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Image: jaile.jpg   676x914 126026 bytes 2002.01.11

I am absolutely in love with this picture. It took me a LONG time to draw!!! It's a rinshou dragon named Jaile, who is an apprentice enchanter. He is drawn on a HUGE sheet of 11"x14" Bristol board and is colored with Prisma markers. I think, if I can bear to part with him, he'll be up for sale on FurBid soon. Also, keep looking for my commission auctions on FurBid. Just think... I could draw a rinshou dragon for YOU!! ehe. Rinshou dragons and Jaile himself are Crystal Carlson. \r\n

Image: jimleon.jpg   897x299 51841 bytes 2002.03.30

My Jim as a Lion King-style lion :} Prrrr, he can be MY King of Pride Rock anyday (move over, Simba, you just ain't dead sexy) This was originally a sketch for a magnet commission, but the commissionee asked for a few changes and I made a different sketch for him. Rather than scrap this one entirely, I inked and colored it as Jim :} my handsome kitty... \r\n::makes disgusingly saccharine smooching noises::\r\nImage is Crystal Carlson, character is Jim, and the whole Lion King shebang is Disney, you mad genius you.

Image: jturtle_apanda.jpg   336x375 23044 bytes 2002.04.27

Another magnet, this one made for my boyfriend's roommate's birthday. The little turtle is him, and the panda is his girlfriend. Neither of them are actual furries, and as far as I know they probably don't know what an anthro is, but these are their (respective) favorite animals, and I wanted to make something nice for them. I really like it :} Unfortunately, my scanner, of course, ATE most of my gray-shading on the panda's white portions. The "lining" of darkish gray around the whole edge of the animals is real... it's the actual shadow the magnet makes, because it's a cutout ;} neat, huh? Image Crystal Carlson, the animals are the people they represent.

Image: kaerependragoncolor.jpg   473x322 52722 bytes 2003.10.12

My character Kaere, finally captured on paper. Yes, she looks quite a bit like Lakota :} Markings are subject to change depending on my mood :p \r\n\r\nIn this particular iteration, Kaere is a pendragon, a race of spacefaring quadrupeds that claim to have evolved from dragons. Fun fun. You can read more about them here:\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nKaere is Crystal Carlson; pendragons are Ramath-lehi. \r\n

Image: kaz.jpg   684x442 43224 bytes 2002.03.01

Eet's my Kaz cat! This is Kaz, my black-and-white cat character who is based directly upon the cat I used to have in real life. He was one of those sweet lazy cats who just lies there and purrs like a rusty engine whenever they're petted. I had him for many years until my EVIL NEIGHBORS started bringing him into their house, knowing FULLY WELL that he was MY cat. They started feeding him during the middle of the day when I waas at work, and when they moved to North Carolina, they took my cat with them. Suffice to say, I was a bit pissed they had stolen my constant companion of over 5 years. Anyhoo, Lakota still keeps Kaz with her, and I suspect she always will :} this is his Glass Wolf character profile picture. Kaz is Crystal Carlson.

Image: kiemathree.jpg   816x1123 162344 bytes 2002.02.25

Forgive the weird color. This picture was drawn on parchment sketch paper. Anyhoo, this is Kiema Three Shadows, an older White Wolf Werewolf roleplaying character of mine. As you can see, she is a Child of Gaia. My style has changed significantly since this was drawn (December of 2000) but I still like her. Kiema Three Shadows is Crystal Carlson.

Image: lakieandsenb.jpg   719x522 84564 bytes 2003.03.20

Finally, my own custom 404 file-not-found graphic page type thing.\r\n\r\nLakota was searching for a file or page on the internet, and all she kept running into were 404s and DNS errors. So, she got a little frustrated and pounded her mouse against the computer desk until the cord snapped. (I think we all know how she feels.) She brought this problem to the local neighborhood Chinese kitsune, who is supposed to be knowledgeable on these matters. However, all he offers is the haiku shown in the image. Curse that Asian mysticism...\r\n\r\nThe gray-fox kitsune is a new character of mine, Senbyakku Nijuuna Nanatsu, which, as far as I can tell, means "three hundred and twenty-seven". This is how old he is, hence his name and his three tails. ;} Not the most original of name origins, I know, but I liked the sound of it.\r\n\r\nNote plushie Zehklos in left corner. So cute.\r\n\r\nLakota, Senbyakku, Zehklos, and image are Crystal Carlson.

Image: lakieandzehky.jpg   390x222 26147 bytes 2003.02.18

Lakota and Zehklos, hugging. Well, wolves are kind of limited in their range of motion with their limbs, so this is how they hug ;} \r\nCute little image I whipped up for my guestbook on my webpage. You -HAVE- visited my webpage, haven't you?\r\nLakota Crystal Carlson, Zehklos himself.

Image: lakiegryphcolor.jpg   792x557 100856 bytes 2002.01.10

Same pic as me-gryphon, only colored with my magical, happy, stinky Prisma markers!!!! Again, my front half is kestrel, back half is snow leopard! And unlike other gryphons, I like horses! No, no, not to eat. Horses are my friiiiiends... they bring me Twinkies. Mm...\r\nLakota-the-gryphon Crystal Carlson.

Image: lakieleap.jpg   329x299 22846 bytes 2003.02.18

Bwarrararararrrgh! Lakota leaps out of the darkness at you, grabbing whatever food you had in your hands and then racing off into the distance to devour it!! \r\nWell, maybe not. This was for a webpage I never finished, but I love the picture, so here it is for all of you.\r\nLakota Crystal Carlson.

Image: lakienwin.jpg   612x842 82037 bytes 2001.12.07

I figured that for my first picture I upload to the VCL, it might as well be of me! (or my main character, at least.) Here she is, Lakota in faoill (anthro wolf) form, weaving some magic spells around her cat, Wintressia. No, Win does not *normally* have wings... hence the fear on her face :} Both Lakota and Wintressia are Crystal Carlson. Colored with Prismacolor markers. (Stinky!)

Image: lakiepup.jpg   567x760 84555 bytes 2002.03.07

Who's the cutest pup this side of the Draco constellation? Me, Lakota! Hee. Here's Lakota when she was but a puppy, newly re-created in her dragonwolf body (yes, that's what those things are... wings. I suck at them.) This is probably her at a few months old, before her creators began to train her as an instrument of war and magic. The thing on her ear isn't an earring, it's an identification chip. Lakota was originally born human, but as a young adult she was killed and her intellect and memories were sort of... "downloaded" into a "blank", genetically-spliced dragonwolf embryo. Thus she was reborn as a shapeshifting beast. I've roleplayed various versions of Lakota for a decade, and almost all of them have "dragonwolf" listed as her natural form ;} heee!! Anyway. Lakota is VERY much Crystal Carlson, as are dragonwolves (of this variety). I DO have them patented.

Image: lakiesturnip.jpg   709x927 105154 bytes 2001.12.28

It's me. It's a turnip. It's a turnip in a tree! I like turnips. I KNOW turnips don't grow on trees, but if this were a perfect world, they would, damn it! That's my cat Wintressia looking exasperated behind the sign. She won't eat turnips (but she'll eat Pringles. Funky kitty.) Anyhoo, Lakota, Win, and image-with-badly-colored-ground is Crystal Carlson. P.S. I know I gots giant paws. I like giant paws.

Image: lakotacharsheet.jpg   715x950 163800 bytes 2004.02.01

Due to the disturbing number of Lakota "look-alikes" that have sprung up recently, I drew a character sheet for Lakota.\r\n \r\nWhen I see other characters that seem to look a lot like Lakota that have been posted AFTER I first started posting my own drawings of Lakota, I am deeply disturbed and upset. If things get worse, I will start a list of people who have copied her markings. \r\n\r\nLakota and image Crystal Carlson.\r\n\r\nTo potential art/character thieves: Please remember that direct transmutation or minor alteration of a character that is copyrighted by the United States government, such as Lakota, is a felony and the offender shall be punished as per under section 2319 of title 18, United States Code.

Image: lakotagnet.jpg   643x1045 99714 bytes 2002.01.16

Another magnet. This one is imminently huggable! It's me snuggling with the stuffed white tiger that Jim brought me from Las Vegas. My scanner sort of... ate... the grey shading on the tiger, but the rest looks okay! Image and Lakota are Crystal Carlson!

Image: lakotaro.jpg   325x436 27096 bytes 2003.04.29

Why... why... I don't know why. Lakotaro, the freak hamster-wolf thing.\r\n\r\nWell... she IS cute.\r\n\r\nLakota Crystal Carlson,\r\n"Hamtaro" and concept R. KAWAI

Image: lemwing.jpg   404x368 33800 bytes 2002.03.12

It's a bat-winged lemur. She doesn't have a name, but if she did, it might be Macgillicuddy. \r\nAnyway, she is an example of one of my custom magnets that I offer on FurBid from time to time. There isn't one up now, but you can e-mail me anyway if you would like one, and you can commission me to make you a magnet. Price is negotiable but probably close to the FurBid starting price, which was $5. Well, I'd better go get all my supplies ready for magnetmaking!! \r\nMac the Flying Lemur is Crystal Carlson.

Image: lionesstaur.jpg   840x598 118022 bytes 2003.01.29

She's on FurBid:\r\n\r\nVery successful experiment. This is a liontaur; more specifically a lioness with a beisa oryx "taur" half. She is colored with a base of Prisma markers and shaded/detailed with Prismacolor pencils. The background is gouache, which I've never tried using before. Overall, fun.\r\nI must give credit to my packsister Palomino Mule ("Gracer", go see her art here on VCL) for helping me not kill my Prismacolor pencils :} She taught me the proper way of using colored pencil shading, etc. \r\nCharacter and image are Crystal Carlson \r\n

Image: logoagogo.jpg   229x233 13538 bytes 2002.09.18

Thought you might all want a closer look at the little logo I've been tacking onto my pictures lately. That's a dragonwolf, a style of my own creation. Those are my initals in there... heh. \r\nThis logo and "dragonwolves" (this type/body structure of them, anyway) are Crystal Carlson

Image: lullandfray.jpg   714x983 124239 bytes 2001.12.17

I know the scan looks narky, but that's the actual color of the paper. Anyhoo, meet Lull and Fray. They are the two male deities of the triad in the ideology of Troak Cats (the other is the female world-goddess Marl). They are the brothers who Are (yes, Are) at the beginning of time. Fray, the one with the dragony wings, is a little bit older (he's also supposed to be white.. stupid paper.) Lull, the cream-and-blue one, is the driving force of creation and he is also quite insane. Fray is destruction or chaos, and he's actually VERY sane. Who'd have figured? Anyway, Lull, Fray, and Troak Cats in general are allllllll Crystal Carlson (that's me!) \r\n

Image: lurker.jpg   795x564 93258 bytes 2002.01.11

I meant to upload this a while ago... erm... like right when I drew it ::cringe:: but I didn't, and now the "situation" it shows is long solved (I think.) A few people out there might realize what is actually going on, but most won't, and that's good. I still like the picture, though. :} Colored with Prismas of course! Image and Lakota are Crystal Carlson, the other tigress is her player.

Image: maficmain.jpg   412x410 41893 bytes 2003.03.20

A crudly digital-camera picture of my stuffed gryphon, Mafic (so named because he is dark-colored, and "mafic" is a term used in geology to describe dark-colored, ferromagnesian-rich rocks). I had to custom-create a pattern for him, since no one sells gryphon patterns! ::grin:: While I will not sell Mafic himself because he's just too cute and soft, I AM selling a custom gryphon plushie commission on FurBid ;} Search for my username, Lakotawolf, on for details! \r\nImage and character Crystal Carlson

Image: magnets2.jpg   595x434 72771 bytes 2002.01.12

These are real MAGNETS! I drew them on Bristol board, cut them out, and stuck them onto blank magnet backings. The winged tiger was REALLY hard to cut out, my hands were really sore afterwards :}:} I'm selling a commission for a magnet like these on FurBid, but if that one does well, I'll be selling them at a set price :} want one? Drop me a line at and I'll tell you all about them! Alllll images and magnets are Crystal Carlson.

Image: marl.jpg   820x701 73168 bytes 2002.02.25

Whee. More non-anthro stuff. I'm going to have to draw a funky buttload of anthros now to make up for all of these off-content pics I'm doing. Anyhoo, here is Marl, one of the three Troak Cat deities. (the other two are Lull and Fray, and a pic of them is somewhere in my archive.) She cannot take an anthropomorphic form like the two male deities can, but she is perhaps more powerful than both of the brothers combined. Marl, and in fact the whole Troak cat concept, is Crystal Carlson. My kitties. Mroowl.

Image: me-gryphon.jpg   829x579 101807 bytes 2002.01.09

Here's meeeeee, Lakota, in gryphon form!! I'm not a "freeform" shapeshifter, so to speak, and I'm limited to 5 forms: dragonwolf, silver dragon, faoill (anthro wolf), human (shh don't tell) and gryphon. My gryphon form is relatively simple: snow leopard heiny, and kestrel fronty! I'm going to color this one with my Prismas. I can't draw wings/feathers, can you tell?? Hehe. Anyhoo, gryphon-form Lakota is Crystal Carlson.

Image: mrmerdoc.jpg   681x900 82792 bytes 2002.07.31

It's Mr. Merdoc, from my Glass Wolf comic. This picture is also one of the first that I shaded with my Prisma colored pencils on TOP of my Prismacolor markers... BEAUTIFUL... I love it. He's casting some ugly damage-type spell thing, and his markings are odd for a reason that will be revealed in the comic ;} Mr. Merdoc and image are Crystal Carlson... his name is borrowed from that movie, Dark City, though (I didn't name him) p.s. go bid on my tiger on FurBid!!!!

Image: nocolorsanymore.jpg   656x983 66898 bytes 2002.11.07

"I see a red door and I want it painted black \r\nNo colors anymore, I want them to turn black \r\n...\r\nI look inside myself and see my heart is black\r\nI see my red door and it has been painted black\r\nMaybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts\r\nIt's not easy facing up when your whole world is black..."\r\n--Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black"\r\n\r\nLakota is Crystal Carlson

Image: nzurkitty.jpg   572x593 86359 bytes 2002.09.18

More White-Out on black paper oddness...\r\nExcept this time I used gelpens too. They change colors depending on whether you use them on white paper or on black/darkly-colored paper. The colors are called: oraneen, yeblu, purrange, blello, pinkle, and grink. And those are only the ones that I own. There may be more...\r\nNzur and image Crystal Carlson. Gelpen colors Zebra Co.

Image: otaku.jpg   754x854 70930 bytes 2002.02.07

"And now, for something completely different..." Here's my majorly-off-topic piece for the millenia. This is Otaku Shintoka of the Unicorn Clan, my RP character from the Legend of the Five Rings game. With her, as always, is her beloved warhorse Hayai Shinzou (Fast Heart). I drew the horse incredibly crappily, come to think of it (I can do better) but I was SO happy about drawing a decent human that I didn't care, hee. Otaku Shintoka and Hayai Shinzou are Crystal Carlson. L5R is AEG games, which remains AS YET un-bought-out by Wizards of the Coast, that evil megacorporation I used to work for.

Image: pikwolf.jpg   983x714 128843 bytes 2001.12.30

Fixed a few things, but the digital coloring is no less hideous :} This picture was inspired by my beloved Jim, who recently got the game Pikmin for his Gamecube. Now all he does is grow little plant people... all day long.... hundreds upon hundreds of them. So, after listening to about 800 little Pikmin squeaks as he harvested them from the dirt, I drew some Pikwolves. I think they're adorable, especially the yellow one. Anyway, Pikmin and Gamecube are Nintendo, and Pikwolves and this image are Crystal Carlson. \r\n

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