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Image: 2500x1500-6.jpg   1157x1500 227875 bytes 2019.01.08

Who's up for a game of "Dragon?"

Anyone up for a game of "Dragon?" It's like "Horse", only bigger and longer.

Tags: alley way basketball brick city concrete dragon male sundown tease urban  
Image: 2500x1500.jpg   983x1500 177138 bytes 2019.01.08

Touchy Feely (Clothed)

Sometimes you just gotta make sure everything is still there.

Tags: bed boobs bra breasts canid feel panties pink purple satin tits touch  
Image: Albino_Bun_1_Hot_Pink-lr.jpg   1032x1575 244610 bytes 2019.01.08

Black and White Winter

Everyone knows that the best presents come unwrapped.

Tags: black bra bunny panties rabbit snow white winter ombre hair  
Image: Christmas_Bun-lr.jpg   1032x1575 270370 bytes 2019.01.08

White Christmas

Everyone knows that the best presents come unwrapped. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tags: baby-pink bra bunny christmas panties pink rabbit snow white winter  
Image: justin_bailey.jpg   1032x1575 282432 bytes 2018.12.17

Justin Bailey

Samus won't mind if I borrow this for a bit...

Tags: lynx armor glow samus aran metroid purple justin bailey  
Image: neon_stars.jpg   2250x1383 582126 bytes 2018.12.17

Neon Stars

It's dangerous how much I love this process.\r\n\r\nThe line-up so far!\r\n\r\nThere are roughly 256 million viewable colors. That leaves 255,999,999,994 options left. Choose yours before it's too late! lol\r\n\r\nWastegate, TOS (RedWolf), Goldie, KrossBreeder, Jakob, and Manick!

Tags: foxcat jakob fennec fox neon blacklight splatter drip paint color  
Image: yes_please.jpg   1500x1500 285497 bytes 2018.12.17

Yes Please

Boot me.

Tags: krossbreeder foxcat cox neon darklight blacklight bright femboy  
Image: kb_portrait.jpg   1500x1500 250883 bytes 2018.12.17

Keep Your Chin Up

Keep Your Chin Up\r\n\r\n:3

Tags: krossbreeder cox foxcat male femboy neon pink blue  
Image: exkhaniber_tron_legacy_c.jpg   1500x1414 383516 bytes 2018.12.17

Exkhaniber Legacy

It is literally impossible to work with neon and not fall head-over-paws into TRON. And I don't care what you say, TRON: Legacy was awesome, and yes, I love the original, too. :3\r\n\r\nSuper-special thanks to Exkhaniber for the commission, and the opportunity to dive into TRON with his OC, Shockwave!

Tags: kangaroo roo tron legacy neon digital glow the-grid matrix i-o-i blue black  
Image: victor_reference_sheet.jpg   1500x834 234971 bytes 2018.12.17

Victor Ref Sheet

Named for the mascot of the RCA victrola turntable company of the very early 1900's, Victor is a jack russell terrier who loves music and the chance to howl along to some of his favorite records! :3 Find him bouncing along at a convention near you!\r\n\r\nNSFW version:\r\n\r\n\r\nThanks for the commission, ma200 ma200 It's always such a pleasure working with you!

Tags: jack russell terrier dog canine white brown open horn victrola 1920 turntable  
Image: new_waver_wastegate.jpg   1500x1500 568558 bytes 2018.12.13

New Waver Wastegate

Leotard + 80s + Neon = Femboy Wastegate! :3\r\n\r\nSeriously, there is a serious shortage of proper femboys. Apply now for your place on the dance floor! No experience needed! We'll even supply the outfits!

Tags: wastegate painted dog neon orange grid 1980s dance sparkle leotard legwarmers  
Image: redwolf_rad_dark_red.jpg   1500x1810 328344 bytes 2018.12.13

Dark Red

Glowy edges and sharp contrast make the world go 'round!\r\n\r\nAn alternative pic for tos tos!\r\nThe original is here:

Tags: TOS redwolf wolf dark red neon blacklight darklight glow  
Image: redwolf_rad_red.jpg   1500x1810 281859 bytes 2018.12.13

Rad Red

RedWolf; sitting pretty!\r\n\r\nThanks for the commission, tos tos! You look good in neon :3

Tags: TOS redwolf wolf red neon blacklight darklight glow  
Image: killer_pink.jpg   1500x1500 235832 bytes 2018.12.13

Killer Pink

Once you go pink...\r\n\r\nYou're pretty much stuck forever.\r\n\r\nSorry.

Tags: krossbreeder fox vixen pink neon darklight blacklight  
Image: manick_panic.jpg   1500x1500 414174 bytes 2018.12.13

Manick Panic

Another day, another impossibly vibrant color.\r\n\r\nThanks, Manick! ma200 ma200\r\n\r\n...Keep those commissions coming!

Tags: manick tabby cat feline striped neon orange crackle blacklight darklight  
Image: neon_gold.jpg   1500x1500 304838 bytes 2018.12.13

Neon Gold

These are life now.

Tags: krossbreeder foxcat neon black light gold splatter glow  
Image: jakob_neon_star.jpg   1950x1950 435519 bytes 2018.12.13

Jakob Neon Star

I guess I'm doing these now!\r\n\r\nJakob needed some neon time, too! Look at him go! :3\r\n\r\nCommission for: foxx43901

Tags: jakob fennec femboy neon blacklight black light splatter  
Image: neon_star.jpg   1800x1800 332194 bytes 2018.12.13

Neon Star

I needed to feel pretty again.\r\n\r\nBlatantly inspired by the recent League of Legends video, holy god, I am in love with neon!

Tags: krossbreeder kb cox foxcat neon dark light darklight splatter femboy  
Image: concept_art_cast_jen.jpg   1572x2400 688713 bytes 2018.12.13

AoC Cast : Jen

The little pardus girl, Jen, from the Axis of Conflict series.\r\n\r\nJen is about 5 or 6 cycles old, and like most of the kin, she has only ever known the world through life in the Kompleks. A half-breed born of two different kin, she takes strongly after her pardus mother with coloring from her lun father.

Tags: axis-of-conflict pardus girl dolly jen concept art character study  
Image: the_weysts_east_courtyard.jpg   1800x1350 554377 bytes 2018.12.13

The Weysts of the East Courtyard

The little pardus girl, Jen, has had enough of being ignored and forgotten and so she decides to reclaim her long-lost prize with or without permission. She runs into trouble almost immediately, and the kin of the S'ceds are no friends of a half-breed. Jen must venture on alone into the Weysts of the outside world where she discovers many mysteries and hidden secrets.\r\n\r\nThis is the cover-art to the latest chapter of Axis of Conflict, which can be found here:\r\n\r\n

Tags: axis-of-conflict jen pardus panther kitt desert sand wind cyclone monster  
Image: axis_of_conflict_promotional_poster.jpg   1059x1584 472490 bytes 2018.12.13

AoC Promo

Well, the friends' reviews are in! So far so good! But what do *you* think?\r\n\r\nChapter 1:

Tags: axis-of-conflict novelsci-fi transformation world-building emotional growth  
Image: my_girlfriend_s_girlfriend.jpg   1143x1800 328023 bytes 2018.12.13

My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

It's no secret we're close,\r\nAs sweaty velcro.\r\nLike latex, fur and feathers,\r\nNow.\r\nIn their '62 'Vette,\r\nSharing one cigarette,\r\nIn a black light trance, then,\r\nGo go dance.\r\nThen,\r\nGo go trance,\r\nThen.\r\n\r\nThey keep me warm\r\non cold nights.\r\nWe must be quite a sight.\r\nIn our meat triangle,\r\nAll tangled,\r\nWow!

Tags: crossbreeder panther mist persian cat feline club dance rave blacklight crowd  
Image: nexus.jpg   1024x1280 254685 bytes 2018.12.13


S'celbak and KrossBreeder come together from opposite points of view to fight a common foe.\r\n\r\nUpcoming story arc.

Tags: shellback scelbak snapping turtle krossbreeder foxcat  
Image: lykos_bmw_e30_325i_sedan.jpg   1800x1200 417813 bytes 2018.06.06

Calgary Nights

The warm night air tugs at Lykos' fur as he pushes the pedal into the floor of his BMW E30 325i Sedan. The week's responsibilities and problems shrink in the back of his mind with each mile of pavement coursed. Calgary seems to loom like a wary parent, at once calling him home and daring him to have fun while the night is still young.\r\n\r\nA commission from the most coolest of LupeDrakes, NovaWuff! and her boyfriend, Lykos!\r\n\r\nThanks so much!

Image: undefeated.jpg   1500x1564 644980 bytes 2018.06.06


She's coming for you.

Image: ReadyPlayer.gif   1200x793 6083258 bytes 2018.05.15

Ready Player

Yes. I am ready.

Image: Blinkittyfox.gif   618x618 242709 bytes 2018.05.15


Ready for my close-up! ... My first 'hand'-drawn animation using keyframes (Adobe Illustrator / Toon Boom). Neat!\r\n

Image: night_riding.gif   800x534 7796693 bytes 2018.05.15

Night Ridin!

Summer's almost here!

Image: krossbreeder_poster.jpg   900x1184 325804 bytes 2018.05.11

Furry Player One Poster

I've been on a massive Ready Player One kick which I'm pretty sure will last FOREVER so please enjoy this new picture as this is where I live now.

Image: goku.jpg   899x1200 362365 bytes 2018.05.11


Just a quick piece for Goku! ...The problem with punk foxes is, they're always getting slimed! ;3

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