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Image: discoveringtragedyweb.jpg   700x934 199931 bytes 2005.08.29

AFO Studio project! Object: Amber the Beanie Baby.\r\nPart of my paper describing the "meaning" of the piece.\r\n\r\nMaybe the beanie and all the toys represent the innocence or the childhood ideology that nothing really dies... just "passes out" like in pokemon and the Cat is reality eating away at the childhood dream of life. Kids never really understand death until someone in the family dies like a grandparent or a pet. Death is just another grown-up word they don't understand. A kid never really sees death as something that can't be brought back like in videogames where you can restart or have extra lives. Once the innocence is lost, the perception won't be the same.\r\n\r\n11" x 14" Acrylic + Prismacolor Markers (for touchups) + plastic fork (n_n) on Illustration Board.

Image: earthdragon.jpg   800x824 265519 bytes 2005.07.03

<i>After an incredibly long rest, the dragon wakes up in a groggy haze, barely noticing the mountian ranges and forests that had formed and grown during his slumber.</i>\r\n\r\nAnother somewhat known pic of mine and still a favorite. Woo boy you should have seen what the sketch of this was at first, but >_> \r\n\r\nPainter IX + mouse.

Image: foxink.jpg   750x976 146228 bytes 2006.01.07

Commissioned piece~ \r\nPainter IX + tablet.

Image: gotsomemeat.jpg   500x820 80327 bytes 2005.08.29

Added a little bit more meat to Tigress too since she needed it; plus I kind of find it more appealing since I've been so used to seeing sickly thin anime characters all the time. And then all the fat anime characters look like Don Vito, but you know.\r\n\r\nKind of a boring picture, but I was just testing out a new body-type I guess ^^

Image: hexaanthro.jpg   600x775 151621 bytes 2006.06.30

Second part of my commission for Ksilebo x___x waaayyy too much detail than what I originally intended, but I'm happy with it. At least this time I didn't do each individual scale, but I made up for that everywhere else >_<

Image: hexadragon.jpg   600x494 116726 bytes 2006.06.30

Commissioned piece for Ksilebo of the six-legged, six-eyed draconic beast, the Hexadragon, which is most well-known for it's presence in the Final fantasy series (namely VIII). Pretty sweet beast and really fun to work on ^_^ Pain in the butt too since I did this way more detailed than initially intended, but it was worth it.

Image: koishii.jpg   850x961 215131 bytes 2006.06.30

Gift art for my friend Koishii Kitty over on DeviantArt. ^_^ She's done several gifties for me over time so I figured it was about time to repay her :3

Image: kymtrnaussk.jpg   750x723 168805 bytes 2005.08.17

A very rare find, the Kymtr'naus are a very quiet and peaceful forest-dwelling species. Their large ears help them detect possible threats over 2 miles away, but also alert them to another creature that needs its aid. The long fur that hangs down from the Kymtr'naus possesses a particular healing quality to it, that when the sickly being takes a tuft of it, begins to feel better almost instantaneously. With that, however, it is a prized commodity in which the Kymtr'naus is hunted and slain for, for if all of that slow-regrowing fur is cut off, the creature is no longer able to help others or itself, and is most likely sentenced to death.

Image: langurcontest.jpg   700x872 156583 bytes 2005.08.29

Sketch of my entry for Honeytail's Mutant Cat creation contest. Colored version is in the works and just needs some finalization sbefore I submit it ^_^~ This character needs a name though ;_; If you can help me think of one, please drop me an emaiL~ ^__^

Image: naptime.jpg   650x369 69271 bytes 2006.06.30

Man, sleep feels so good~

Image: olddragon.jpg   750x517 85674 bytes 2006.06.30

No name just yet for this guy. Just a really old dragon (which I tend to enjoy drawing~ Lots more character to them, I feel).

Image: outlawdaddy.jpg   600x1028 87383 bytes 2006.06.30

Just a cute little sketch of Outlaw holding baby Tigress ^_^ So cute.

Image: piggyback.jpg   700x979 134297 bytes 2005.06.20

Done of my character Tigress (creative name, I know. She just doesn't have a name to fit her) and my mate, Outlaw. \r\n\r\nColored in Painter IX + mouse from the scanned sketch in pencil. Stretching my wings since this was the first CG pic I've done in the past 5 months, but I took my time to fix up the lines and everything. Background seems lazy, but I wanted to keep it simple and light.\r\n

Image: pyregriff.jpg   800x1003 291999 bytes 2005.06.20

Commission for Blackmane of her griff name Pyre (red) and her mate, Seraph (white). Characters are copyright to their players, Blackmane and Neko.\r\nColored in Painter IX + mouse after scanning the original pencil sketch. Took roughly 25 hours+.

Image: retreat.jpg   694x1074 271857 bytes 2005.07.03

Watercolor painting of a Lemur and Fossa. Original is 9" x 14" and is <b> for sale! </b> It's nicely matted as well ^^- email me at<b> konekonoarashi AT yahoo DOT com </b>if you're interested :3

Image: Rowenna.jpg   750x934 295881 bytes 2005.08.30

Been working on this bugger for a while now for Crimson Sacrifice's contest~ ^_^ I made this character up on the spot for it, but I think I'll definitely use her in future pieces -- I've grown to really like her -- Rowenna as I've decided to name her (At the suggestion of a friend. I'm bad at names).\r\n\r\nColored in Adobe Photoshop CS2 + mouse for the most part, but as soon as I got my new Wacom Intuos3, I touched up the fur and everything with that ^_^ Tablet from now on! WOO!

Image: rowennafluffy.jpg   750x859 130958 bytes 2005.09.14

Fluffy, fluffy Rowenna and her ridiculously long tail~ Sketched in OC and colored in Photoshop & Painter.\r\nBoring background.

Image: Tigress.jpg   475x664 122394 bytes 2005.07.03

A pretty old pic of Tigress -- one of my first, actually, and probably most well-known ^^\r\nWorking on sort of a "new" version of this primarily for my website and I'll upload that once it's done~

Image: tigressbehindv2.jpg   742x750 141296 bytes 2005.08.17

This little drawing here will be used on whenever I get around to actually updating it since it's been over a year -- lots of sorting and redoing to do D:\r\n\r\nAnyway! Photoshop CS2/Painter IX + mouse (hoping to buy a tablet with birthday money later this month)

Image: tigresscutesk.jpg   500x466 79071 bytes 2005.08.01

A little sketch I did of Tigress at 6 am with no sleep. But man the style came out cute! To be colored for probably avatar-use ^^

Image: tigressoutlawlaying.jpg   750x568 119338 bytes 2005.12.08

^_^ Outlaw & Tigress~ Just a cute little lazy pic.

Image: tigressrevenge.jpg   700x904 122378 bytes 2006.01.17

Entry for CrimsonSacrifice (Honeytail)'s contest over at Deviant Art ^^ To read the story that goes along with this, check it out on my DA at ->\r\n\r\nLangur Hali/ Mutant Cat species (c): Honeytail\r\nVinera & Tigress (c): Kathleen Morton / Koneko no Arashi

Image: traverse.jpg   750x558 113722 bytes 2006.04.24

Piece for my studio class regarding my spirituality -- a nice break from the heavier subject matter I had been dealing with in previous projects. Acrylic on illustration board.

Image: unleashed.jpg   900x657 240645 bytes 2005.09.13

Second part for Discovering Tragedy. Little bugger is in for it now.\r\nAcrylic + wood blocks + 1/2 bouncy ball on canvas board.

Image: vinera.jpg   750x991 88635 bytes 2005.09.15

Colored version of asketch I did this morning during Art History class ^^ Another submission for Honeytail's contest over on DA.\r\n\r\nHer name's Vinera (Vih-NAIR-ah) and I think she's really cute n__n Had a lot of fun working with her ~\r\n\r\nPainter IX + tablet

Image: vinerafoot.jpg   650x824 222031 bytes 2005.12.08

Kyehehehehe~ Vinera smooshing Outlaw's face with her foot and Tigress is all jealous and ticked off in the background! :X Might put up the original for sale. email me at konekonoarashi AT yahoo DOT com if interested. If not, this might be up on furbid sometime ^^\r\n\r\nPrismacolor marker + micron pen.

Image: vinerastretching.jpg   650x806 175643 bytes 2005.11.17

Cute little Vinera stretching. Or maybe looking up after finishing licking herself o_o; Pick your poison.\r\n\r\nPen + marker. Original for sale! $30. Interested? Email me ^^

Image: vineratwist.jpg   730x800 117840 bytes 2007.01.01

Oh How Comfy

Vinera in one of her crazy twisted positions...\r\n\r\nPhotoshop CS2

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