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Image: surprise-nathan-(monkey-att.jpg   1024x692 126804 bytes 2007.07.06

where did that monkey go

my monkey found another birthday victim.... mwhahaha.... thats the stare you get before I strike so beware!!!!! XD

Image: lone-crow-happylatebday.jpg   1024x692 124537 bytes 2007.07.05

And here is one for you as well

wanna say happy birthday (late) to lone crow, hes an awsome friend and artist. Tried to give him a birthday hug as well, but didnt work out so well. Well at least his birthday cake was good. :3 Party at crow's house XD

Image: happy-bday!-(submit-version.jpg   650x692 118177 bytes 2007.06.29

Free Hugs

A fanart i did for a friend, with my monkey character, its his birthday this saturday, so i drew him this ^^ (his character is a tiger)

Tags: male anthro tiger monkey hug  

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