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Image: NoSuchThing.jpg   565x551 95152 bytes 2006.02.15

Well, I got this idea from being single for Valentine's Day and how I've had apartment neighbors that get in insanely loud fights. I just hate that kinda drama, y'know? Oh, and I'm plenty cynical too-- that helps. Still, this is (mostly) in good fun. Drawn and inked traditionally, colored (hamhandedly) with Photoshop. Super cheesy background, but hey!\r\n\r\nThe title comes from the song "No Such Thing" by Agent Orange.

Image: NotARaverColor.jpg   560x649 83016 bytes 2002.03.18

This is one of the reasons I don't like to color my work. I have enough problems with the sketching and inking bits (as I'm sure you've noticed) without adding to the amalgam of mistakes. In any case, this would be me, dragon guy Devio X, feeling uncomfortable in a rave. I just don't dig the techno stuff they play in those things (too repetitive, too loud, etc.). Now don't get me wrong, I like techno-- as long as it's done right (like Lords of Acid). The thought bubble of mine is of course a reference to a They Might Be Giants song. And yes, I enjoy dressing up like this.

Image: TreyHolland.jpg   361x690 57409 bytes 2002.03.18

I was just doodling when this guy came out. He's Trey Holland, a bird guy (eagle, no less-- and he's modeled quite heavily after Cid from FF7) who's main traits are intense patriotism and a hot temper. I apologize for all the text on this pic, those were things I just wanted to remember should I decide to draw him again. Also, I wanted to color this pic, but then I realized that I'd just screw it up. Ah well, them's the breaks.

Image: KimBarrett.jpg   475x398 25057 bytes 2002.03.18

Well, since I'm new to the VCL, I thought I ought to upload something special. However, this will have to do. The subject of this quick-and-dirty sketch-turned-ink is Kim Barrett, a shrewish dragoness who was previously a mere incidental character of mine. She's reclining on a couch looking at you with a pseudo-evil grin. The non-sequitur text on the image is from "Jingle of a Dog's Collar" by the Butthole Surfers. Who knows why I put it there.

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