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Image: absmo.jpg   355x466 53900 bytes 2000.07.30

This is one of several prelim sketches in preparation for an art trade with Mayra Boyle :) Abyss to his player- whoever he may be ^_^ And folks, PLEASE stop sending me requests :( I really feel guilty when I have to reject them- so don't send no mores!! I only do art trades and commissions. It is all that time allows! \r\n\n

Image: albird.jpg   500x398 30347 bytes 2000.06.13

A couple weeks ago, a bird flew across our backyard while I was sitting on the patio with my brother. To our shock, we saw my kill-crazed American Eskimo, Allie, leap out of nowhere at the bird, grab it between her claws in mid-flight, and fling it into a bush. She then pounced into the bush and within seconds, the bird was dead. I suppose drawing this picture then would make me morbid, but my brother and I were just so dumbfounded by a dog who could catch birds in midair! \r\n\n

Image: anf.jpg   500x719 86927 bytes 2000.06.11

And here is Anffodus, who's name is Welsh for "unfortunate", for she was\r\nan angel who was mistakingly born on earth and is tied to the earth by\r\nflesh and blood, disallowing her to take her rightful place in heaven\r\nwith the others. Anffodus (c) to me\n

Image: anffodus.jpg   631x709 79497 bytes 2000.06.13

This is my winged wolf char. She is a servant of God that was mistakeningly misplaced and born on earth, where she now fights for justice and carries the power of God- he handles the mortal world through her. But her life has been full of hardships and sorrows. Her name is Anffodus, which is Welsh for "unfortunate". Anffodus/Unfortunate is (C) me \r\n\r\n\n

Image: aribb.jpg   400x555 93432 bytes 2000.06.13

I am actually pretty pleased with how this one turned out. It took longer than the last few I uploaded because I ran out of the marker I was using for Areena's body and spent days running all over Sacramento looking for an exact match ( idiots at Aaron Brothers told me Prismacolor "Bronze" did not exist >_< ) Anywise, a couple people said I didn't draw Areena often enough anymore. So here she is, dancing away in the streets of Paris with her fellow gypsy dog, a pup named Du Fond du Coeur. \r\n\r\n\n

Image: ashn.jpg   320x477 29668 bytes 2000.06.13

Ashryn again! I owe this girl a lot of pictures! ;) First the birthday pic, and now a thank you pic for the lovely Alethia she drew for me! No one better yank her Alethia image and erase the sigs- y'all hear me?! I've had it up to here with that art theft crap! ;) Anywise- thanks again, Ashy :) Ashryn Beth Schultz \r\n\r\n\n

Image: beacon.jpg   400x525 80020 bytes 2000.08.04

Character development sketches for Lady Beaconsfield, one of the 7 \r\nultimately responsible for Dr. Jekyll's experimentation on himself.\n

Image: bluekat.jpg   500x757 66748 bytes 2000.12.07

Another picture for Kayleen, which happens to be one of several unfinished Katarina sketches in my sketchbook. I did this while waiting for the doctor at the school clinic ( ACHOO! ) with some weird girl sitting next to me staring at it constantly. Prying eyes :P It is all light and stoof because even though the drawing is in dark blue and pencil lead, my scanner is a big butt and scans everything so off. So, myeh. Katarina (c) Kayleen Lium.\n

Image: bodie.jpg   400x349 44026 bytes 2000.07.30

I was watching some Australian Dog Agility show yesterday and one of the dogs was a "blond border collie". I had never seen a border collie with that kind of coloring before, but thought it looked beautiful so I had to draw. The colorization ( shade of yellow, that is ) is slightly off, but it was just a quick pic :)\r\n\n

Image: cassie.jpg   400x566 68914 bytes 2000.08.04

A commission for Earl Bacon\n

Image: chavano.jpg   514x741 57551 bytes 2000.06.13

It's Chava again, because she is fun to draw and folks say I don't draw her enough. I really like the expression, and thanks to Martin Jack, who told me a few ways to better color such crappy scans, her coloring isn't so bad. I need a nice scanner of me own! :/ Ah well, say hi to Chava. Chavaleh me \r\n\r\n\n

Image: chemi.jpg   370x529 70954 bytes 2000.06.13

A bust of the unicorn morph named Chemistry. She was done in prismacolors on black paper. Too bad the scan made it red. \r\n\r\n\n

Image: comix.jpg   700x529 174524 bytes 2000.06.17

I don't normally do little comic strips ( I find all those widdle boxes so tedious! ) But I did do some scenes from "Verrue". Here is the first of them. I might upload more. The scan kinda ate some of the facial expressions :( Oh well. "Verrue" related me \r\n\n

Image: ctiera.gif   421x843 109523 bytes 2000.06.17

This pic is of the 16 year-old alaskan husky, the strangely blond Tiera. She was an attempt to be based on my personality, but, I outgrew her age- and for some reason she is still 16 as I grow older!!! \r\n\n

Image: ctirabst.gif   601x814 28019 bytes 2000.06.17

It's little Tiera again, in a head shot that I drew in Math class during a boring lecture on Parent Graphs. :P I colored it in the crappiest program there is- so please excuse its messiness. Tiera me \r\n\n

Image: cutkno.jpg   388x403 84001 bytes 2000.06.17

Just a cute little cocker spaniel for your viewing pleasure :) Awwwwwwwwww....Okay..enough of that :) This-cute-little-tyke-or-whatever-I-name-her-in-the-end is me \r\n\n

Image: cydeat.jpg   509x777 95384 bytes 2001.04.06

A scene from my online story, "The Rats of Isolation". A much more detailed description behind this picture and the story will be in my Elfwood gallery in a day or two.

Image: dar.jpg   400x537 100420 bytes 2000.06.17

I am going nuts without access to a scanner. more week :P I've been spending my useless free time by playing "Monkey Island" over and over again...and well, my fellow mateys, it inspired me to finally finish colorizing a pic of D'Artagnon. D'Artagnon me \r\n\n

Image: darlil.jpg   500x410 104553 bytes 2000.06.17

Chars I haven't drawn in a long time. Lillian and D'Artagnon, young pirates of New Orleans. D'Artagnon is obsessed with being a legend, and Lillian with avenging the murder of her father. They both meet when they find out they are both cast as crew on the same ship going to India. Throughout the story, there is relationship tension between them. Here, they have a disagreement of some sort. Both me \r\n\n

Image: dc1.jpg   400x531 54627 bytes 2000.08.04

One of the 2 piece "Dangerous Couples" set. Lucy and Edward Hyde.\n

Image: dc2.jpg   400x503 49313 bytes 2000.08.04

One of the 2 piece "Dangerous Couples" set. Dr. Jekyll and his fiancee,\r\nLisa/Emma Carew.\n

Image: door.jpg   450x621 78258 bytes 2000.06.17 started out really cute :/ Things kinda went gross when I threw in that black/grey background. Oh well-I guess leaving it white would have left it too flat anyway. This is Tiera and Brittlestar, peering through a doorway and greeting whoever it is they have peeked in on!! For those that asked, there is a little more detailed explanation of Tiera and Brittlestar's origins at: ~ This url might not work for the first day or two of this posting because elfwood takes a while to update :P \r\n\n

Image: fletanw.jpg   400x442 22936 bytes 2000.06.17

This is Fleetafender the Circus Dog :) She is an American Eskimo that I made up almost 4 years ago. Some of her best friends included Are-duhwolf the Kleptomaniac and Veevenvahtour the Law dog. Fleetafender, Are-duhwolf, and Veevenvahtour all me. \r\n\n

Image: fleteth.jpg   400x587 29944 bytes 2000.06.17

Here Fleetafender waits VERY anxiously for the doggie treat that normally rewards her for her performace of the "sit-up" command. Fleetafender me \r\n\n

Image: flikira.jpg   500x581 40981 bytes 2000.06.17

Poor Fleetafender. :( When she hurts her foot while practicing one of her routines, she is put on the back-burner for a little while some flashy poodle named Kira-cassalina subs in for her and becomes a great star. Poor Fleeta- will anyone still remember her? Fleetafender and Kira-cassalina me \r\n\n

Image: flrhil.jpg   500x661 71137 bytes 2000.06.17

This here, Flare, the forest dog in tatters, meets who is to become her best friend and constant companion, Crystalline, for the first time. Flare and her fairy friend, Crystalline, I created quite a few years ago. I have just gotten back into the habit of drawing them. Yikes! I drew scenery!! Flare and Crystalline me \r\n\n

Image: ha.jpg   600x863 132921 bytes 2000.09.13

My overdue half of an art trade with Mayra Boyle. O_O Unfortunately, mine didn't turn out near as awesome as the pic she drew for me. Hope she likes anyway. Abbyss and Huskie are (c) to themselves. Bwahhh..another happy couple. Damn- I think I will just go lynch myself or something.\n

Image: helchil.jpg   400x530 33309 bytes 2000.06.17

My in-box was flooded with email in response to "ofmine.jpg".I was moved render another image of terrifying real-life.Because..."It's all so confusing this brutal abusing.They blacken your eyes,and then apologize.Be Daddy's good girl, and don't tell Mommy a thing.Be a good little boy and you'll get a new toy:tell grandma you fell off the swing.Hell is for children,& you know that their little lies can become such a mess.Hell is for children,& you shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh." Lyrics Pat Benetar \r\n\n

Image: jagtaur.jpg   300x404 47586 bytes 2002.02.07

A mixed media piece of a Jagtaur bathing in a pool at the base of a waterfall. NEVER again will I attempt a waterfall with colored pencils and markers. Water is white-but yet, when working on white paper, it's hard to get desired effect. I think I will try it with watercolor or paint next time. \r\n\r\nFor sale on Furbid:\r\n

Image: kali.jpg   500x670 105347 bytes 2000.06.11

Kali, the angel born in hell, who is the arch-nemesis of Anffodus, the angel\r\nborn on earth. All (c) to me\n

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