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Image: Pisfor.jpg   530x392 53589 bytes 2004.12.04

For some reson this ended up going in a random section of my gallery. Yeah. So, once again... This is MSPaint and its almost a life-study. Too bad its talking and is ON TOPIC. Hah. Take that.

Image: smudge.jpg   376x449 27934 bytes 2004.12.02

The panda girl again. Still no name. The smudge was from the markers leaking through the paper. =_+ But, it did inspire this. \r\n\r\nAgain the nameless Panda is mine.

Image: redpan.jpg   292x573 37571 bytes 2004.12.02

A character development for a red panda I have yet to name. I really like her big eyebrows. All of this was done in Prisma markers... Except the orange which was, in fact, a highlighter.\r\n\r\nRed Panda Girl is mine no taking.

Image: pea3.jpg   361x544 54864 bytes 2004.11.29

First upload! Wee. So this is a character I created for one of my art projects. However, I plan on keeping her around. Plan on seeing more. >:3\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPeacock Person is mine... No taking.

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