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Image: 07protes7.jpg   718x711 149960 bytes 2008.07.10

PRO-TES7 Reference

Reference sheet for my fursona's guardian, PRO-TES7. Reference sheets will generally look like this, but with solid, digital inks and full colored turnarounds.\r\n\r\nBasically, all reference sheet commissions come with a full colored front and back view, special detail shots and a little profile blurb. These would run from $15 up.

Image: celshadesample.jpg   375x488 79605 bytes 2008.07.10

That Guy's Nosebleed

A collaboration with one of my dearest online friends, Blackkrystal. This picture came to being when we were talking about plans for Anthrocon 2010, and how she'd pretty much violate me.\r\n\r\nSo she drew our fursonas being lesbianic. I inked and colored this. I'm VERY pleased with how this picture came out as a whole.\r\n\r\nCommission-wise, I'd say a cel-shaded pic would be $12. With an extra character and a BG like this? $20 in total.

Image: devbadge.jpg   366x559 95989 bytes 2008.07.10

Anthrocon '08 Badge- Dev Halena

A gift for my awesome possum friend Dev Halena as her anthrocon badge. It's her fursona playing with a saturn controller.\r\n\r\nA commission for this would run about... $15 it's 3"x5" approximately and on watercolor paper.

Tags: dragon, bat, dragonbat, conbadge  
Image: iconsample.png   100x100 12565 bytes 2008.07.10

Icon Sample

An example of an icon commission I'd offer. I'd probably sell this for $5. You'd get a 500x500 version and a 100x100 version.

Image: inksample.png   500x650 19417 bytes 2008.07.10

ThatGuy's Nosebleed inks

Pretty self explanatory.\r\n\r\nInks like this would run $7 for 1 character. With 2... $10-ish?

Image: sketchsample.png   400x531 38283 bytes 2008.07.10

With Me

Drew this for my bby who wanted something that goes with Sum 41's With Me. I've yet to hear the song, but the lyrics are so beautiful.\r\n\r\nA sketch like this would run for $5 for one character.$7 for 2 characters.

Image: williamsburg.jpg   599x782 82054 bytes 2008.07.10


Based off the song of the same name by Armor for sleep. I had a lot of fun coloring this. Especially the grass. a watercolor character commission would run for about... $15. For a picture of this scope... I'd say... $20-$25 due to the background and other characters. Drawn on a 5"x7" piece of watercolor paper, so this ain't tiny either.

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