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Image: kiri.jpg   433x467 40060 bytes 2004.07.30

Kirana (Kiri) Chiquita ... I coloured it cheap in PSP6 because I rot with pencils.\r\n\r\n... \r\n\r\nI was gonna make a layout with this one but I can't do anything with it :( Back to the drawing board...

Image: squishkittyinked.gif   720x901 39221 bytes 2004.07.28

It's SQUISH-KITTY. Inked for now, colour will come later if I ever catch wind of what colour he is. My half of an art trade ^_^ Thank you for drawing my kittytwins!\r\n\r\nI had fun drawing the feet :3\r\n\r\n\r\n Squish-Kitty, art is mine :O!

Image: whichcolour2.gif   600x300 53847 bytes 2004.07.18

Original inked on the far left, Kiri-esque colours on the far right ... middle has the PSP-changed colouring becuase I wanted to see how it looked as a different shade ... and can't decide which I like better ... so now I have kittytwins. \r\n\r\nI need to draw more :( Just need crap to draw ...

Image: sakari_c.jpg   389x500 34318 bytes 2001.10.28

Sakari. I changed her hair in this one ... I didn't like how it was before. Sakari 2001 Laura McBratney

Image: randompup.jpg   471x539 35449 bytes 2001.04.11

A random pup.

Image: sylvee_kiri.jpg   660x889 62511 bytes 2001.04.11

A gift for Jezzer! Sylvee, which I drew from memory. After not seeing her for two years. Man, this memory of mine is weird. And yes, I know the head is too small. I dun care ^_^

Image: oldertuker.jpg   367x614 22887 bytes 2001.04.11

An older-ish Tuker drawn with a blue col-erase ... I used the school's scanner for this one, that's why I looks so blindingly bright >_>;;

Image: ralph.jpg   407x539 31883 bytes 2001.04.11

Ralph. The perfect man ... if he were only human. According to Sket anyway. Freakgirl. I like Ralph.

Image: penkiri.gif   320x349 48800 bytes 2001.04.11

Super Deformed Kiri writing on a scroll with a feather quill pen. I use this on my guestbook title graphics I do. Yep.

Image: rose_jimrus.jpg   386x596 56174 bytes 2000.10.07

Rose! Jim Russo's Rose. 'Pologize again for the lateness, I lost the other piece I did for the trade @_@ That one was of Anna though ... For anyone else who I do art trades with, if you don't get my half within a week, you have all the permission in the world to make yourself annoying ^_^ Of course, if I tell you my scanner's broken, um, well ... you still have permission, because my friend has one @_@ Anyhoo, Rose is Jim Russo ^_^\n

Image: newbirfday.jpg   566x822 39940 bytes 2000.10.06

HAPPY BIRFDAY SKYE! *noogies 'n nookies* For you on your b-day sis XD Sorry it's not coloured.\n

Image: litany2.jpg   446x591 25105 bytes 2000.10.06

New char. Litany. A lioness with freckles? ^^; She should meet Louie and Jolie.\n

Image: skyeahn.jpg   393x584 55581 bytes 2000.10.06

Skye-ahn-sistah! *noogies 'n nookies*\n

Image: pukaa.jpg   405x515 21461 bytes 2000.10.06

Pukaa. He's a ... critter. Yeshhhhh ...\n

Image: smallmunkers.jpg   549x668 62831 bytes 2000.08.11

I drew this a couple months before daycare.jpg. Jez Jez, Skye Skye, and I'm myself but of course ^^ We're so cute as children! XD\n

Image: raz1_kiri.jpg   465x613 54360 bytes 2000.08.11

A pic of Raz for Raz, but I forget if I ever actually sent it to her? ^^;; Gah, drawn a long time ago. It sucks, I know, but it was fun to draw and colour! Raz is Erin V, otherwise known as RazBerri ^_^\n

Image: jessalin1.jpg   284x530 38082 bytes 1999.11.18

Doesn't everyone doodle in their math notes ...? Heh ... here's good ol' Jessalin Vix, my old pal back again to perk me up from the math-time doldrums. I mess around with different styles a lot in my notebook doodles ... coloured in the transition time between Mathematics 11 adv. and Geography 11 gen. I was bored ; Jessi's L.Amber McBratney\n

Image: shimp.jpg   783x975 46313 bytes 1999.11.10

Oh, gawed. I drew this in *June*! Never uploaded it anywhere though, because I planned on colouring it. I lost it on my HD and never did O.o; It's SHimPsKEe as a kid. Oh shoot, never did finish that sign ... phoo.\n

Image: pincatt.jpg   210x218 9023 bytes 1999.11.10

Yay! It's Pincatt! *hugz Pincatt to death* This is the very, very, VERY first Pincatt... yep! The one drawn in French class from a regular little 'M'! Boy, had he changed since then O.o Pincatt's mine, so take him and die ;; *hugz 'im close*\n

Image: sdseri.jpg   250x458 15268 bytes 1999.10.30

It's S.D. Serilda! Heh ... I just couldn't resist drawing Skye's semi-serious-ish character py00k-y ky00te! Heh ... she's gonna kill me o.o; *razzez Skye*\n

Image: youngsibs.jpg   502x379 24295 bytes 1999.10.30

These adorable little sisters are actually Shirana and Serilda as little kids! Mah gawed, they actually got along! That there's Shirana giving her old stuffed doll 'Puma' to Serilda, because she doesn't need it anymore :) Serilda's supposed to be 2 in this, and Shirana's supposed to be 4 ... anyway, copyright info on the pic.\n

Image: seri_v2.jpg   449x508 20458 bytes 1999.10.29

Last time it was Shirana Allerien, this time it's Serilda Allerien, Shirana's kid sister! Ya, that's a girl. Boyish, isn't she? Eventually we're going to knock out a history to refer to when RP-ing these guys on Furcadia, but for now we'll just settle for the look :) Serilda Allerien is my 'li'l cyber-sis' and fellow Munker, Nicolle Schnitter. \n

Image: shirana.jpg   362x578 17402 bytes 1999.10.26

Shirana Allerien, my furcadia character. My sister on Furc kept bothering me to draw it, so I did -- during Geography, like practically everything else ^^; Anyhoo, I'll pro'ly colour this later once we finally decide on our characters' respective colouring >.<\n

Image: messin.jpg   494x647 42835 bytes 1999.10.24

'Glasses: Not just for vision' A pointless line drawing I was messing around with all week. Why all week? Because I was playing with it during classes! I was also doing other drawings in between. Anyway, the characters, listed from left to right, top row: Unknown Furr, Jessalin Vix, Natalia Vix, and Hugo Snow. Bottom row, left to right: Tucker, Pincatt, Sharp, and Julie Bunnette. All chars are me, and no, this image does not have a specific point or purpose ^^;\n

Image: pcattshrt.jpg   434x563 19651 bytes 1999.10.13

Naaai! It's a Pincatt shirt!! Pincatt's website hasn't been updated since it was put up because he's decided to make random cameos in my school notes alongside Conlan and random dopey-lookin' furrs like this guy. And yep, this dog-character was also drawn in Geography. Pincatt and the dopey-lookin' dog are both me, so if you even wanna -think- about taking Pincatt, you're dead =p The other guy I don't really care about.\n

Image: mildrid.jpg   205x403 14265 bytes 1999.09.29

Mildrid Psion, coloured. Her hair was originally going to be a dark purplish, but all I could find was my blueberry pencil. You like? me.\n

Image: todrenardc.jpg   439x596 59233 bytes 1999.09.19

Tod - Tod Renard ... ya, I know 'renard' is the French word for 'fox' Ya, I know it's on lined paper ; Shaddap! It was the only thing available! Jeez, I'm really gonna have to stop drawing in my school notebooks like this .... Toddy-boy's Kiri Chiquita. Take him away and I'll sick the evil fluff balls after you!! Mwa ha ha ha haaa ...! *hic* S'cuse me. *O.o*\n

Image: milly01.jpg   434x703 25978 bytes 1999.08.12

Mildrid Psion. She hates her name. Says it makes her sound like a witch or something. Or like she's a brain with specs @_@ Anyway, her friends call her Milly, and her code name is PsyBunny. to me. Drew it while babysitting too.\n

Image: shimp02.jpg   478x493 43208 bytes 1999.08.12

It's SHimPsKEe ... SHimPsKEe ... for SHimPsKEe ... from Kiri. Drew it babysitting.\n

Image: thrilled.jpg   240x359 20833 bytes 1999.07.22

Louie the big-eared lioncub looking thrilled, as usual ^_^ me, the one of multiple styles ...\n

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