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Image: randomlighterz.gif   300x300 58552 bytes 2003.08.05

I was really bored and I just put lots of peircings on light. It was fun\r\n\r\nArt and Lightwolf Rachel Hulburt 2003

Image: nobodies.gif   300x300 102854 bytes 2002.09.10

Thats a good song. Yeah. My new signature is a goat head, with my initials.

Image: 91.gif   300x300 37998 bytes 2002.09.08

More oekaki art. Image and Lightwolf Rachel Hulburt 2002.

Image: CUTIE.gif   300x300 32310 bytes 2002.09.08

A drawing of me done on oekaki. Im a ugly pupling. Eh. I like the backround though. Art and LightWolf Rachel Hulburt 2002.

Image: KL.IS.INSANE..gif   300x300 39518 bytes 2002.09.08

This was a request on an oekaki by Kristyn Lioness. Very nice person. She said she's insane, so I drew her insane. I really dont draw big cats, but Im working on it. Im addicted to ponies and wolves! Kristyn Lioness Kristyn Lioness/ Art Rachel Hulburt.

Image: LUVE.THE.STALKED.VICTIM.gif   300x300 49948 bytes 2002.09.08

I stalk the loved Luve. I should be her slave..but instead I stalk. Stalk stalk stalk...Hhahahahaha. Fear me. Luve Lauren Henderson/ Art Rachel Hulburt 2002

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