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Image: jebecolors2.jpg   694x900 50618 bytes 2007.11.06

Free Art for Jebe

I did a free art journal over on FA.. and this was the first free piece. :) For Jebe ( He just wanted his coyote fursona staring off into the distance. I'm pretty happy how this came out..

Tags: kyoujin, jebe, coyote, clean, male  
Image: mottenfesttrade.jpg   687x900 94592 bytes 2007.11.17

Trade: Mottenfest

This is my end of a trade I'm doing with Mottenfest. :) He wanted his character Vulf pointing a gun at his other character, Duncan soo.. here it is! Was something different for a change. :) I do suck at doing hands.. and guns.. haha. >D Was still fun to draw, though.\r\n\r\nCharacters (c) Mottenfest\r\nLineart/Colors (c) Kyoujin

Tags: mottenfest, vulf, duncan, wolf, kyoujin, gun, male  

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