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Image: Andy_keyboard.jpg   750x1200 188472 bytes 2006.01.25

And here he is! Andy in colors!\r\nIt's been so long since last full color work that my hands almost forgotten how hard and painfull it is to keepe working on the same image for about 6 hours... >_o'''\r\n\r\n[the colors may look lame... I would only do better with $ome extra incentive$... U_u' Hey, anyone can dream!]

Image: Artemis.jpg   554x750 52918 bytes 2004.03.27

Artemis - Male? - Fairy/Magic Dragon - unknown\r\n\r\nArtemis is the guy that took me to the alternative dimension, were I found lots of other furry beings... He was the first furry I've ever saw (In the history!) with my own eyes.\r\nAnyway, he is one of the dragons that protect the world. He discovered that there was something wrong with one of the dragons, and went searching for warriors. Meki and I were the firsts to be chosen.\r\nHe's also a "fighter" of the mage type. He uses scepters and wands for long range energy attacks, and can use magic better than anyone.\r\n\r\nArtemis is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Arth_sheet.jpg   1000x951 102049 bytes 2005.09.19

Character sheet of Arthemis.\r\nCatt Black asked me to draw him like this, few clothes. I dindn't like the idea in the beginning, but as you saw Yan's sheet, I'll do it to everyone else. This way, I can see their markings. :3\r\nHis Hair don't have a good color... He should be blond, but this way seems strange. :/

Image: Dragoness.JPG   588x700 54618 bytes 2004.02.29

? - Female - Dragon - ?\r\n\r\nThat enigmatic dragon girl is some kind of "sister" to Draco, because they were created since the 1st cell in the same laboratory, like all the first furryes that were created in this history... But they don't have memories of they childhood. That's why they don't know each other. Her powers are of unknown type, but she have A LOT OF ENERGY! I'm still not sure of wich weapon she's going to use: I'm thinking about a swallow (Something like "Darth Maul") , knifes, a sword or a bow... This means: She's part of the history, but is still incomplete :P Sugestions will help there!\r\nI think I've missed some things there too. :/\r\n\r\nDragoness is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Drake.JPG   408x789 59861 bytes 2004.04.10

Drake? - Male - Dragon - unknown\r\n\r\nHe's a laboratory experiment, just like the dragon girl. As part of the D.W. Project, he was one of the ten dragons created as a war tool. But the project wasn't finished and the ten dragon "eggs" were forgoten as well as the old world. \r\nHalf of these "eggs" couldn't survive. The remaining ones were not used as weapons. One by one, they started to grow and became creatures with great power, unknown by the world.\r\nThey were separeted in their childhood, (as if they had that...) and now, are searching around the world for others like them. Each one in their own way...\r\n\r\nthis dragon is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Emieri.JPG   398x701 55376 bytes 2004.03.02

Emieri - Female? - Kitty/Android - unknown\r\n\r\nLet's call she the cuteness factor of the history... :P\r\nDuring some exploring of ancient high-tech ruins, that kitty appeared with a very satrange look and tryed to attack us!! Luckly, she didn't made any exercice in the past milleniums and before her first attack was complete, she turned off...\r\nOur genius hacker had the brillant idea of taking her HOME and FIX her, so she would be able to help us in some way. - it worked because she lost a big part of her memory (HD has been damaged by time ^_^ ) and started acting as a little girl...\r\nIn the way home, we saw the word "MR-00" on her fur, that disappeard some hours later...\r\n\r\nEmieri is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: emieri_sheet.jpg   900x900 80512 bytes 2005.08.27

Emieri's character sheet. Gonna draw everybody, so I can take a look at every detail, their colors, and it is a good reference for everyone. :3 I can even do some adds on this pic later.\r\n[yes, I know her feet are unfinished... Must train more... >_<]\r\n\r\nEmieri is © of Leon/Yanazake

Image: female_cat.jpg   600x602 53083 bytes 2006.01.27

Old portrait i was working on for a specific dream on furcadia.

Image: FOXYANINK_sm.JPG   712x800 78710 bytes 2004.02.14

This is Yanazake in a fox morph, and he's me too, as well. \r\n"Well, thanks for finally allow me to join the VCL. \r\nAnswering Dentarg, my friend, I'm here on vcl too and I'd like to know a LOT what VCL means... But wait!!! This is not like me at all!!" \r\nYanazake is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake \r\n\r\n

Image: howl.jpg   545x588 63305 bytes 2006.01.07

There was nothin' 2 draw when I did this... o_o' Free time sure does surprising things to your work...

Image: issao_set_4.png   512x512 119886 bytes 2018.03.20

Isao Kurumyu sticker

This is part of a sticker set for Isao Kurumyu. Please check my gallery at Furaffinity for more info!

Tags: wolf sticker male cute   [More Info]
Image: KAIL_B-DAY.JPG   700x582 116104 bytes 2004.03.02

The pic explains all... Kail is my sister.\r\nI did that today in a rush!\r\nÉ o aniversário da minha irmã e eu fiz esse presentinho pra ela! :) EU FIZ ISSO HOJE CORRENDO!

Image: Lara.JPG   480x750 57535 bytes 2004.03.21

Lara - Female - Kangaroo - Australian\r\n\r\nThat's Thiago's older sister, Lara. As I said before, she received the "Baptism of Wather" and is a good user of wather and ice magic. Her weapon is some kind of long bat (Goku-like).\r\n\r\nI'm happy with this pic because I was thinking I forgot how to draw one of my characters that I like most...\r\n\r\nLara is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Lara_bikini.jpg   418x900 66039 bytes 2004.07.08

Lara - Female - Kangaroo - Australian... why the heck do I write this?? \r\n\r\nThis draw was for a test... To see how her hair should be better, her collors, anatomy... What I'm talking about?... \r\nLara: Your face is red again... \r\nYan: Wha?! Uh... It's because of the day, it's really hot... \r\nLara: Do you think that I belive that?? \r\n\r\nLara is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: liger_head.jpg   798x800 37112 bytes 2005.03.07

Even thoght this one iskinda sketchy, it looks too damn good to me to put it on the sketch folder... Let's just say it's "Pencil artwork" ^^'\r\n[yeah, I know the stripes are too strong for a liger and it's too furry too... Let's say it is 75%tiger and 75% lion... So, it is a 150% liger! XD]

Image: Lion_Yan_sm.JPG   689x800 65248 bytes 2004.02.15

There goes the lion Yanazake! (Yep, I can't have that long hair like the other lions on VCL :P )\r\n"Well, that's much better... So, continuing, you'll see there a group of young warriors in a BIG adventure (Yes, I like RPGs and I'm in the group too) with a LOT of strange things!!"\r\nYanazake is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: male_cat.jpg   489x600 22833 bytes 2006.01.27

Old portrait i was working on for a specific dream on furcadia.

Image: NDan_final.JPG   579x700 82641 bytes 2004.02.21

Daniel - Male - Tiger - Brazilian \r\n\r\nI've finnaly tryed out this effect! I like it a lot and NEEDED to do it. (If that big face wasn't there, it would be just an empty space :P ) \r\nSo, I think I'll do this with the Suo I've uploaded to my other gallery :) \r\nAnyway, he's the heavy warrior of the team, and the one that received the "Baptism of Earth" - this means he's a specialist on Earth magic. \r\nAlso, he's a hacker, mechanic and can eork with all kinds of tecnology...\r\n(!! I've forgot the stripes on his arms!!! O_O! ) \r\n\r\nDaniel is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: NewFoxYan.jpg   650x900 153819 bytes 2004.07.04

Just a different look... But I still use a purple bandana!\r\nThis one got a lame look...

Image: Peace_2_the_world.JPG   800x421 73714 bytes 2004.04.24

I joined a group of artists started by Vilani Vilá to make some draws asking for peace in the world.\r\nFirst pic with good cg!! (or at least, better that the others in my gallery) Still, her hair doesn't look good...

Image: Rollerblade.JPG   535x698 56710 bytes 2004.03.19

Emieri - Female? - Kitty/Android - unknown \r\n\r\nThere goes Emieri again! Her body is full of nano-tecnology (Something that has been forgotten long time ago, just as magic) that can be used the way she needs. She can create anything, from those big boots with rollerblades to giga energy cannons! But she still needs to train a bit more... (She couldn't use the rollerblades very well and she slipped. All her attack functions were disabled and she needs to learn it all again) \r\nAnyway, she looks cute, but I still think that the draw doesn't looks good... Am I losing my few abilityes? -_-... Nah... It looks quite good... :P \r\nSame finalisation as the last draw, with some miracle cleaning and the help of my pc. XP \r\n\r\nEmieri is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake \r\n

Image: Runi.jpg   245x750 42199 bytes 2004.04.03

Runi - Female - Rabbit - ???\r\n\r\nHmm... The pervert girl of the group. (You don't have idea of what the rabbit blood can do...)\r\nShe received the "Baptism of Darkness", but her powers are of the "Moon" type... (Hmm... Rabbit... Moon... Chinese Zodiac... XP ) No specific weapn for she, just some gloves for hand fighting. ( Also kicks... Is there any weapon that is used with the feet? )\r\n\r\nI've used that grey on her hair because it should be black, but there's something strange on my image editing program that don't allow me to invert the colors of a selection.\r\n\r\nRuni is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: sakura_flowers.jpg   498x739 36077 bytes 2005.08.27

Kinda old Lineart. The idea can make a very beautiful pic... I may redraw this one someday... :3 Meki is so cute... *-*\r\n\r\nnote: "Sakura" is the japanese name of the Cherry tree. [or the flowers... xP]\r\n\r\nMeki is © of Leon/Yanazake

Image: Selene.JPG   358x793 54471 bytes 2004.03.16

Selene - Female - Vixen - French\r\n\r\nUh... what can I say about she... This young vixen is a famous jewel thief in France. Her father also was a great thief, but he was hit by a shot during an escape after a robbery lesson for Selene and died... She lived alone for some time with the idea of turning herself in a great thief as her father.\r\nShe also received the "Baptism of Thunder", wich allows her to control eletricity and do eletro-magnetic fields.\r\n(There's still no weapon selected for she... I was thinking on a whip... 9_9; )\r\nAnyway, I've used a thiner pe inside the draw and a big one for the outline. It could look better if it wasn't for those strange hands I did... (there's allways something to destroy my work)\r\n\r\nSelene is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Selene_pearls_final.jpg   766x1107 96983 bytes 2005.04.09

Selene: I feel... Nude without any jewel...\r\nSuo: .............\r\nYan: Ha - ha - ha...... Good joke...\r\nSelene: It's no joke. All Women should have one like this. ^^\r\nYan: HMG... ¬¬\r\n\r\n[I've put a big pic because there were some details that would disappear if i resized the pic... - anyway, something in color of one of my characters after a looong time! ^^']

Image: SNLeo_boy_Color.jpg   448x700 39953 bytes 2005.06.12

A Little cute snow leopard boy... x3 The colors aren't that good, u.u' but I tried out some new style for Digi legs... They look good! :D

Image: Sp_Suo.JPG   785x533 63068 bytes 2004.02.21

Suo - Male - Artic fox - Japanese\r\n\r\nWell... I did the image :P \r\nSo, let's talk about Suo. He basicaly uses two katanas, but can also use a No-Daichi. (Increases attack power, decreases speed - It is heavy, isn't it :P ) Also, he has ninja AND samurai abilities.\r\nHe also received the "Baptism of Light" and turned on a specialist on Light magic. - The Baptism is a small symbol that appears in the chosen's body when he/she borns; this will grant he/she great power on the magic the mark symbolises.\r\n\r\nSuo is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Thiago.JPG   477x701 67042 bytes 2004.02.21

Thiago - Male - Kangaroo - Australian\r\n\r\nThis draw is somelike self-explanatory, but I'll write about it anyway.\r\nThis is Thiago, Lara's brother. He have the "throw" ability, so he use as weapon things like knifes, darts, boomerangs :P , shurikens, bow with arrow, cards (YES! Card throwing!! ^_^ I've played Chrono Cross and Rockman 9 too!) and anything that may fly to the enemy during the attack.\r\nJust like his sister, he has received the "Baptism of Wather", and the two learned good healing magic (wather element) and status / suport magic (ice element).\r\nNote: Ice is no combination of elementals, just a variation. (As gravity or moon should be a variation of darkness)\r\n\r\nThiago is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake

Image: Tiger_Yan_sm.JPG   423x801 62302 bytes 2004.02.15

Now is the tiger Yanazake!\r\n"Anyway, let me know what you think of my art. Suggestions are aceppted! And before I forget, enjoy what will be there soon for ya! :D "\r\nI still think there's something wrong in this draw...\r\nYanazake is © of Leon_Oliveira / Yanazake - no matter wich morph he is using...

Image: unspec_cat.jpg   579x600 30942 bytes 2006.01.27

Old portrait i was working on for a specific dream on furcadia.

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