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Image: Luu_lab_vrs_B&W.gif   399x648 24948 bytes 2007.03.29

More drawings from my 2nd Flash project.\r\n\r\nIs also the first finalized drawing of her. She is also the twin sister of Lucy.\r\n(comments are available on my LJ)\r\n\r\nLuu ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: bird, avian, Luu Parmon, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Monochrome_Chameleon.gif   400x320 4884 bytes 2006.09.30

Yet another old paint bbs drawing. The un-named chameleon girl makes another appearance. Trying my hand at some perspective (not to bad) and an inverted colour style.\r\n\r\nChameleon character/drawing ©Leomane

Image: New_head_shot.jpg   750x628 97012 bytes 2007.02.07

Yo, was up?

A newer picture of my head, I also tried a new shading and highlighting style. Came out very well, I will be using it again. \r\nIs also used as my updated deviantART ID.\r\n\r\nLeomane (me!) ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: Green dragon, Leomane, head shot   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Phoenix_phire_phlare_B&W.jpg   504x800 51908 bytes 2006.09.17

'Phoenix Phire Phlare'\r\n\r\nTitle is pronounced phoenix fire flare but I love alliteration so switched the 'f's for 'ph'.\r\nThe finished b&w version of my entry for this months VCL art compo (the topic is 'fire'). A phoenix getting ready to attack a foe with a fire based attack. Still missing the colour, a background and fire attack. \r\n\r\nDrawing ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Phoneix_phire_phlare.jpg   510x900 68461 bytes 2006.10.25

The coloured version of my entry for the VCL forums September Art compo.\r\nRanked 3rd place with this one.\r\n\r\nPhoenix © 2k6 Leomane

Image: Quick_head_shot.gif   429x552 29192 bytes 2006.09.30

Ah were to start... well nothing special just me, Leomane, in my favourite outfit figure better get my face out there. Started out as quick doodle during computer programming class this morning but ended up finishing it by the end of class (not the best use of lab time).\r\n\r\nMyself (Leomane) ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Shrill_lab_vrs_b&w.gif   390x655 27718 bytes 2007.03.19

Even more black and white images. Take a guess as to where it was used ^^ (Flash Lab for school). My personal favourite don't know why, she just came out better then the others. \r\n\r\nShrill ©2k7 Leomane\r\n(comments are available on my LJ)

Tags: triceratops, Shrill Teragar, Flash   [Comment]
Image: SNS_blank.jpg   750x983 260597 bytes 2007.07.09

A second version of S.N.S. only without all that bothersome text ^^\r\nThe real constellations are a bit more visible now.\r\n\r\nCharacter and drawing ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: outer space supernova stars dragon   [Comment]
Image: Sopwith_Camel.jpg   500x420 51221 bytes 2006.09.30

Yes it should really be a camel flying a Spowith Camel, poor judgement on my part (and I can't draw camels). An old paint BBS drawing I did a few months back using Dr. Comet's Paint BBS. Another random female bird character next to an in flight Spowith Camel.\r\n\r\nDr. Comet name/paint bbs ©Dr. Comet\r\nDrawing and character ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Stiph_lab_vrs_b&w.gif   330x619 22472 bytes 2007.03.19

Last one of Flash Lab 1 drawings. Made a few changes to his style and such, nothing else noteworthy.\r\n\r\nStiph ©2k7 Leomane\r\n(comments are available on my LJ)

Tags: dragon, stegosaurs, Stiph Talter, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Super_Nova_Sunday.jpg   750x983 295553 bytes 2007.07.09

Super Nova Sunday

My entry into the June 2k7 art compo, topic was ‘Crazy Holidays’ and was picked by Poseidon Simons. I went with a retro movie poster feel. Also added in some real constellations and quite a bit of geek humour. It got me a 1st place finish! \r\n\r\nCharacter and drawing © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: outer space supernova stars dragon   [More Info]
Image: Un-named_Chameleon.jpg   400x320 41990 bytes 2006.09.30

A very old paint BBS drawing, she is still an unnamed character. A chameleon girl bending over and winking to her viewers. One of my first (and still favourite paint bbs drawings) attempts at a more sexual pose. \r\n\r\nChameleon character/drawing ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Worst_'space'_scenario.jpg   695x850 89712 bytes 2006.09.07

My first ever upload to the VCL! Just little old me, Leomane the dragon, lost in space. \r\nThis was created for and entered into the VCL forums July art compo. It also contains my first all digital background (not a photo)which contains 2 true constellations and 3 true stars, the rest are fake.\r\n\r\nLeomane ©2006 Leomane\r\nStar location references taken from 'Universe stars and galaxies' ©Roger Freedman, Will Kaufmann III

Image: Zack.jpg   311x632 29659 bytes 2006.09.30

I figure it would be more fitting to post the original version of my character before the updated version. Originally drawn 2004 shaded and finished 2005. The first ever drawing of Zack Oboro, at the time his bird species was still undecided and he wasn't a reoccurring character.\r\n\r\nDrawing / character ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Zack_head.jpg   516x750 43195 bytes 2006.09.30

Here it is the newest drawing of Zack Oboro. Just a basic head shot, but still made quite a few changes to the original design before settling on this. His species (a blue jay) and character have been finailzed and he's now a reoccurring character in the comic. \r\n\r\nZack Oboro character/drawing ©2k6 Leomane

Image: Zack_lab_vrs_B&W.gif   303x656 27153 bytes 2007.04.06

Last of the B&W character drawings from my second Flash lab.\r\nHe's also the final character in my comic (for now ^^)\r\n\r\nWith Zack the character roster ends at and even 9.\r\n(comments are available on my LJ) \r\n\r\nZack ©2k7 Leomane

Tags: Bird, blue jay, avian, Zack Oboro, Flash   [Comment]
Image: Zack_petrified.jpg   600x923 78687 bytes 2007.07.29

Experimented quite a bit with this one. Was sketched on paper and inked entirely using Flash 8.\r\nAs to why Zack has become a shirtless statue... don’t know, I just let my mind wander with this drawing.\r\n\r\nZack Oboro statue & drawing © 2k7 Leomane

Tags: Zack Oboro blue jay statue petrify   [Comment]

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