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Image: BadgeFoxfeather.jpg   292x223 16598 bytes 2005.07.02

3in x 4in conbadge for the lovely and talented Foxfeather!

Image: BadgeNerosaur.jpg   290x223 18908 bytes 2005.07.01

3in x 4in conbadge for Nerosaur!

Image: SheepsClothing.jpg   900x333 77648 bytes 2005.06.28

This painting kicked my ass. I'm sore... I'm tired... but boy am I happy this thing is done. Not perfect.... but.. I say again... it's DONE.\r\n\r\nroughly 6x17 acrylics and color pencil

Image: Teuzi.jpg   562x582 62423 bytes 2005.06.26

Ok, so... my friend Kenket has gotten me into a muck based on The Lion King. You get to play quadrupedal African animals that talk *glee.* So of course, I now have a bunch of alts on it. This is Teuzi (swahili for "dainty") the cape water buffalo. I decided to doodle her, since I've never actually drawn a water buffalo before. Now if only I could draw aye-ayes I could do a pic of another of my characters.... :P

Image: BadgeKiller.jpg   357x272 23871 bytes 2005.06.26

This AC I will take orders for badges and finish them at home, then mail them out to their owners. Since I will not be in a con situation, I will be much more relaxed... and thus can take my time and put much more energy into to each badge. This means they will be higher priced than the quick ones I did at the conventions. I'm thinking $60.00. They will be acrylics with color pencil. \r\n\r\nHere's an example of what they will be like (3in x4in)\r\n\r\nI will also take them as commissions between Cons, but only when I announce I am open (check my LJ (kyoht) or Furbid, or both).

Image: GeladaDance.jpg   478x646 58931 bytes 2005.06.03

I am officially obsessed with geladas.\r\n\r\nHe dance, dance, dance, and he dance, dance dance.

Image: Cheshire.jpg   499x749 96583 bytes 2005.06.03

The Alice stories are pretty much my favorites. Here's a familiar character from "Adventures In Wonderland," the Cheshire Cat. He's slowly coming apart like puzzle pieces, something I'm sure he'd be very good at doing.\r\n\r\n10x13 acrylics and color pencil

Image: Lynx.jpg   772x585 70898 bytes 2005.06.03

A rather smug looking lynx.\r\n\r\n11x14 graphite

Image: ChurchMouse.jpg   552x572 40835 bytes 2005.06.03

My parent's church (The Enfield, CT Congregationalist Church) has it's own mascot - a church mouse. The reason for this is because during one Easter sermon years and years ago, a little mouse ran down the aisle of the church, endearing itself to both the onlookers and the Reverand (although I'm sure there was probably a few surprised shrieks). The church is also pretty old, having been built in colonial times, hence the tri-corner hat. I did this as a gift to the Reverand who adopted the mouse as the church mascot.\r\n\r\n11x14 graphite

Image: PeruvianNaga.jpg   601x759 99457 bytes 2005.05.11

Peruvian Naga for the Serpentes Portfolio - \r\n\r\nBased on a peruvian boa. The instrument he is playing is a pre-Columbian ocarina, and the symbol behind him is based on a snake glyph found on ancient Peruvian pottery.\r\n\r\nYay nagas.

Image: TheCollectingTree.jpg   492x674 86726 bytes 2005.05.07

Reupload with better compression.

Image: Muttaburrasaurus.jpg   766x580 148990 bytes 2005.04.10

Muttaburrasaurus langdoni for the National Dinosaur Museum. They're in the iguanodontid family, hence the thumb spikeys.\r\n\r\nHe says, "MoooooooAAAaawwwwwrrrrnnnnnnnk!" Yup.\r\n\r\n11x14 acrylics

Image: MammothsForHastings.jpg   554x650 190861 bytes 2005.04.10

My friend Hastings loves wooly mammoths. She always takes the time and thought to make me wonderful gifts, giving me something nearly every time I see her. I thought it was time I gave her something back. \r\n\r\nHastings is an uber Mom, as are elephants. I thought it fitting to have a mommy mammoth and a baby mammoth for her pic. The celtic knotwork really has nothing to do with mammoths culturally, but it's fitting for the person the pic is for.\r\n\r\nI haven't given the pic to her yet, but I think it's safe to upload it here (I don't think she surfs here).\r\n\r\nImage is roughly 13x11 acrylics\r\n\r\nDetail:

Image: NathatNew.jpg   462x662 65585 bytes 2005.03.25

Hey look at that, Nathat got a make over. Yup, I'm fiddling with the whole Gnarr thing again.\r\n\r\nIn case yer curious - \r\n\r\nThe Yashiir are a race of nomads that live in the Gnarr desert. I think their planet is called Jotheh, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Nathat is a guide for Sari (the other race on the planet) traders and explorers and is a key character in a story I am developing about this world.\r\n\r\n*geek geek geek*

Image: DoomedRider.jpg   510x696 62844 bytes 2005.03.25

*girlie scream*\r\n\r\nWHAPWHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP\r\n\r\n*snarl*\r\n\r\nOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!\r\n\r\n\r\nNow for the not so interesting part of the description - \r\n\r\nSketiirs are kinda like a cross between a tiger and a dinosaur. They evolved to act as a pack, jump onto the big herd animals of the Gnarr, latch on and bleed them out - resulting in dinner. The Yashiir came along and domesticated the larger herd animals, and now use them to traverse the Gnarr. Predators are ever opportunistic, and so the sketiirs now much prefer to act alone, and pick off unsuspecting Yashiir riders whenever possible. Easy meal, yumyumyum!

Image: Cryolophosaurus.jpg   849x578 57446 bytes 2005.03.11

For the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra, Australia\r\n\r\nCryolophosaurus was a 20 ft long theropod that lived in Antarctica. Although the continent was higher up and warmer back then, it still was in the arctic circle, and most likely had snowy winters. I couldn't stop myself from giving him fuzzy feet, although it's just artistic speculation.\r\n\r\nimage roughly 11x14 acrylics

Image: Aiko.jpg   502x636 67615 bytes 2005.03.01

This 9x12 graphite picture of Aiko, a high percentage wolf hybrid, is up for auction! All money won in this auction will be donated to help rescue three abandoned wolf hybrids that are currently running loose in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. The goal is safe capture, and relocation. Your help is needed urgently - if these hybrids are not captured soon, they will most likely be euthanized by animal control. Here is your chance to help save the lives of these beautiful animals, and win some original artwork as well! \r\n\r\nAuction is here -\r\n\r\nThis pic is available as a print, and all money made will be donated to the cause! Email me if interested!

Image: Harpy.gif   672x864 45786 bytes 2005.02.25

Line art of a harpy for Brass Dragon Games. \r\n\r\n11x14 ink\r\n\r\nBTW, in case any of you are curious what Brass Dragon Games is -

Image: FrogWarriorKing.jpg   528x601 127180 bytes 2005.02.23

Frog Warrior for Brass Dragon Games.

Image: RabbitWarrior.jpg   449x625 33788 bytes 2005.02.23

Rabbit Warrior for Brass Dragon Games.

Image: PandaWizard.jpg   427x572 48129 bytes 2005.02.23

Panda Wizard for Brass Dragon Games.

Image: TigerWarrior.jpg   510x637 56149 bytes 2005.02.23

Tiger Warrior for Brass Dragon Games.

Image: WereEagle.gif   735x653 57312 bytes 2005.02.23

WereEagle line art for Brass Dragon Games.

Image: DaemonXuriahlYum.jpg   648x585 71476 bytes 2005.02.20

I really need to find a cheaper and easier food supply for Xuriahl. The smell is starting to over take the house, and I think the neighbors are getting suspicious....\r\n\r\nAlternative description - \r\n\r\nNew and improved Demon Chow, now with more intestines!\r\n\r\nLittle graphite drawing from my sketchbook.

Image: DanceToTheSun.jpg   658x745 81095 bytes 2005.02.18

I don't know if this Deinonychus antirrhopus is actually dancing, but he could be. This took me way too long, and I'm glad I'm finally finished.\r\n\r\nRoughly 13x16, acrylic paints.\r\n\r\nDetail shot:

Image: XuriahlHead.gif   454x533 110631 bytes 2005.02.11

Demon character from the front. More sloppy mouse coloring!

Image: Xuriahl.gif   467x642 110991 bytes 2005.02.11

Demon character I designed the other day. Glowing sacs of bacteria are kewl. Fear my lazy, PSP mouse coloring!

Image: MakingMusic.jpg   501x816 171544 bytes 2004.12.15

Raven and Coyote make beautiful music together.\r\n\r\nRoughly 13x19 acrylics\r\n\r\nDetail shot -

Image: WhiteRabbit.jpg   413x425 186257 bytes 2004.11.26

This abomination is brought to you by girlie hormones, Lewis Carrol, and the letter Q.\r\n\r\nRoughly 7x7 in. acrylic painting with some colored pencil.

Image: PrinceOfTheGreen.jpg   471x687 79553 bytes 2004.11.25

I enjoy iconographical-type imagery, if you haven't noticed. :) Whitetail deer with barn owl, corn snake, chipmunk and bobcat skull. Basic theme was nature... but you can read into it as much as you want.\r\n\r\n10x13 acrylics

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