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Image: keepingpuppyhappy.jpg   512x755 60234 bytes 2002.06.21

"Big and Strong" Aru'lee tells one of the cubs(who still has his puppy coat) that one day he will grow up to be as big and strong as all the great hunters that lead their pack. © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: kill.jpg   386x427 36770 bytes 2001.04.19

At a fourm I go to, someone placed an art challenge to draw themselves in a rage. I tried myself, but to me she look like she just got done eating her prey more than in a rage. oh well, Psychowerewolf © to leslie beebe

Image: KiLynn.JPG   670x533 53008 bytes 2003.07.24

Alicorn siblings Kye(the black) and Lynn(the filly). And, yes, I am aware that I didn't draw Lynn's wings. I didn't feel like it *phppttt!* Both are © 2003 Leslie Beebe.

Image: kittenintheway.JPG   790x577 79078 bytes 2003.04.28

A rescan of an older picture. 'Kitten in the Way' © 2002 Leslie Beebe.

Image: krystaldragwolf.gif   657x500 235912 bytes 2002.05.02

Art Trade with KrystalDragonWolf. Background, trees, grass, and rocks! Gah, my arm is going to fall off soon. Luckily, I am really likeing the end result of this peice. Character © 2002 KrystalDragonWolf, artwork © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: lapatdeath.JPG   698x344 26290 bytes 2001.09.16

Working on some techs. with teeth/lips/gums/tongues. I am throughly pleased with them in this picture. The rest isn't as detailed, more or less just thrown together, but still a part of the picture as a whole. © Leslie Beebe 2001 \r\n

Image: leshowls.JPG   587x609 87772 bytes 2001.03.13

Leslie Falens howling within the boundries of the Catskill Mts. Took me three days to finally finsh this one. © leslie beebe The first day coloring this was cut short, though, because I was interupted by an evil Roach *shivers* Roaches are evil....

Image: look.gif   400x407 28234 bytes 2001.04.10

I had a dream a few nights ago, and I was walking on ground that was hard, but cold and wet to the touch. I reached down and ran a finger through the ground, and blood sprayed up and out of the soil. I was not grossed out by it, but amazed. Trasparent. Psychowerewolf is © to Leslie Beebe

Image: lookintioyourdarkness.jpg   699x716 117126 bytes 2005.10.12

I was sure I uploaded this updated version. Guess not. So, here she be! © 2005 Leslie B. I don't care what anyone says: this is still my favorite picture. ^_^

Image: madassilver.gif   477x530 52005 bytes 2004.05.07

A WIP for a mix-media painting I am making. This is an alpha werewolf who has just been grazed by a silver bullet. As you can see, he isn’t very pleased to be the one being hunted. © 2004 Leslie Beebe

Image: merryxmaspipes.jpg   250x356 84305 bytes 2001.12.04

Merry Christmas

Image: mooingwolfonposty.gif   613x500 46861 bytes 2002.05.25

Indeed. © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: myfursonasbrainfried.JPG   242x248 27206 bytes 2005.08.31

A picture of my doggy representation at Furry-Paws. Her/my name there is Hill-Billie Vallhunds. She, of course, is a vallhund. Because she isn't quite a fursona I decided to just tac on my markings from my true self-projection form (Psy). No need to complicate things, I say. ^_^ © 2005 Leslie B

Image: napkigray.JPG   648x386 99133 bytes 2002.02.15

Happy Birthday to me. Yeah. © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: noquestionsorcommentsonlysadness.JPG   536x580 60324 bytes 2004.09.12

This is a little different than what I usually do. I didn't focus on the picture itself as a whole while I was coloring it: In fact, I didn't even plan to do this picture to begin with. But I wanted to take a few mintues and just allow my feelings for today to just express themselves....and they did. And that's Art. © LB 2004

Image: pandacassogoboom.JPG   816x361 137141 bytes 2005.10.10

This picture took about an hour from start to finish. The coloring/drawing style is much looser than what I am use to. It was a fun experiment, but I'm not too such I'm that fond of the results. PandaProtector © him/herself, Artwork © 2005 Leslie B

Image: pineconekiller.jpg   623x434 41286 bytes 2001.07.24

Psychowerewolf and Myst © Leslie Beebe. Psychowerewolf showing off the reason she was dubbed the 'Amazing PineCone Killer". Myst doesn't find this funny. This was going to be a huge color picture, but after a lot of computer shut-downs, and other problems, I just gave up, fixed what I could, and this is the resulting picture. La-de-da!

Image: profileforthepsycho.JPG   907x737 113659 bytes 2002.12.31

Character Sheet for my personal wolf, psychowerewolf. Doing my best to get her markings to feel more right and more 'me'. May make some minor changes in the future, but for the time being I am satified. © 2002 Leslie Beebe.

Image: psymy.jpg   562x554 206230 bytes 2002.05.20

Psychowerewolf and Myst. The names I use when ever I am visiting online forums. © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: quickcolor.jpg   497x475 33995 bytes 2002.07.13

A quick coloring over a sketch. I had planned to turn this into a fully finished picture, but my computer keeps crashing whenever I try to add any more detail. Oh well. Can not wait 'till I can afford to get a new computer. Till then...© 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: remakeofoldscars.jpg   553x443 55359 bytes 2003.06.20

Werewolfie goodness. *murrr* Remake of an older composition. © 2003 Leslie Beebe.

Image: RumerTheCardShark.JPG   471x600 35958 bytes 2003.07.13

Rumer © 2003 Leslie Beebe

Image: scars.gif   557x450 240206 bytes 2001.01.01

Leslie Falens expresses her rage on her wall, right before she leaves to hunt humans of course.\n

Image: smileforcamera.JPG   807x611 87939 bytes 2004.03.26

I wanted to do a picture that had a more photograph-like feel to it. This picture is depicting a situation I am sure we have all been in at one point or another: “Honey, go stand over there so I can take your picture. Go on. That’s right. Perfect!” © 2004 Leslie Beebe.

Image: snackattack.JPG   618x500 74874 bytes 2002.10.02

Project for art-class. "Snack Attack" © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: snakedtatooofstars.JPG   777x216 38589 bytes 2005.11.20

This thing took forever to draw! Someone wanted tattoo suggestions involving stars. I enjoy snakes and their myths so I drew this up. I sometimes forget that many people don't like snakes. My design was shot down very quickly. heh. But I do still rather like it. © 2005 Leslie B.

Image: someluckinessformish.JPG   617x354 72830 bytes 2004.12.03

For my friend Misha when she was feeling down. *fluffs her* © 2004 Leslie Beebe

Image: stargazeingwere.jpg   425x764 52229 bytes 2002.08.19

'The Star-Gazer' \r\nI spent a night star-watching. © 2002 Leslie Beebe

Image: taggersIvemade.jpg   470x277 84417 bytes 2005.10.02

A collection of tags I've made in the past couple of months. All characters © to their owners. Artwork © 2005 Leslie B.

Image: thedragonandthewolf.jpg   563x752 103608 bytes 2002.09.07

I am in desperate need of a more up-to-date scanner. Mine royally chewed up the lightning of this picture. Oh well. \r\nThis is a project for school. Objective: draw a fantasy world were another species besides primates evolved as the primary species. Wish all my school projects were this easy. *grinz* © 2002 Leslie Beebe

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