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Image: Alleyway_swordplay.jpg   400x360 33290 bytes 2006.09.30

A more recent paint BBS drawing of Amber the crocodile. Its supposed to be a shine mark on the sword but it looks more like a bullet deflection. Decided to try a very defensive pose this time.\r\n\r\nAmber Tenaka character/drawing ©2k6 Leomane

Image: amber_coloured.jpg   535x800 63938 bytes 2006.11.01

An updated and coloured version of Amber. Sporting her classic outfit and a wooden training sword.\r\n\r\nAmber Tenaka ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Amber_lab_vrs_b&w.gif   330x587 24151 bytes 2007.03.19

This is the initial black and white image I used in my Flash Lab for school (they were very lenient with the topic ^^).\r\nI've always wanted an excuse to draw her without her hat on, finally got one.\r\n\r\nAmber ©2k7 Leomane\r\n(comments are available on my LJ)

Tags: crocodile, Amber Tenaka, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Ancient_reptilian.gif   400x600 8623 bytes 2006.09.17

One of my more recent Paint BBS drawings, is also the first appearance of my crocodile character Amber Tenaka.\r\nNothing special or technical just her striking a pose and sporting a Japanese outfit similar (but not the same) to the ones the gator grunts wear on Duke Nukem Manhattan Project. Drawn on Dr. Comets Paint BBS.\r\n\r\nDrawing/character ©2k6 Leomane\r\nDr. Comet name/paint BBS ©Dr. Comet\r\nDuke Nukem name © 3D Realms

Image: AnthroWars_UnderFire.jpg   509x850 69449 bytes 2006.09.12

'AnthroWars, Under Fire'\r\n\r\nThis was my second entry into the VCL forums July art compo. Was created especially for Yatenstar's topic (which was costumes), it was also one of the 6 finalists she picked.\r\n\r\nJust a random monkey cosplaying as a Western Frontier rifle grunt from the game Battalion Wars. I made some slight modifications to the outfit but 90% is true to the game. My title is a play off of the games original title (which was Advance Wars, under fire)\r\n\r\nCharacter ©2k6 Leomane\r\nBattalion Wars outfit/reference/name © Nintendo & Kuju

Image: Bikini_beach_bunny.jpg   400x550 61203 bytes 2006.09.30

My most recent and last paint BBS drawing to date, haven't done any in months. Can't go wrong with a sexy red head rabbit lounging on the beach. \r\n\r\nCharacter/drawing ©2k6 Leomane

Image: bored....jpg   600x673 31233 bytes 2006.11.19

Bored, tired and pissed off. I'm still recoiling from a couple really bad weeks, this is all I could come up with. Went with a sketchy style just for a change.\r\n\r\nVery bored Leomane ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Chaff.jpg   360x674 36814 bytes 2006.10.25

An old lion character I drew a few years back, still a favourite of mine. Decided to dig it up and finish it. Glad I did, it turned out great.\r\n\r\nLion character ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Civerius_Snake_god_final.jpg   690x902 152420 bytes 2007.06.06

Civerius, God of the Infinity Basket

My 2nd entry in to the May 2k7 VCL art compo, I was award 4th place with this drawing, there was quite a few competitors so 4th place is a great finish. \r\nI have posted his bio and a little guessing game over at my dA page, worth a freebie (click on more info to check it out) As usual comments can be left at my LJ page.\r\n\r\nCiverius God of the Infinity Basket © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: snake god, Civerius, VCL May Art compo, infinity basket   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: CtSG_final_b&w.jpg   600x784 124642 bytes 2007.05.31

Civerius the snake god, final B&W

The finalized black and white version of my entry into the May VCL art compo click on more info to see the other competitors.\r\nAnd for those wondering the kanji on his scarf (and the basket top) means infinity (him being the god in charge of the infinity basket)\r\n\r\nCiverius the snake god © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: Civerius snake god VCL art compo   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Death_dealer.gif   465x705 27929 bytes 2007.06.15

Draconic Death Dealer

Another old drawing I found hidden away. A dragon-ish grim reaper, not too bad but it still has some problems.\r\n\r\ndrawing / character ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: grim reaper dragon death skeleton   [Comment]
Image: dragomane.gif   505x737 36845 bytes 2007.06.15


My take on more fantasy oriented dragon, shares some features with a certain someone ^^ *nudge* *nudge*\r\nSome anatomy problems but still pretty good, I'll finish this some day.\r\n\r\ndrawing / character ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: Dragon dragomane fantasy   [Comment]
Image: Flash_work_preview_image.jpg   637x439 72960 bytes 2007.06.06

Just for yiffs and giggles, here is the preview image I cooked up for when I upload Flash projects to other hosting sites, primarily dA. provide comments via my LJ.\r\n\r\nCharacters and logo © 2k7 Leomane\r\nMacromedia Flash 8 screenshot © Adobe & Macromedia

Tags: Macromedia Flash preview   [Comment]
Image: God_of_Cheap_Drinks_.jpg   630x675 105105 bytes 2007.05.13

God of Cheap Drinks

I re-tooled one of my picts to fit in with this months VCL forum art compo (May 2k7). Added in some highlights and a neon sign.\r\nThe topic is 'Obscure Gods', and was picked by The Dark Ferret.\r\n\r\nCharacter / Drawing ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: Kamokelian Flagstaff Chameleon drinks alcohol gods cheap   [More Info]
Image: Hdr5-1_Leomane.jpg   600x656 53842 bytes 2006.11.19

Character art that I'm using in my next issue. Didn't have time to get the background in so this will be v1.0.\r\n\r\nMy bio info will be on the later version.\r\n\r\nLeomane (me!) ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Hdr5-2_Stiph.jpg   600x719 48635 bytes 2006.11.19

Character art for next issue. Background got cut due to time, consider this v1.0. \r\nStiph's bio info will be on the comic and later version of this (if I feel like it).\r\n\r\nStiph Talter ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Hdr5-3_Kamokelian.jpg   600x644 46292 bytes 2006.11.19

Same deal as the other two I just uploaded character art for next issue, no background, v1.0. Very bright pastel colours I love it.\r\nKamo's bio info will be on the comic and version 2 of this (if time allows).\r\n\r\nKamokeilian Flagestaff ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Hdr6-1_Leanna.jpg   550x740 57385 bytes 2007.01.02

Finally back in bidness and with the rest of the characters head shots. As well first upload of 2k7!\r\nNo background due to time constraints and Leanna's bio will appear in the next issue of the comic.\r\n\r\nComments are now setup at my LiveJournal, link provided!\r\n\r\nLeanna Binstar ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: earth dragon, Leanna Binstar   [Comment]
Image: Hdr6-2_Shrill.jpg   550x802 56890 bytes 2007.01.02

More character head shot art\r\nNo background again, ran out of time Shrill's bio is in the next issue of the comic.\r\n\r\nComments are now setup at my LiveJournal, link provided!\r\n\r\nShirll Teragar ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: Triceratops, Shrill Teragar   [Comment]
Image: Hdr6-3_Amber.jpg   550x659 54658 bytes 2007.01.02

Last one of the character head shot art.\r\nBackground got cut again, Amber's bio is in the next issue of the comic.\r\n\r\nComments are now setup at my LiveJournal, link provided!\r\n\r\nAmber Tenaka ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: Crocodile, Amber Tenaka   [Comment]
Image: HDR_colour_pallet_set1.gif   800x550 63093 bytes 2007.05.27

Colour pallet set #1

- 1 / 3 sets -\r\nSimple colour pallets of my characters, only more spiffed up than usual. They are required for a trade with vchangirl from the VCL forums. Also tried a new technique to make shadows. I need more practice with it.\r\nFeel free to comment on the technique via my LiveJournal.\r\n\r\nCharacters and names © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: triceratops crocodile dragon Shrill Amber Leanna   [Comment]
Image: HDR_colour_pallet_set2.gif   800x550 57170 bytes 2007.05.27

Colour pallet set #2

- 2 / 3 sets -\r\nSimple colour pallets, with a few additions. They're required for a trade with vchangirl from the VCL forums. Used a new technique to make shadows.\r\nFeel free to comment on the technique via my LiveJournal.\r\n\r\nCharacters and names © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: dragon chameleon lizard Stiph Kamokelian Leomane   [Comment]
Image: HDR_colour_pallet_set3.gif   800x550 57802 bytes 2007.05.27

Colour pallet set #3

- 3 / 3 sets -\r\nSimple colour pallets of my characters. They're required for a trade with vchangirl from the VCL forums. Tried a new technique to make shadows. May need to tweak it a bit.\r\nFeel free to comment on the technique via my LiveJournal.\r\n\r\nCharacters and names © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: bird avian blue jay Lucy Luu Zack   [Comment]
Image: kamokelian.jpg   472x800 35945 bytes 2006.10.25

What else can I say I like chameleons, really wacky names and updating characters I haven drawn in years. \r\nGot to make his head more chameleon like next time.\r\n\r\nKamoelian ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Kamokelian_lab_vrs_b&w.gif   330x578 23513 bytes 2007.03.19

Another black and white image I used in my Flash Lab for school (they allowed it ^^). Made a few updates to his style and outfit.\r\n\r\nKamokelian ©2k7 Leomane\r\n(comments are available on my LJ)

Tags: chameleon, Kamokelian Flagstaff, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Leanna_in_your_face.jpg   648x855 122964 bytes 2007.08.19

Leanna's in you face

A very perturbed Leanna is starring you down with her tongue out and accusing finger pointed squarely at YOU!\r\nStarted out as a sketch that turned into more Flash inking practice and then coloured for fun.\r\n\r\nDrawing + character (Leanna Binstar) © 2k7 Leomane\r\n

Tags: Dragoness Leanna Binstar pointing face  
Image: Leanna_lab_vrs_b&w.gif   317x595 21815 bytes 2007.03.19

More black and white drawings. Used in my Flash Lab for school. First picture with her new outfit.\r\n\r\nLeanna ©2k7 Leomane\r\n(comments are available on my LJ)

Tags: brown dragon, Leanna Binstar, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Leomane_lab_vrs_b&w.gif   360x628 25438 bytes 2007.03.19

Yet another black and white image. Was used in my Flash Lab for school. No changes or important notes to report, hey if it isn't broke don't fix it.\r\n\r\nLeomane (me ^^) ©2k7 Leomane \r\n(comments are available on my LJ)\r\n

Tags: green dragon, lizard, Leomane Gooding, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Leomanes_head_coloured.jpg   600x701 62296 bytes 2006.10.25

A coloured and updated version of a head shot picture I doodled in class a week ago. Is currently being used as my DevaintART Id. This is the texteless version.\r\n\r\nLeomane (me) ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Lucy_lab_vrs_B&W.gif   392x643 24626 bytes 2007.03.29

Started work on another Flash project. This is another black and white drawing before I went Flash happy with it.\r\n\r\nIs also the first finalized drawing of her. \r\n(comments are available on my LJ)\r\n\r\nLucy ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: bird, avian, Lucy Parmon, Flash   [Comment]

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