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Image: Kreatus-V.1.jpg   803x913 93620 bytes 2004.09.05

\r\nSooo... what's this here? Itís creepy, looks kind of weird and has something special you cant really figure out, well its me *big grin*\r\n\r\nKreatus Anare is © by him self\r\n

Image: Kunai-V1.jpg   772x850 92998 bytes 2004.09.05

SoÖ this is my first Upload at all. \r\nMay there be many more. <^.^>Ē\r\n\r\nThatís one of my Characters I build for my story. Itís the first time I coloured a Picture so far but I will try my best on getting better. <^.^>\r\n

Image: Kunai_ability_farbe.jpg   378x728 41364 bytes 2004.09.07

So here we have the colored version of Kunai while he comes out of the top wall.\r\n\r\nKunai is © by Kreatus Anare\r\n

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