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Image: mana.jpg   500x690 105156 bytes 2000.07.22

Another upload, which means my scanner wet itself with giddiness as\r\nit discolored the image, cut off portions of it, and added in a\r\ndecorative streak of discolor right down the middle. Joy!! :D\r\n Anywise, this was a mixed media piece I did of Sarah Wheeler's\r\nManawolf, just for the heck of it. I wanted to play around with some\r\ndifferent blending techniques and so this is the product of my\r\nexperiments ;) Manawolf Sarah Wheeler \r\n\n

Image: mimi.jpg   400x491 57463 bytes 2000.08.04

It had to happen was going to happen it did happen. Mimi as a pug.\n

Image: moriah.jpg   500x638 100568 bytes 2000.07.22

Even though the image is dated 2000 ( the date of it's coloring ), it\r\nwas originally a scribble done back in 99 that was abandoned\r\nbecause it was one of those ones that just didn't turn out right no\r\nmatter how many times you tried. Well, I found it again and foolishly\r\nthought I could help it. Meh :P Meef- its the thought that counts,\r\n right? right? ;) Moriah Drew Berry/Palmer \n

Image: sledride.jpg   500x690 116898 bytes 2000.06.11

Wheeeee!!! ( Yes, I know my descriptions suck, but I am lazy )\n

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