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Image: thrilled.jpg   240x359 20833 bytes 1999.07.22

Louie the big-eared lioncub looking thrilled, as usual ^_^ me, the one of multiple styles ...\n

Image: todrenardc.jpg   439x596 59233 bytes 1999.09.19

Tod - Tod Renard ... ya, I know 'renard' is the French word for 'fox' Ya, I know it's on lined paper ; Shaddap! It was the only thing available! Jeez, I'm really gonna have to stop drawing in my school notebooks like this .... Toddy-boy's Kiri Chiquita. Take him away and I'll sick the evil fluff balls after you!! Mwa ha ha ha haaa ...! *hic* S'cuse me. *O.o*\n

Image: whichcolour2.gif   600x300 53847 bytes 2004.07.18

Original inked on the far left, Kiri-esque colours on the far right ... middle has the PSP-changed colouring becuase I wanted to see how it looked as a different shade ... and can't decide which I like better ... so now I have kittytwins. \r\n\r\nI need to draw more :( Just need crap to draw ...

Image: youngsibs.jpg   502x379 24295 bytes 1999.10.30

These adorable little sisters are actually Shirana and Serilda as little kids! Mah gawed, they actually got along! That there's Shirana giving her old stuffed doll 'Puma' to Serilda, because she doesn't need it anymore :) Serilda's supposed to be 2 in this, and Shirana's supposed to be 4 ... anyway, copyright info on the pic.\n

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