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Image: vorn.png   403x423 57459 bytes 2008.07.05


A free sketch for Vornwrath of furrytofurry. I hate drawing video game controllers. But Vorn does look adorable! :3\r\n\r\nVornwrath is © his player\r\nArt is © S. Gonzalez 2008

Image: forvyn.png   543x754 95782 bytes 2008.07.05


Drew this for my boyfriend before he left to BCT in January. Me and him had went through a hard break up, so I was feeling very emotional at the time. \r\n\r\nBut, we patched stuff together a while ago,so all is well. I love my Vyncent <3\r\n\r\nVyncent is © Joe Gordon\r\nArt and KJoze is © S. Gonzalez 2008

Image: kiss.png   520x562 79373 bytes 2008.07.05


Me and my friend BlackKrystal were talking about how fucking sexy I am and how she'd totally love-rape me when we hang out in 2010, thus started our drawing/trade of Koze and Skie (her fursona) being gay for each other.\r\n\r\nArt and Koze is © S. Gonzalez 2008\r\nSkie is © BlackKrystal

Image: kxvcomvclsize.jpg   480x629 108730 bytes 2007.04.29

WIP- Koze goes to California

A comic depicting what I hope will happen when I see my boy in June <3\r\n\r\nKoze Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyncent Joesph Gordon

Image: shootingstar.gif   525x471 42430 bytes 2006.11.16

Sketch of a gift for Vyn for buying me a YEAR sub at deviantart.\r\n\r\nI don't think this could show how much I -REALLY- do love him (and not just for the sub) but I hope this helps.\r\n\r\nSkethcing was a bitch, Originally done on looseleaf paper, but The channels feature is a mighty friend :)\r\n\r\nKze is Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nVyn is Joe Gordon

Image: lindaferal.jpg   479x463 28698 bytes 2006.11.16

Me and Vyn's charracter Linda as if she were a feral animal. She's still got some anthro fetues e___e;\r\n\r\nBut this was mostly for canine feature practice. Linda's half fox, half caracal BTW. :D\r\n\r\nLinda is Suzanne Gonzalez and Joe Gordon

Image: posepractice.png   467x794 70009 bytes 2006.10.20

Scribbles of Koze and her enterVOID poses. I like the center one best XD\r\n\r\nmech pencils on typing paper. color overlay in PSP7

Image: vodkasketch.jpg   275x476 31335 bytes 2006.10.05

AWESOME sketch for one of ma best friends on deviantart. The foot's a bit bleh, but I LOVE her face and stuff.\r\n\r\nVodka is Julia Klimas (

Image: urthsketch.jpg   518x578 73371 bytes 2006.10.05

Sketch for a good friend on DeviantArt.\r\n\r\nUrtheart is

Image: dicesketch.jpg   251x502 28280 bytes 2006.10.04

Sketch for my buddy Olleh ;D I love how this came out! Mech pencil on typing paper\r\n\r\nDiuce is Nicole Tocco (

Image: cutievyn.png   343x565 43926 bytes 2006.10.04

Sketch of Vyncent <3 I don't like his hand, but he looks so edible! Mwaha!\r\n\r\nVyncent is Joe Gordon (

Image: fig.png   544x846 51579 bytes 2006.07.16

Figure sketch practice. I've got around 20 files now by the time I'm posting this, so I'm hoping this won't upset you, VCL Admins!\r\n\r\nUsed the line of motion technique, and I'm rather proud. *grin*\r\n\r\nHoping this will turn into a giftart sketch for a friend!\r\n\r\nSketch is © Suzanne Gonzalez

Image: sawip.png   399x288 22589 bytes 2006.07.14

I adore the Sonic Adventure Coloring Style, so I'm trying it out. First part, the inking. HOMGZ D:

Image: auctioneer.png   558x777 70143 bytes 2006.07.14

Quick comic I'm doing for me and one of my best DeviantArt friends BlackKrystal. It's based off of Retard-o-Bot's Auctioneer. I didn't post full lyrics for dialogues, so I don't think I'm in the wrong. If I am, sorry, VCL admins. ;-;\r\n\r\nSketched on sketchin' paper.\r\n\r\nNME is © Suzanne Gonzalez\r\nMuse is © Hope Jones (

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