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Image: Wine_and_Loathing.jpg   1100x825 185970 bytes 2016.10.13

Wine and Loathing

The only thing I like more than wine are vixens. The only thing I like more than vixens are vixens drinking wine. The only thing I like more than vixens drinking wine are scantily-clad vixens drinking wine. The only thing I like more than scantily-clad vixens drinking wine are scantily-clad vixens drinking wine looking at me with bed-room eyes.\r\n\r\nOriginal sketch:\r\n

Image: Dino_Avengers.jpg   1280x665 130504 bytes 2016.10.13

Dino Avengers

I did this thing. And now I am tired. The end.\r\n\r\nSay hello to Brachiohulkus, Captain Tyranimerica, Iron Tops, Stegothorus, and Velociwidow!\r\n\r\nThis was a commission for friend's birthday party. She couldn't figure out if she wanted a Dinosaur Theme or an Avengers theme. Well, dur! Both obviously!

Image: KB_Self-Portrait.jpg   899x1199 114625 bytes 2016.10.13

KB Self-Portrait

A spent a little much-needed 'me time' last night and painted a self portrait. I need to do more of these I had a ton of fun!

Image: Party_Crasher.jpg   2048x1535 324414 bytes 2016.10.13

Party Crasher

Boom goes the dynamite.\r\n\r\nShellback crashes through a window pane escaping the ImPack, trying to rescue Tyro.\r\n\r\nTo be painted?

Image: Life_and_Times_of_a_Foxcat_001.jpg   1045x1199 352593 bytes 2016.10.13

Life and Times of a Foxcat - 001

Done as a spoof of my recent Anthrocon experience This year was nerve-racking! For the first time ever, my wife and 5 friends came along with me to AC to check it all out. None of these people are even remotely furry, least of all my wife who actually is quite afraid of it all. Needless to say, they all had so much fun that after the con was over, three of them want me to make them fursuits (including my wife! MAJOR WIN) and want to come back next year!

Image: KrossBreeder_&_Celtic_NPR_Special.jpg   1200x815 230621 bytes 2016.10.13

KrossBreeder & Celtic NPR Special

Minutes before that spectacular sunset that illuminated the entire Alleghany riverwalk, Celtic and I were photographed by an NPR photographer out scoping the Anthrocon scene.

Image: KB_Pounce.jpg   658x1280 173934 bytes 2016.10.13

KB Pounce

*A wild KB pounces!*\r\n\r\nHappy Fursuit Friday!

Image: Rave_KB.jpg   1280x794 260528 bytes 2016.10.13

Rave KB

All I need now is 62 pounds of glowsticks.\r\n\r\nI've been mentally avoiding black clothing all this time. But I think black is really where I need to be. I was a goth for about 10 years and didn't want to tread down old pathways. But now that I see KB with black on, and realize how much his features stick out as a result, I realize that I built KB to be more goth than I realized!

Image: Roaring_Twenties_Dandy_KB.jpg   1280x877 281547 bytes 2016.10.13

Roaring Twenties Dandy KB

Getting ready for Anthrocon 2016! Yay, Roaring 20s!\r\n\r\nAll I need now is a bowler hat, monocle and pocket watch!

Image: Lounging_Foxcat.jpg   1280x853 201769 bytes 2016.10.13

Lounging Foxcat

Not exactly sure what one does with a lounging foxcat.

Image: Serious_KB.jpg   1024x683 103682 bytes 2016.10.13

Serious KB

"Yes yes I find your theories fascinating."

Image: Krossbreeder_Skethbook.jpg   1280x977 354940 bytes 2016.10.13

KrossBreeder Sketchbook

i'll move this over to my Scraps eventually, but here's a page from a sketchbook I just pulled out \r\n\r\nI don't know. I love looking through my old stuff. Lotsa feels.

Image: krossbreeder_origins.jpg   1100x1262 642927 bytes 2016.10.07

Found! The first ever drawing of,...well,... me!\r\n\r\nCreated during my sophomore year of college, 1997!\r\n\r\nNot a lot has changed, really. Just my age! :3\r\n\r\nIncludes a little bit of KB trivia for those curious as to my namesake.

Tags: krossbreeder kb kaf studio concept sketch origin foxcat cox  
Image: jason_vs._veg.jpg   853x1280 196483 bytes 2016.10.07

Jason v. Veg

From the Archives! ... Originally commissioned back in 2003.\r\n\r\nJason is ambushed by the weasel, Veg.

Tags: ninja clans rabbit jason weasel veg night ambush sword fight  
Image: axis_of_conflict_1_page_06_color.jpg   989x1280 265269 bytes 2016.10.07

Axis of Conflict Page 6

Turntail has suffered a direct hit to her shoulder and struggles to keep the motorcycle upright; an amazing feat in its own right given the pain. Shellback's desperation has topped out. He empties the contents of his weapon wildly into the blinding lights of the pursuing cyclists and hits nothing. And then finally, with the last bullet, a lucky shot cracks the side of the lead cyclist's helmet and knocks him off balance, landing with a hide-speed crash.

Tags: krossbreeder kb shellback turntail sharptooth axis of conflict  
Image: axis_of_conflict_1_page_05_color.jpg   989x1280 234586 bytes 2016.10.07

Axis of Conflict Page 5

With the gap sufficiently narrowed, the mysterious and helmeted bikers chasing Shellback and Turntail crack off a volley of gunfire. It doesn't take long for one to find it's mark, striking Turntail square in the shoulder passing through her and reflecting off of Shellback's dense shell. Pissed off, in pain, and frightfully desperate, Shellback pulls his firearm and manages to spin out of the driving positing into the rear of the bike. Turntail barely catches the handlebars in time; a major feat given the surging pain in her shoulder. Will this move of desperation accomplish anything? Will we finally discover who these pursuers are?

Tags: krossbreeder kb shellback turntail sharptooth axis of conflict  
Image: axis_of_conflict_1_page_04_color.jpg   989x1280 211367 bytes 2016.10.07

Axis of Conflict Page 4

It's about to get real.

Tags: krossbreeder kb shellback turntail sharptooth axis of conflict  
Image: axis_of_conflict_1_page_03_color.jpg   1275x1650 474944 bytes 2016.10.07

Axis of Conflict Page 3

As the sun is just about to set on Shellback and Turntail, their pursuer has finally caught up with them. They will need a miracle, and they've got four seconds...

Tags: krossbreeder shellback turntail sharptooth axis of conflict comic  
Image: axis_of_conflict_1_page_02_color.jpg   1275x1650 492540 bytes 2016.10.07

Axis of Conflict Page 2

I'm going to be somewhere in the air between Detroit and Atlanta this weekend traveling for business, so I figured I'd treat ya'll to the recently painted page 2 of Axis of Conflict.\r\n\r\nShellback and Turntail continue their panicked escape from their pursuers; a group on motorcycles follows closely behind at the space of only a few breaths. Shellback knows that they are gaining on him, and with the extra weight on his tiny motorcycle, they're not going to outrun them for much longer. He is tired, he is worn out, he is desperate. Hope is diminishing with the sun.

Tags: krossbreeder kb shellback turntail axis of conflict comic reboot  
Image: axis_of_conflict_1_page_01_color.jpg   1275x1652 484352 bytes 2016.10.07

Axis of Conflict is rebooting.\r\n\r\nThe story follows a pod of hybrids as they escape their creators/captors in an effort to be free and take control of their own lives while trying to piece together their pasts and their uncertain futures. Full of classic heroes and villains, the future jump levels off to show what life for them has turned into 20 years later. Lots of twists and turns, romance and violence, mixing potent transformation themes with everyday drama of holding a common job in a human America.

Tags: krossbreeder kb shellback turntail axis of conflict comic reboot  
Image: Safler.jpg   1300x617 204303 bytes 2016.10.07


Created for Safler (foxtuba) on commission, a quick little reference sheet! These are always fun!\r\n\r\nRated "Mature" for suggestivitynesses and somesuchery.\r\n

Tags: krossbreeder kb safler reference ref sheet  
Image: Khaos_head.jpg   1280x828 330304 bytes 2016.10.07

Khaos Demon Fox Head

Developed for Khaos' fursuit commission, this is the mostly-complete photo suite for his Fox (Ice Demon) Fursuit Head. ... Still to be added: Icy Horns! Woot

Tags: krossbreeder kb khaos fursuit head fox ice demon schematic  
Image: Redbun_Suit.jpg   1280x828 393215 bytes 2016.10.07

Yay, paws!\r\n\r\nSo tos tos took ownership of RedBun yesterday and here are the photos! There's nothing more nerve-wracking than the moment when a client sees your work for the first time in person, even if you're proud of it, you never know what may have happened along the way. OO

Tags: KrossBreeder RedBun RedWolf TOS Toony Bunny Fursuit  
Image: krossbreeder_at_home_01.jpg   853x1280 216502 bytes 2016.10.07

KrossBreeder at Home

I just had my paws done.

Tags: krossbreeder kb paws fursuit cox foxcat  
Image: krossbreeder_and_shellback.jpg   1024x1280 283189 bytes 2016.10.07

Krossbreeder and Shellback

What happens when your old fursona from 1988 meets your new fursona from 2014?\r\n\r\n... They team up and engage in vigilante crime fighting of course.\r\n\r\nNot entirely sure what made me do this. But here it is! Enjoy?

Tags: krossbreeder shellback foxcat snapping turtle fight  
Image: fred_perrys_gold_digger.jpg   838x1280 168984 bytes 2016.10.07

Fred Perry's Gold Digger

Behold! The completed painting of Fred Perry's Gold Digger!\r\n\r\nMr. Perry drew this famous piece several years ago, and I've always loved it. I finally had to paint it, and this is the completed piece... for now!\r\n\r\nI've been trying reeeeeeally hard to stay as 'traditional' as possible when painting digitally meaning, not zooming in too far, not using the eye-dropper, not using paths or lasso selections or filters ... All the things that that would not be available if using Oils, for example. I did cheat in some places. As a result, there are many areas that are less refined than they could be, but overall I'm very happy with the development of my craft and I'm looking forward to the next piece... whatever the heck that will be!\r\n

Tags: krossbreeder kb fred perry gold digger cheetah gina diggers  
Image: krossbreeder_aether_volume01_cover_art_v4.jpg   900x571 227327 bytes 2011.02.23

Aether - Cover Shot

What's black and white and read all over?...\r\n\r\nIt's been more than 36 months in the making, but Aether is FINALLY going to be making it's debut, in time for Anthrocon 2010.\r\n\r\nAs many of you loyal [and understandably-annoyed] followers have been keeping your ears to the news-beat looking for more, I have this little tid-bit to show.\r\n\r\nThis is the working cover for volume 01 of Aether. As of this writing, this is the final piece for production. Since August of 2007, we have sorted through and artworked over 1,200 unique pieces of art, submitted by more than 300 artists world-wide. Composing over 141 spreads (282 pages), the final book will measure 8-1/2"w x 11"h x 7/8"d, and will be completely full color.

Image: krossbreeder_aether_product_shots_01.jpg   563x1280 174010 bytes 2011.02.23

Aether - Product Shot 01

With great pride, I can finally hold a printed product, smell the sweet aroma of fresh printer's ink, and bask in the glow of an overwhelming collection of excellent furry works.\r\n\r\nOnce more, thank you all for your time, patience, support and wonderful talents.

Image: krossbreeder_backgrounds_suite1.jpg   657x1280 185753 bytes 2011.02.23

Mobile Device Backgrounds - Suite1

Mobile Device desktops/backgrounds. Why? Because. Enjoy!\r\n[Previously uploaded, but the file was corrupt.]\r\n\r\nIf anyone wants an image with a specific message or city (etc), let me know and I'll repost!

Image: krossbreeder_krossbreeder_v3_turnaround.jpg   1280x347 87576 bytes 2011.02.23

KrossBreeder v3

I'm really proud of this!When I got back from AC 2010 in June, I had a white-hot burning desire to rebuild and revamp my suit. I have to admit, I am no suit builder. It's been a struggle-and-a-half, but with all of the creative competition out there, I've had a lot of passion powering me through. These quick pics are a snapshot of the suit in process. Some areas are just pinned into place to get a feel for things, but I'm getting there. The head at the end is Photoshopped with what I hope I can get the final to look like. Still need to create hand-paws (which terrify me), and the pink ears are just placeholders at the moment, pinned into place. What do you think? Are they big enough?\r\nBut anyway! Here it be! Let's hope I don't kill it during the next stage! I'm eager to start painting it!

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