favorites, and who need more work.

Image: baden1.jpg   326x557 93236 bytes 2006.02.01

Kienii and Malachi's future son is a black leopard, and has all the charm and drive of his father.

Image: sandie1.jpg   314x537 92389 bytes 2006.02.01

This is Vina and Gol's future daughter, Sandie. She has the features of both a cow and a rabbit. So she's a cowbunny. Fortunately for her, she inherited her breasts from Gol's side of the family.

Image: 4way.jpg   585x394 102718 bytes 2005.12.19

The two swinging couples get together. It can be fun to share, and these four love sharing everything.

Image: golmalachi.jpg   513x519 99103 bytes 2005.12.19

Gol and Malachi hook up in a partner swap. Kienii and Malachi, and Vina and Gol, all swing and have no particular gender preference. Sex is sex to them.\r\n\r\nSo, here's just the males of the couples. I like how this one came out. Male/male can be pretty sexy!

Image: kieniixleopard.jpg   445x516 94401 bytes 2005.10.25

Kieni and her mate in an erotic embrace. Kieni's co-creator hasn't decided on a name for her mate yet.

Image: kienii.jpg   439x520 66522 bytes 2005.10.25

Kieni is a panther, and was designed for/by a friend.

Image: leopard.jpg   410x533 98768 bytes 2005.10.25

This is a character I designed for a friend. She described how she wanted him to look, and I fleshed him out. He was designed to be the mate for another character she helped design, Kieni.

Image: vinapinup.jpg   494x691 72827 bytes 2005.06.19

I'm starting a series of pin-up style single-character pics. I decided that Vina should be the first model, as she would like and appreciate the honor. Plus, she's the kind of yiff-girl that likes the attention.\r\nFeel free to contact me if you'd like to commission one of your characters for this series.

Image: sphinxorgy.jpg   554x690 135229 bytes 2005.05.30

My first image in a long time. I had an idea for a new Sphinx character, and a friend suggested that she have hand maidens to love and adore her. Those ideas made for some pretty beautiful work, don't you think?

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