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Image: smoothelvi.jpg   988x708 81515 bytes 2007.07.11

some weird shit up in there, yes.\r\n\r\n\r\nplease do not repost w/out permission thankyouverymuch.

Image: snowleopardbkmk.jpg   208x472 60485 bytes 2007.11.03

snow leopard bookmark, best of a batch of 5 random bookmarks i made the weekend before furfright. this is the only one that sold, the others are still available. you can see them on fA:\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: sofullofhopesofullofshit.jpg   760x593 113725 bytes 2004.12.09

re-uploading without grungy edge. \r\num. lyrics manson.

Image: spark.jpg   571x800 105719 bytes 2004.10.05

old-ish art. inspired by tori amos' spark [thus the nicotine patch-like things.] \r\nprisma markers and colored pencil/galaxy marker/whiteout on sketchbook paper.

Image: spectrum2.jpg   894x767 259144 bytes 2007.08.28

one of my more favorite images as of late. color is a good thing! elvira on left, keesha on right. done in open canvas. check the 'comment' url for a not-so-compressed version.\r\n\r\nart is l. clark, do not repost without permission.

Image: spinningachrysalis.jpg   593x820 95042 bytes 2004.12.09

krystalis.. glowy.. something something.

Image: splitframe.jpg   1283x900 248057 bytes 2006.07.28

sidney and lazeyka. november '05.\r\n\r\ncharacters/art lauren clark.

Image: starbuttfin.jpg   522x1280 80309 bytes 2007.08.16

painter classic over a sketch done at AC. it's a wonder i had any time to do any sketching at all there D: \r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: stretchdown.jpg   680x547 107641 bytes 2007.11.03

painter classic. i have prints of this, if anyone wants.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: stringghost_by_mitsene_kun.jpg   600x693 127274 bytes 2006.01.22

sharpie, chartpaks, gelpen. sept '05.\r\n\r\nart/char l. clark.

Image: stumbling-forward.jpg   1244x900 254042 bytes 2006.07.28

...rek stumbles forward, blindfolded and ignorant of who is waiting, which would be the only way she would ever gain her own peace of mind - without her consciously realizing it. she is still clutching her knife, as she has in the past for so long; it ties her to it, and protects her. keesha reaches forward, one hand ready to take the knife away, let it drop; the other is ready to take her in an embrace, a moment of compassion to one who has lacked it for so long, not even realizing what she has been missing, what she needed. .... will she pull away? will she accept contentment, finally? i don't know. it's just a moment. [written/drawn nov. 05]\r\n\r\nkeesha on left, rek on right.\r\n\r\ncharacters/art lauren clark.

Image: stupidhumanmask.jpg   738x959 201247 bytes 2007.08.16

more of sidney, donnie darko + she came in through the bathroom window. markers with some colored pencil for lights.\r\n\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: subirabadge.jpg   400x510 94903 bytes 2007.07.11

experimenting with lineart for badges, using my own character. want a badge? shoot me off an email!\r\n\r\nplease do not repost without permission.

Image: suicidalimbecile.jpg   650x650 70042 bytes 2004.10.19

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time,\r\nWhat's your rush now,\r\nEveryone will have his day to die.\r\n[a perfect circle/outsider]\r\nself-destruct; she pulls life out of me. i wish i could pull life out of her. separate this demon running through my brain. devouring the good this blood does me. destroy/one of us will be destroyed eventually.\r\nopen canvas 1.1. [who needs painter when i have a free program so small i can fit it on a floppy?]\r\nchars/art lauren clark

Image: sunwolfcommish.jpg   856x1280 258573 bytes 2007.08.28

this had a nice black border on it which i did post-scan and for some reason didn't want to rescan so now i'm stuck with this one. commission for j. iamurri/sunwolf at AC. prisma markers & pencil on letraset marker paper.\r\n\r\nart is l. clark, do not repost without permission.

Image: sunwolfcouplefinsm.jpg   888x1211 221522 bytes 2008.07.14

commission for sunwolf of him and his gf mizumi. :>\r\n\r\ndone in paint tool SAI. art is © mitsene, do not repost without permission.

Tags: commission wolf snowleopard snow winter  
Image: tashafoxcommishdonesm.jpg   880x785 131543 bytes 2008.07.15

commission for tashafox and her bf justin [xcxeon on myfursona]. :> they seemed to like this a lot which makes me happy. cool peeps to meet at AC too.\r\n\r\nchars copyright their respective owners, art copyright mitsene.

Tags: stone henge stars fox  
Image: tasiamish.jpg   900x1222 296589 bytes 2006.08.23

ganguro-type anthro commission for tasiallama :3 is a few months old. done with markers and some pencil.\r\n\r\nart lauren clark.

Image: teardrop_on_the_fire_by_mitsene_kun.jpg   416x618 109208 bytes 2005.11.25

part I of a pseudotryptich from lyrics of massive attack's teardrop. \r\n\r\nchars/art l. clark

Image: tegakirowan.jpg   480x640 125655 bytes 2008.07.15

doodle of rowan on tegaki. the only decent thing i've been able to do on that board thing :c\r\n\r\nart/char copyright mitsene, do not distribute without permission.

Tags: sunset orange lynx  
Image: the_tragedies_reside_in_you.jpg   719x1280 287434 bytes 2007.08.16

i believe this is still available to be bought, so if you're interested, shoot me an email. done with prisma markers and colored pencils.\r\nart l. clark, do not repost, etc.

Image: the_wave_by_mitsene_kun.jpg   800x970 134572 bytes 2005.11.23

done in early '05.\r\nchars/image l. clark.

Image: to_be_ready_to_go.jpg   940x1284 243424 bytes 2006.07.28

sidney. random bits of photos ganked from google; not my property. december '05.\r\n\r\nchars/art lauren clark.

Image: tomorrow_never_knows_by_mitsene_kun.jpg   700x793 142702 bytes 2005.11.23

inspired by beatles' tomorrow never knows/psychedelic stuff. probably one of my more popular pieces. done late jan 05.\r\n\r\nchars/image l. clark.

Image: touchrestraint.jpg   869x600 138298 bytes 2004.09.02

spent a lot of detail on the lineart/sketch that ended up being lost a bit in the final version.\r\nshe half wants to attack him, half doesn't. since he's touching her face, that's what wishes to destroy him -- thus the breaking free of the metal jaw. however, the parts of her which are not being totally held back by lazeyka [who represents truth], her arms, do hold back a bit, because in all her rage, she still can't completely destroy him. not by herself. everything else is up for interpretation...\r\nprisma marker, colored pencil, giant sharpie, and galaxy marker. art and characters lauren clark.

Image: transcendtranspose.jpg   625x800 127416 bytes 2007.07.11

lazeyka & constance-ized keesha. from fall 2006.\r\n\r\nplease do not repost without asking.

Image: unfortunately.jpg   745x1024 177914 bytes 2006.08.02

random griffin thing. stupid 11x14 scan on 9x12 scanner. ugh. simple as it is, i still think this came out nice.\r\n\r\nart is lauren clark.

Image: unrelated.jpg   477x735 61300 bytes 2006.07.28

jaeger & horace. actually part of a larger three-sectioned piece, but this was the only anthro part. dec. 05.\r\n\r\nchars/art lauren clark.

Image: upeclipse.jpg   900x1261 263232 bytes 2006.07.28

sidney. oct '05. watercolors & whiteout.\r\n\r\ncharacter/art is l. clark.

Image: upgreys.jpg   400x820 60709 bytes 2008.07.15

something simple. oC. \r\n\r\nart copyright mitsene.

Tags: opencanvas cat feline paint digital  

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