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Image: foxxboi.jpg   350x472 49481 bytes 2002.09.19

A cute Egyptian FoxxBoi for your viewing pleasure:)

Image: skunky.jpg   400x483 61376 bytes 2002.08.19

This beautiful skunk thinks about things and wonders how you are feeling. She smiles and says hello and offers you a seat beside her.

Image: dolph.jpg   400x547 108863 bytes 2002.08.19

A Dolphin kin looks back at you beckoning you to join him in some play in the sea.

Image: snow.jpg   400x522 59354 bytes 2002.08.19

This male snow leapord looks out over the snow drifts, looking for that special someone.

Image: foxx.jpg   400x536 145636 bytes 2002.08.16

Cute little Fox:) Hee hee

Image: shep.jpg   400x526 124718 bytes 2002.08.16

German Shepherd, ready to play:)

Image: wolfie.jpg   400x522 148514 bytes 2002.08.08

Image: tabby.jpg   400x539 124924 bytes 2002.08.08

I thought I would play around some with backgrounds on this one. Cute Tabby Cat Girl:)

Image: lizard.jpg   441x603 99849 bytes 2002.08.08

A beautiful Lizard girl in her mating colors! Pretty:)

Image: coral.jpg   400x530 111934 bytes 2002.08.08

I haven't seen many snakes drawn, and I love the colors of the Coral snake. So I decided to draw one, I love the way his expression came out:)

Image: boi.jpg   463x633 131615 bytes 2002.08.08

From across the room his gaze cathes yours, he looks you over. He looks for an apprentice to teach all of his forbidden arts too. I like the colors on this piece of art:)

Image: bobtaur.jpg   410x547 132090 bytes 2002.08.08

The BobTaur, rare and beautiful is the Gaurdian and protector of his clan. His spots and golden color make him perfect for scout missions. He has big paws!

Image: ligcomdrak.jpg   457x630 68916 bytes 2002.03.16

Oh isn't he cute! This was a commission for Drakeoth the coolest winged Snow Leapord:) My second snow Leapord and a cutey too:) Hugs!

Image: ligcomfritz.jpg   612x473 41949 bytes 2002.02.09

(SwiftPaw [fox], Fritzie [German Shepherd], and Skip [otter]).. This was a commission piece for Fritzie, It came out really nice and my first 3 character picture, Yea!! Thanks Fritzie:)

Image: ligdolph.jpg   623x824 62467 bytes 2002.02.09

Oh he is a sweety, I think I will do more Waterkin. They are so sleek in design:) He is a rather playful fellow it seems. **CHuckles**

Image: ligcovid.jpg   643x844 87578 bytes 2002.02.09

I think birds have such wonderful colors and form, and Ravens are like those Bad Boi Types. I think black and purple go well together.

Image: ligcaloo.jpg   678x948 97767 bytes 2002.02.09

Oh so cute, and playful. She is a pretty patterned Calico Cat Fem. I like drawing them, they have such rich variety and color.

Image: libblugurl.jpg   652x793 48793 bytes 2002.02.09

This is a sweet Kitty, Puss in Boots, yeah yeah. I know but I couldn't help it. I love the way the patterns seem to wrap around her body, and her facial expression is very nice. Please feel free to comment, I love hearing what people like and don't like.

Image: ligtrswan.jpg   548x679 49742 bytes 2002.01.30

A wonderful artist known as Swandog asked me to do a trade, well I couldn't resist. Such a wonderful creature to draw:) You should check out her work it is awesome!!

Image: ligshawn.jpg   538x687 49514 bytes 2002.01.30

This was done as a trade/commission type thing. I think it turned out pretty cool:) I like the blue on blue:)

Image: ligporki.jpg   513x688 67843 bytes 2002.01.30

This porcupine fellow really stands out against the wild background.

Image: lighyne.jpg   528x703 56818 bytes 2002.01.30

I actually did some background! WOOHOO!!! This hyena is ready to go! I think the mushrooms look cool:)

Image: ligbuckk.jpg   579x770 62663 bytes 2002.01.30

This fellow has decided to show his affection. Perhaps you should pay him some attention.

Image: ligafgh.jpg   520x746 34897 bytes 2002.01.30

This is a cute afghan hound. She looks a little shy doesn't she, hee hee.

Image: ligcom5.jpg   548x689 73653 bytes 2002.01.04

My first commission of the New Year! My first ever Snow Leopards too:) Thanks Drakeoth! This is a prisma/ pencil/marker creation. I love the blue tints:)

Image: ligcom3.jpg   501x655 31771 bytes 2002.01.04

The is a cute Husky that Glider wanted for a friend of hers. I love the colors and the feel of the piece!

Image: lighuggs.jpg   401x533 27412 bytes 2001.12.07

I was just daydreaming again, and I felt that I wanted to express that moment when two people meet from far apart. I wanted to express the love and overflow of emotion, as it just takes your breath away. I am getting better at adding couples together, has a nice stylistic feel. Like one of those diamond commercials.

Image: ligmou.jpg   401x536 20998 bytes 2001.12.07

I would have to say yes, if asked if the Nutcracker was inspiration for this. Giggle snort..get it NutCracker... LOL

Image: liglick.jpg   401x468 27730 bytes 2001.12.07

I was playing around with my pencil and started doodling and trying to arrange two furs in one picture and something happened I went wild. I started drawing ..Gasp...something like a background. Isn't his paws cute! I love it done in pencil, ink and color would have ruined it.

Image: ligharem.jpg   401x489 29037 bytes 2001.12.07

I was feeling kinda exotic and wanted to put to use those wantings for detail. I loved drawing all the swirls and colors. This Tigress will charm you with her looks and woo you with music. Always feel free to comment, I don't bite, wellll we wont go into that. Mwahh Haa Haa.

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