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Image: Tilon.jpg   900x697 170795 bytes 2005.09.03

For the completist in me, this one gets added to the archives. Done as a promised gift, finally delivered.\r\n\r\nThat is all.

Image: The_Kiss.jpg   468x600 89159 bytes 2005.09.03

Nothing does it like a nice, wet, juicy, passionate kiss. These two should be having massive fun together very soon.

Image: Polo_horse.jpg   375x640 61183 bytes 2005.09.03

Hey baby. Want to play a nice game of "strip polo"?

Image: dragons.jpg   448x600 86885 bytes 2005.09.03

Awwww, aren't they sweet? Young dragon love!

Image: anubis_deer.jpg   460x600 65221 bytes 2005.09.03

A nice little piece I drew when I started to give in to the whole "Anubis craze" thang. I Decided to do him a little differently, though, basing his design on a black-backed jackal.

Image: Valis.jpg   608x900 135331 bytes 2005.09.03

This is a drawing of a friend I did one day. I'm happy to say he loved it, and let me upload it here!\r\n\r\nMmmm, horsie.

Image: lemur.jpg   551x700 112688 bytes 2004.08.17

I Do tend to experiment once in a while, and this piece is the result of my BF suggesting that I draw a lemur, a form I am not too familiar with. They're cute, though!

Image: Horse.jpg   600x459 74913 bytes 2004.08.17

Boy, he looks ready for something! Definately an invitation that I would accept.

Image: acorn's_first.jpg   700x618 126325 bytes 2004.08.17

Ahhh, young love! A first time is always something very special, and young Acorn's first time with another male was no different. Acorn is the one on top.

Image: Acorn.jpg   394x600 62545 bytes 2004.08.17

Acorn, from my new comic series "The Wanderer".

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