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Image: jc_vixen.jpg   983x1200 236621 bytes 2018.05.11

J.C. Vixen

Watercolor vixens ahoy!

Image: furble.jpg   800x1221 235198 bytes 2018.05.11


Here's a quickie for Furble Fawks just because!\r\n\r\nGood luck, Furble! That looks pretty serious!

Image: fwa_2018_wanted_poster.jpg   821x1200 373853 bytes 2018.03.19

Galactic Gunslingers FWA 2018 Poster

\r\nI won!\r\n\r\nI never win! Confidence +1!\r\n\r\nFurry Weekend Atlanta was hosting a poster contest for their Galactic Gunslingers theme, and the categories were "Wanted Poster" and "Promotional Poster"; I am very pleased (and completely shocked) that I made it through at all given all of the amazing talent that was submitted!\r\n\r\nCongratulations to all who entered!\r\n\r\nThe FWA staff will have this poster available for sale in a number of formats and sizes, if you're interested!\r\n\r\nArtists *do* get a portion of the sales, so every purchase would be EXTREMELY WELL APPRECIATED!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI will NOT be attending FWA (I'll be out of the country), but I hope everyone who goes has a great time!

Image: krossbreeder_refererence_sheet_cell_shaded.jpg   2000x728 402887 bytes 2018.03.19

KrossBreeder Ref Sheet

... It's about time! KB was born on February 4, 2003 and this is the first time I've actually drawn-out his ref sheet... simultaneously trying out something a bit stylized and playful. I want to accentuate the digitigraded look in a bit of a toony style. What do you think? Too much?

Image: chillin_in_1983.jpg   1200x968 246782 bytes 2018.03.19

Chillin' in 1983

This is how foxcats chill; imagining in 2018 what 1983 thought 2018 looked like.

Image: city_run.jpg   900x1200 324579 bytes 2018.03.19

City Run

Whee! I felt like getting into something retro ... Also, I love tights.\r\n\r\n...And swinging.\r\n\r\n... On ropes.\r\n\r\n... In digital cities.\r\n\r\n*nods*

Image: khaos_land_rover_defender.jpg   1800x790 336584 bytes 2018.03.19

Khaos Landrover Wheel Cover

Commissioned as a graphic illustration for the wheel cover on a 2015 Montalcino Red Land Rover Defender.\r\n\r\nI always love building skins and liveries for structures and vehicles! So much fun! Anyone else want something like this created? Lemme know!

Image: krossbreeder_fursuit_complete.jpg   1800x1165 821332 bytes 2018.03.19

KB (KrossBreeder) Fursuit Full

There are lots of photos in my gallery of myself but I never posted the "build book"!\r\n\r\nThis is the first suit I've ever built and I did so out of frustration when multiple builders let me down and did not follow through with commissions. I'm so happy that fate took me down that path because I'm in love with building suits now, and I've made it my mission to throw as much of myself as I can into building other people's dreams because I remember A) how shitty it feels to be let-down or defrauded, and B) how absolutely magical and amazing it feels to finally pull that fursuit on and wear it own with your peers!

Image: salfer_fursuit_complete.jpg   1800x1165 914156 bytes 2018.03.19

Safler Fursuit Full

I never got the chance to post this beauty because I finished him the same day fox_tuba had to pick him up! ...But I've got enough photos taken in-the-wild now that I can finally post Safler's suit!\r\n\r\nI really loved working on this one, and it always makes me happy to see him out and about — no doubt about it, Safler's a cutie!

Image: khaos_fursuit_partial.jpg   1800x1165 865349 bytes 2018.03.19


This was a great challenge in creating bat-like membrane wings (on a partial) which took far more engineering than I originally gave credit!\r\n\r\nBut many thanks to Khaos for the commission and his patience as we worked through some of the kinks! I think the most exciting aspect of this suit was the 10 page instruction booklet I designed to appease any curious Customs officials whom may have freaked out when he took it back to England! I seriously lost sleep over this.

Image: celtic_fursuit_complete.jpg   1800x1165 840301 bytes 2018.03.19

Celtic Fursuit Full

I was so happy when celticfox celticfox commissioned this suit because I've been dying to complete a pink fox and I think these colors work really well together! Completed for Anthrocon 2015, this suit now lives in Tennessee! :3

Image: zinfandel_fursuit_body.jpg   1800x1165 864708 bytes 2018.03.19

Zinfandel Fursuit Body

This commission started out as a body suit only so I do not have the head or paws to include, but it was still a fun build and marks my first female suit! Yay pink! Yay huskies! Yay curves! :3

Image: redbun_completed_suit.jpg   1280x828 393215 bytes 2018.03.19

RedBun Fursuit Full

So TOS took ownership of RedBun yesterday and here are the photos! There's nothing more nerve-wracking than the moment when a client sees your work for the first time in person, even if you're proud of it, you never know what may have happened along the way. O—O

Image: she_who_dares.jpg   1800x1009 528924 bytes 2018.03.15

She Who Dares

Axis of Conflict , Chapter 5: She Who Dares\r\n\r\n"Kierlyn turns to face her attackers just as the leading male smashes her across the head at the muzzle, spinning her around with a mighty blow she could not absorb. The nausea and lightheadedness intensifies, and she flounders on the ground incapable of finding her bearings. Her ears ring so loudly she misses the vitriol spewing from the pack of five whom settle around her in a circle. Kierlyn is shocked to smell that two of them are female, a fox and canine-breed, standing slightly behind the other three male wolf-breed males...

Image: private_falls_swimsuit.jpg   899x1200 279026 bytes 2018.03.15

Private Falls

Welcome to my private falls! Just a little place I know in the Caribbean.

Image: love_you_to_death_2.jpg   1000x1188 224637 bytes 2018.03.15

Love You To Death (Mausoleum Variant)

For the romantics out there, this vixen prefers dark wine, clove cigarettes, moonlight and mausoleums ... and the occasional blood letting ritual.

Image: love_you_to_death.jpg   1200x960 255433 bytes 2018.03.15

Love You To Death

With Autumn upon us, my favorite month is always October. It's when I break out all my gothic music and get lost in endless play cycles of Type O Negative and contemplate painting every room of my house black.\r\n\r\nThis year, I've decided to dedicate an image to every track of TON's album, "October Rust" which continues to be my all-time favorite album.\r\n\r\nTrack 01: Bad Ground (No music)\r\nTrack 02: Welcome (No music)\r\nTrack 03: Love You To Death

Image: the_dojo.jpg   840x1200 156321 bytes 2018.03.15

The Dojo

\r\nInspired in part by the works of John Harris, I really like pieces where you can't see the face and you rely on gesture and environment for context. In this piece, she's walking along a perilous ledge to a dojo very out of place in this metropolis.\r\n\r\nI also wanted to try hand painting again in a more traditional aesthetic without all of the clinical hard lines layer effects. This was fun piece to blow the cobwebs out!

Image: manick_1925_model_t.jpg   1200x899 362316 bytes 2018.03.15

Manick, circa 1925

Thanks for rescuing this beauty, Manick! My dad and I appreciate it!

Image: khaos_merc.jpg   960x1280 299694 bytes 2018.03.15

Khaos Merc

A fun commission for khaos_silva! ... I Michael Bay'ed alllllll over this one!\r\n\r\n... I wanted the image to reflect his namesake :3\r\n\r\nInterested in progress shots? Check out this link.

Image: rendeing.jpg   2400x849 280106 bytes 2018.03.15


... A little RetroWave action to satisfy my soul.

Image: dressforthejob.jpg   1017x1280 240351 bytes 2018.03.15

Dress For The Job You Want

Now accepting applications for intern.\r\n\r\nApply within.

Image: ShellShock.png   1500x2001 479670 bytes 2018.03.15


The full body sketch of this image:\r\n\r\nI'm actually really excited to be re-introducing ShellShock, whom I have not drawn or written about in a few years. She makes her debut in Chapter 8 of Axis of Conflict.\r\n\r\nThe lacerta-breed girl is one of only 4 reptiles in the Guilds of the Complex and she's developed into a bit of a diva with the notoriety. She works begrudgingly as a medic's assistant while at Camp 3 following the escape. She's also a bit more ... 'showy' than the other kin.

Image: Me_Again.jpg   960x1280 243112 bytes 2018.03.15

Me Again

A study in pink.

Image: Its_A_Beetle.jpg   960x1280 251520 bytes 2018.03.15

It's A Beetle

Kierlyn's daughter, Jenn, gets ahead and runs off into the ruins of the Golden Basket bakery and out of her mother's view. She should be helping to find food now that the riots of the Commons have quelled, but has instead found a new little friend. She is found playing with a small desert beetle as it bobs for its life on the flood waters. But who can get mad at a face like that?\r\n\r\nThis is a early scene from Axis of Conflict, Chapter 5: She Who Dares.\r\n\r\nIn this chapter we also learn the origin of Kierlyn's unfortunate moniker, "CrossBreeder".

Image: Not_Today.jpg   960x1280 285790 bytes 2018.03.15

Not Today

"The cabinet door falls open carrying a perfumed wave of sweet air from the surprisingly dry cavity, caressing their noses with the delectable fragrances of nuts, wheat, and honey. At once, their mouths salivate with suppressed hunger. Several of the inner shelves are stacked full of pastries individually wrapped in waxed paper; thin tartlets known to the kin as ‘biscotto’ seem unaffected by smoke or water. The soft dessert features a flaky dough crust baked with dried fruits and nuts inside with a honey glazing. Kierlyn has never been particularly fond of the especially sweet and sticky food, but she finds their aroma wholly satisfying at present and will not resist."\r\n\r\nIn this chapter we also learn the origin of Jacquelyn's unfortunate moniker, "CrossBreeder".

Image: Shellback_Returns.jpg   719x960 66114 bytes 2016.11.02

Shellback Returns

Inktober Day 16 — Shellback returns

Image: Please.jpg   1280x960 179142 bytes 2016.10.13


I was in the mood to draw a husky. And as far as I know, there is only one pose for a husky. :V

Image: Cheshire.jpg   1200x1799 406411 bytes 2016.10.13


This is what happens when your mate gives you carte blanche to create them a fursona! Say hello to my mate; a steampunk Cheshire! I was planning to go all-in with a hat and other props but I have to move on or I'll be here all day!

Image: Beam_Me_Up_Space_Station.jpg   1200x1600 466211 bytes 2016.10.13

Beam Me Up - Space Station Version

So in honor of all of NASA and SpaceX's recent victories, I give you: Vixens in Space!\r\n\r\nNow if someone could just beam her into my house, that would be grrreeeeeaaaaattt...

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