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Image: upgreys.jpg   400x820 60709 bytes 2008.07.15

something simple. oC. \r\n\r\nart copyright mitsene.

Tags: opencanvas cat feline paint digital  
Image: tegakirowan.jpg   480x640 125655 bytes 2008.07.15

doodle of rowan on tegaki. the only decent thing i've been able to do on that board thing :c\r\n\r\nart/char copyright mitsene, do not distribute without permission.

Tags: sunset orange lynx  
Image: tashafoxcommishdonesm.jpg   880x785 131543 bytes 2008.07.15

commission for tashafox and her bf justin [xcxeon on myfursona]. :> they seemed to like this a lot which makes me happy. cool peeps to meet at AC too.\r\n\r\nchars copyright their respective owners, art copyright mitsene.

Tags: stone henge stars fox  
Image: roseFINsm.jpg   744x1063 174033 bytes 2008.07.14

commission finished a few months ago for e. baker/soldiervolkov on fA. character and clothing design is his.\r\n\r\nart is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: gun western southwest boots cougar  
Image: bikebeach.jpg   1012x754 152504 bytes 2008.07.14

something done quickly in SAI as i was waiting for the summer to start.\r\n\r\ncharacter/art is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: summer bike newengland beach lynx  
Image: sunwolfcouplefinsm.jpg   888x1211 221522 bytes 2008.07.14

commission for sunwolf of him and his gf mizumi. :>\r\n\r\ndone in paint tool SAI. art is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: commission wolf snowleopard snow winter  
Image: heragainfin.jpg   780x898 81353 bytes 2008.07.14

oh dear she's losing it.\r\n\r\ncharacter/art is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: insanity dark cat feline angsty opencanvas  
Image: kimshokosmall.jpg   346x686 54569 bytes 2008.07.14

hoko for kimterrible/heavyteeth. i've admired her art for a long time and it was awesome to be able to do a trade and draw her char 8>\r\n\r\nart is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: kim lynx hokori sexy oC  
Image: sleeplessnight.jpg   762x504 144316 bytes 2008.07.14

a small watercolor piece done in marchish, and shown at the AC art show. \r\n\r\ncharacter and art is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: moon insomnia lynx rowan sleep  
Image: magareeta.jpg   890x757 130258 bytes 2008.07.14

i love margaritas. anything lime, really.\r\n\r\nart is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: green alcohol margarita tequila lynx digital  
Image: dansuuu.jpg   780x696 116169 bytes 2008.07.14

simple dancey pic done maybe around february or march. \r\n\r\nchar/art is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: rave lazers lights dance cat lynx  
Image: wolfwoman.jpg   714x694 137387 bytes 2008.07.14

painter classic. random wolf woman.\r\n\r\nart is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: wolf painted digital grey  
Image: glacierview.jpg   1287x598 256362 bytes 2008.07.14


rowan; muir glacier in alaska. watercolors and ink and some pencil, again. \r\n\r\ncharacter and art is copyright to mitsene. do not repost without permission.

Tags: glacier ice alaska snow lynx mountains north  
Image: mesaview.jpg   1287x599 262453 bytes 2008.07.14


rowan. watercolors, ink and colored pencil.\r\n\r\ncharacter is copyright to mitsene; do not repost without permission.

Tags: southwest red mesa desert lynx  
Image: desperadosandsharpshooters.jpg   748x942 132023 bytes 2008.07.14

character is rek, copyright to me blah blah, do not repost without permission.\r\n\r\ndone in photoshop several months ago.

Tags: cowboy cowgirl horse feline western  
Image: lurgee.jpg   790x824 141224 bytes 2008.07.14

experimental.\r\n\r\n\r\ndo not repost without permission.

Image: redpandaninja.jpg   748x653 104868 bytes 2008.07.14

mm red pandas. i think this was done sometime back in january. do not repost without permission.

Tags: red panda, kunoichi, ninja, bamboo, asian, japanese  
Image: 1198864736.mitsene_cazarun.jpg   1000x767 125333 bytes 2008.07.14

nekophoenix's caza. done in oC. do not repost without permission, thanks.

Image: victoriantabbeta2.jpg   423x883 86896 bytes 2007.11.14

victorian tabby. was looking at a lot of corsets on etsy when i did this. also testing out some new prismas. woo.\r\n\r\nthis is currently up on furbid, check out the bid/buy link for info.\r\n\r\nalso, don't steal this or repost without permission.

Image: nicedreamscene2.jpg   650x874 172022 bytes 2007.11.14

something simple done for the cold weather.\r\n\r\nart is mine, you know the drill. also this is up on furbid, see the bid/buy link.

Image: deerdirbranch.jpg   662x695 119581 bytes 2007.11.03

painter classic thang. i do have prints of this available.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: amaterasu.jpg   596x553 75078 bytes 2007.11.03

not too proud of this, but it is finished, and i guess the colors are nice and vivid. or something. \r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: lolliwolfsdff.jpg   600x737 130424 bytes 2007.11.03

generic wolf thing. is still available for sale.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: snowleopardbkmk.jpg   208x472 60485 bytes 2007.11.03

snow leopard bookmark, best of a batch of 5 random bookmarks i made the weekend before furfright. this is the only one that sold, the others are still available. you can see them on fA:\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: nailbatzombies.jpg   352x691 112853 bytes 2007.11.03

done around august for the furfright '07 conbook. and it made it in! hooray. i actually think their print version looks better. alsoilovezombies.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: mitsene_-_alex.jpg   464x345 76803 bytes 2007.11.03

luve/louve/louvelex's alex. done for AC this summer. \r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: manicmits.jpg   508x791 89488 bytes 2007.11.03

i believe i'm sort of in the process of re-evaluating mitsene, giving her two subtle versions -- this one, more outgoing and lynx-like, with the other being more down-tone and cat-like.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: greenbeeing.jpg   690x311 69640 bytes 2007.11.03

certainly influenced by both nevar!'s greencat and oCe's mosscat. though i don't think it's actually either.\r\n\r\ni have prints of this, by the way, if anyone wants. \r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: stretchdown.jpg   680x547 107641 bytes 2007.11.03

painter classic. i have prints of this, if anyone wants.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: greyfoxdragonfly.jpg   622x814 144249 bytes 2007.11.03

tried very hard to get the markings of a grey fox correct. sort of an expiriment with watercolors, acrylic paint, and some pen.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

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