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Image: ligbox.jpg   521x681 50161 bytes 2001.09.19

Chad loves to spar and take out some of his aggressions in the Ring! Be careful though his eyes and cute smile can win the match before it has begun. This is one of my characters for a newsgroup I recently joined. He is playful puma that likes to punch your ticket! Mwahh Haah Haah! Cute Factor!

Image: ligra.jpg   467x623 45350 bytes 2001.09.18

A shadey tree and a wonderful Raccoon. This Raccoon fem takes a break and beckons you to come play. Isn't she just a cutey pie!

Image: ligmo.jpg   511x649 44701 bytes 2001.09.17

A Lab experiment? Nah it is just a cute mouse slinking across the carpet. I wanted to play with simple colors ,and limit my colors to see what I could do:) I think it turned out pretty good:)

Image: ligho.jpg   529x689 61380 bytes 2001.09.16

This Stallion is in chaps and just finished a long hard day at work. I wonder what he has on his mind? <GRIN> I will post him to Furbid once Furbid is back online. I do appreciate emails and interest in my work:) Thanks so much you make me feel very welcomed , I was rather intrepid at first.

Image: ligbatt.jpg   536x697 64325 bytes 2001.09.15

I was feeling kinda silly and wanted to draw something that was definately different. Well I thought, rabbit, and then I thought Bat. So RabbitBat was born! He has the yiffyness of a rabbit and the ability to search out yiffable prey on both Land and Air! He is sooo cute !!

Image: ligfrillll.jpg   524x638 69889 bytes 2001.09.15

Across the languid Sun an image is lounging across a branch. His eyes sweep over you and he greets you with a excited Hiss and his Frill expands in all the excitement. Okay this is Kathy Bogart's I haven't seen a cuter Frill Lizard! I love the colors in this and they were fun to do!

Image: ligegy.jpg   516x627 75466 bytes 2001.09.13

The home city of the Twenty-second Dynasty, went back to very early times. The main Temple was dedicated to Bastet. I can see why people built her a temple. So CUTE!!

Image: ligafff.jpg   518x684 86780 bytes 2001.09.13

This Aphgan Hound is really enjoying herself. This was a request that I thought would be cool to see myself, I actually haven't seen any others of her kind drawn. \r\n

Image: ligblu.jpg   436x551 48418 bytes 2001.09.12

The Russian Blue is a natural breed (that is, it is not the result of crossings with other breeds). As its name suggests, the Russian Blue is believed to have originally come from Russia. Since the cat was thought to have been brought to England on ships that left the Russian port on Archangel Isle, the breed has been called the Archangel cat. Although evidence of its Russian origin is anecdotal, its dense coat is consistent with a northern climate. In England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Russian Blue was sometimes known as the Foreign Blue because its body type resembles that of foreign (European) breeds; it has also been called the Maltese cat. \r\nI saw it and had to draw one!! She is strong slinky, and playful!! MEOWRL!\r\n

Image: ligsku.jpg   529x613 41834 bytes 2001.09.12

This Skunkette is going for the Gold! Looks like she could use any help you can give. Wild throw pillows, and some shocking pink boots and gloves, wooohoo!! Who said black and white couldn't be colorful!

Image: ligtab.jpg   514x681 32759 bytes 2001.09.12

Ahhhh!!! Look at this cute Tabby kitty! Isn't she just adorable, I love the way the patterns came out and you know the original actually looks better:) I just want to baby talk to her. LOL

Image: ligerr.jpg   467x445 45383 bytes 2001.09.12

Wouldn't be my archive if I didn't have a picture of my Character, so here is Liger in all his playfullness:) Meowrl!

Image: ligent.jpg   424x540 44659 bytes 2001.09.12

I chuckled to myself several times as i was drawing this piece. This little fellow is quiet Enthusiastic to help out his partner. Though I prefer single figures with simple background or design elements, couples and more elaborate work sometimes calls to me:)

Image: ligdrag.jpg   419x546 50521 bytes 2001.09.12

A Dragon ready and waiting. Dragons are cool, I like the look of Dragons and all the different combinations of body types. I will explore them further in the future:)

Image: ligkir.jpg   381x453 35273 bytes 2001.09.12

From far across the lands I search for the Mystical beast. This Kirin is a wild one and was only pleased after we chained him, imagine that. He loved it! The scan doesn't really show all the colors and details in this piece. The tattoo design on the Leg is a theme that I intend to continue on some other pieces.

Image: lizli.jpg   326x418 32689 bytes 2001.09.12

This Reptile has a pointed tongue! I created Agies, that is what I call him, to experiment in color and pattern. I like the way the skin is smooth and the patterns wrap around the body.

Image: ligfox.jpg   352x414 38359 bytes 2001.09.12

Okay, what was I thinking....Well I was thinking, Fox, nursery Rhymn, yiffy, ART:) Heh heh, As you can see this fellow is quiet excited to be here. He is awaiting your attentions in the Vineyard, which is his secret shag pad. This is my first post and I am so excited to be on VCL. These are some great people running this.

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