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Image: blu.jpg   600x890 83751 bytes 2007.02.18

not sure what to say for this one. it started out a vent picture, then... stopped. the color on the ears and hair is shiny irl.\r\n\r\nkyo belongs to

Tags: kyo, dox, dog, fox   [Comment]
Image: mrchingunifrmnumber58301257.jpg   900x940 101331 bytes 2007.02.18

//\r\nfor some reason when I get emo, I put on my marching band uniform. gasp.\r\nwas gonna be holding a gun but I got lazy and drew a hand xD magical blood spurting!\r\n\r\nkyo and magical blood spurting belong to

Image: nonmeface.jpg   800x571 168861 bytes 2006.12.02

its a wolfox[?] with rainbow mane, obviously. I need a name for this guy. if you have an idea please comment at the comment link. :3 thanks

Image: sucksucksucksucksuck.jpg   900x1199 286072 bytes 2007.02.18

bleeeah\r\n\r\nI loved the lineart but I hate the background.\r\nfrom left to right: tara, the pirate pitbull, kris, the mint pitbull, kole, the doberman, kaiser, the pitbull/husky mix, kyo the dox up above them, and brokeback looming over all.

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