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Image: Zassavcl.jpg   415x512 25721 bytes 2003.06.26

Zassa from Trouble's Tales all tied up and waiting to see what you'll do next. Hmmm...she looks like she's looking forward to it. Zassa is copyright her player. Prisma pencils and ink.

Image: zebrasm1.jpg   313x432 20913 bytes 2002.05.14

I am so happy with the finished picture set it isn't funny...just wait til you see them at AC. Sorry to be such a tease but color version take years to upload, also I'd like to surprise those who can make it to AC this year. :)

Image: ZZsignedred.jpg   365x497 70812 bytes 2001.02.26

Here's one of my sculptures based on Max Black Rabbit's drawings. (Yes I did get permission to make the sculpture) \r\nIn case of question about who did the artwork on this one, I sculpted and painted this myself. :)\r\nMan were those stripes hard on me! Sculpture is (c) Shawna Sandbom, Zig Zag (c) Max Black Rabbit \r\nNote: I have more than just this one available should anyone wish to buy one. Sheet colors vary. This pic is the only one I have that is signed by MBR though.

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