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Image: fuckinggrind.png   561x599 59029 bytes 2008.07.05

Just Fucking Grind!

I was fed up with how boring and trite my art is, so I wanted to try a little perspective and vibrant coloring\r\n\r\nI enjoyed doing this for the most part. Hope you do too.\r\n\r\nArt and Koze is © S.Gonzalez 2008

Image: g.png   600x600 39721 bytes 2006.07.17

oC with Vyncent again. He didn't do anything but entertain me :3 but he inspied me to draw thisss. Because we were talking about Dr. Weird and Aqua Teen HHunger force.\r\n\r\nVyn came out like shit, I know. :(\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyncent is ©

Image: harvkoze.jpg   474x388 60938 bytes 2007.01.14

Harvester Koze is NOT pleased

Something I did because the Harvesters community on LJ needs some more love. Enjoy winter coat Koze in her ready-to-gore-you-ness.\r\n\r\nSketched in 2HB Pencil\r\nInked in 01 and 08 Micron\r\nColored in Prismacolor Pencils\r\n\r\nKoze Ennaxon is Suzanne Gonzalez

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Image: kozefinished.png   613x496 43130 bytes 2008.07.05

Sexy Koze is Sexy

Old collaboration between me and Dev Halena. She drew this for me way back in 2007, I colored it in December 2007. I had a ton of fun coloring this.\r\n\r\nAnd for the record, no I don't have wings any more.\r\n\r\nArt is © Dev Halena\r\nKoze is © S. Gonzalez 2008

Image: kozenmetz.jpg   660x860 105739 bytes 2006.07.26

Koze and Metz ready to rock with their dream pants.\r\n\r\nopencanvas doodle for an awesome friend on DeviantArt.\r\n\r\nKoze Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nKiriyama/Metz

Image: kozeref.gif   512x620 51054 bytes 2006.07.13

Koze reference, I'm using it for enterVOID. The posing's not that great, but it gives a good rundown of what Koze looks like. Tough I could have done better on the tail too.\r\n\r\nSketched on sketchbook paper, inked and colored in Paint Shop Pro 9\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\n\r\n

Image: lose.jpg   334x614 67310 bytes 2006.07.13

Lose pose for Koze on enterVOID.\r\n\r\nMy tablet wasn't cooperating with me on this one, and I'm not too hot about it. Used the same method as in the victory pose.\r\n\r\nSketched on paper with bic pen\r\nInked and colored in Painter 8\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: losetoned.jpg   512x635 83404 bytes 2006.11.16

Lose pose for VOID. I like it a bt. Doesnt really look like she lost. But still, fun to do. Mostly inks with my faber castell inking pens, including the BG. Text and tones in PSP9\r\n\r\nKoze is Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: lucky.png   446x560 54301 bytes 2006.07.14

Same oC with Vyncent as the Salsa Mujer doodle.\r\n\r\nI wanted to fry something I don't do very well, couples pictures. Koze and Vyncent are a couple, other pairings are joke pairings and are not official, so yeah. Sloppy alf assed black and white coloring because it was like almost midnight and my mom was yelling at me to go to bed.\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyncent is ©

Image: nyanya.jpg   462x499 93993 bytes 2006.07.16

Quick openCanvas doodle for a friend! My tablet's acting up again D:<\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nOlly is © Nicole Tocco (

Image: page1.jpg   520x650 95903 bytes 2006.07.13

Page 1 of Koze's intro comic. This is the second time doing an intro comic for her. My first intro comic was pitiful. I simply drew and inked it with microns, didn't bother coloring. his one is alot bette, so if you think this one's rubbish, you haven't seen my first!\r\n\r\nSketched, inked and colored in openCanvas1.1\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: page2.jpg   520x650 108002 bytes 2006.07.13

Page 2 of my intro comic. Oh, I forgot to mention that these are also resized from the original 800x1000 size, so my handwriting looks a tad more scrunched up. Sorry!\r\n\r\nSketched, inke and colored in opencanvas1.1\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyncent is ©\r\nVyncent's grandmother is © us both...I think.

Image: pay4it.jpg   472x844 92946 bytes 2006.07.19

Sometign I drew wen I was PMSsy/depressed/angry. Based off the sng Pay for it by Mindless Self Indulgence. Catchy ass song indeed!\r\n\r\nDone all in oc1.1\r\n\r\nKoze © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\n

Image: pirate.jpg   837x938 130705 bytes 2006.07.13

Phew! It's been TOO LONG since I've uploaded material! I've realised it's an honor to have a VCL gallery, and I will not neglect it! Nope! \r\n\r\nAnyway! This here would be a drawing if Koze dressed in pirate garb (Captain jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean to be exact!) the backgound I found off a google image search, which is a far more detailed digital painting on sale in a German eBay auction!\r\n\r\nDrawn in openCanvas1.1, background done in Painter 8.\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\n

Image: Redefined.jpg   635x719 100280 bytes 2006.07.14

Another KozexVyncent drawing. This is somewhat old. Did this back in June. I was inspired by Chiodos' (which Vycent can't stand XD) the Word Best Friend Becomes Redefined. It's a really pretty song, though if you hate emo/post-hardcore, stay aways!\r\n\r\nDrawn on Newsprint paper, Inked with a Quill Pen, Colored with Prismacolor Pencils, Crayola Pencils and Oil Pastels (the wierd blue chunks you see)\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyncent is ©

Image: ref.jpg   665x773 97353 bytes 2006.10.21

Updated reference sheet for Koze.\r\n\r\nYES I KNOW SHE'S MISSING HER WINGS. For simpliciy's sake, I'm not gonna give her wings on VOID.\r\n\r\nFaber Castell pens on typing paper, coloring and layout on Photoshop 7

Image: ripoff.jpg   468x768 35770 bytes 2006.02.23

Contest entry for the user nekophoenix on Deviantart. Didn't win, but I had fun and improved my art skill! Took about 10-15 hours on Painter 8. Tablet used.\r\n\r\nKoze is Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: shin00b.png   600x600 52432 bytes 2006.07.17

More oC'ig with my dear Vyncent.\r\n\r\nThis might be in the grey area because I drew them with Naruto headbands, but they're not necessarily fancharacters. I don't know. Don't kill me D:\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyncent is © ttp://

Image: sup.jpg   644x798 98987 bytes 2006.07.13

A scribble on openCanvas. This is Koze in an outfit my friend designed for her because I asked her nicely. I rarely ever ask for requests, but she volunteered to do so.\r\n\r\nYou can check out her original design for the outfit here:\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: uknomyname.jpg   637x876 233338 bytes 2008.07.05

You Know My Name

Drew this at the beginning of my senior year in high school (lol graduated already =D) based off the badass intro to Casino Royale. I was reading it in English Class\r\n\r\nMicrons, Prisma Markers on Bristol\r\n\r\nKoze and art is © S. Gonzalez 2008

Image: win.jpg   331x561 85198 bytes 2006.07.13

Victory pose for Koze on enterVOID.\r\n\r\nI really liked the method of coloring I used. I used a method of digital painting involving using digital oils and airbrushing.\r\n\r\nSketched on paper with bic paper and pen\r\nColored on Painter 8\r\n\r\nKoze is © Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: winter.JPG   366x400 19028 bytes 2006.11.16

Painter practice. Yeah, it's messy. :>\r\n\r\nOh yes, this is Koze's winter fur, which she has running from November 22nd to March 22nd. YAY!\r\n\r\nKoze is Suzanne Gonzalez

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