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Image: purplepeep.jpg   993x1096 247033 bytes 2006.10.18

Let's see if the recompression will be alright...\r\n\r\nThis is a one eyed, one horned, flying purple PEEP eater, ie my halloween costume this year. :P

Image: dogflash1a.jpg   1345x706 162635 bytes 2006.04.03

I had a request by my hubby to draw a superhero furry... and in a bit of a joke asked what he'd think of me drawing our dog as "The Flash." He thought it'd be funny, and I thought it'd be a good chance to try action pose a bit more, something I don't do hardly ever. So here is our pup as "The Flash!" The Flash is copyrighted to DC, so is the costume. And this is the first Flash from the Golden Age, in case you wonder.

Image: pomeranian72601_4.JPG   365x500 55282 bytes 2006.02.02

My hubby calls this the ewok coloration of the Pomeranian. Isn't he cute!

Image: Poms.jpg   940x500 108186 bytes 2006.01.28

Rather than uploading these three guys seperately, I thought it'd be better to just have them all sit by one another. :) Forgive the bit of a fade from orange Pom to Cream Pom there. And the fact that, for some reason, my black Pom has green highlights... I think it looks cool. :P

Image: chocolatelab.JPG   1022x1556 282996 bytes 2006.01.22

How to make a chocolate Lab in one easy step. :P For a contest where the requirements were dogs + chocolate malt. It's actually more of a bully breed (pitbull or mastiff pup) but it works. The LF is for Lightflow.

Image: patterdaleterrier72601_3.JPG   372x500 58244 bytes 2006.01.09

Black and Tan patterdale. I don't like it too much.

Image: patterdaleterrier72601_2.JPG   376x500 56286 bytes 2006.01.09

I liked how I got the fur to give a sort of 3D image to the muzzle. :)

Image: patterdaleterrier72601_1.JPG   383x500 67500 bytes 2006.01.09

The Patterdale Terrier. I like how I got the black fur in this one to look. I need more grays though... it would really be nice to have a new box of pencils.

Image: blackmouthcur1.JPG   383x500 47906 bytes 2005.12.31

My first try on a black mouth cur... gotta make the nose shine more. Black always gives me so much trouble. *grumble* And since most of my characters are black, I've got to figure out a way to fix this...

Image: newyears.JPG   400x650 36853 bytes 2005.12.27

There, jpg. *goes to make sure the bmp version is gone* Anyway, lookee! It's me! All tagged out, and all white and purty with my winter coat. Squee!

Image: blackandtancoonhound.JPG   794x776 86688 bytes 2005.12.01

I'm... impressed. Okay, I'm getting better at this. Sniffin' out a fox? Hmm? :)

Image: redbonecoonhound72601.JPG   274x500 29428 bytes 2005.11.30

A woo woo woo woo... here's a redbone coonhound. I love hounds, because I love the Fox and the Hound (the movie, the book was depressing.) It was the first movie I ever saw, and the first fox I ever related to. :)

Image: turkeya.JPG   771x425 127724 bytes 2005.11.24

I think I did a huge upload last night, which I didn't like at all. :( Anyway, here's a smaller one, 1/2 of the size. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Image: jackrussellterrier.JPG   825x750 48555 bytes 2005.11.13

Hallie, the Jack Russell Terrier. :)

Image: Bernesemountaindog.JPG   1033x1106 200412 bytes 2005.11.12

Trying my hand at a Bernese Mtn. Dog since I want to draw Fuzz, and I need more practice at his breed. *sigh* This turned out better than Fuzz's first picture though. The eyes are normal Bernese Mtn. Dog color though, rather than green. I still like the idea of green eyes.

Image: irishterrier.JPG   800x1150 160466 bytes 2005.11.12

This is the Irish Terrier. This dog was used for rat hunting, otter hunting, and is a very tenacious dog. According to my books, that scruffy mouth hides the best teeth. This is the dog that I look at when people say "American pitbull terriers were bred only for dog fighting purposes." This dog is called the "Red Devil" by some people because it was used in pit fighting and can be very dog aggressive if not socialized right. And yet, show this dog to someone on the street, and they're not likely to identify it as a pitbull. Stupid humans. Idiot people. Dogs are not meant for pit fighting, no matter what they look like.

Image: puli.JPG   500x500 57757 bytes 2005.11.11

My try at a puli... not sure whether I like it or not.

Image: Kuvasz.JPG   1245x450 51136 bytes 2005.11.11

This is a Kuvasz. Yeah, I know, another white dog. :P But more scruffy, and I worked on my white fur shading more. Wish I had used this method more with Fuzz.

Image: Fuzz.JPG   612x861 120840 bytes 2005.11.10

Fuzz, all colored in his goofiness. :P Yes, he's a very goofy guy, and his girlfriend is far better looking, but she doesn't care. He's a Bernese Mtn. Dog furry that I play in a Star Wars roleplay.

Image: Maremma.JPG   846x760 46580 bytes 2005.11.10

A Maremma Sheepdog. :) It's an all white dog, in case you're wondering.

Image: Siamese2a.JPG   600x800 70908 bytes 2005.11.09

Siamese kitty for a nice lady who's kitty passed on this last year. Colorings based on what pictures she gave me. :)

Image: vizsla.JPG   700x1151 145265 bytes 2005.11.06

I think he looks better this size. :) This is a wire-coated Vizsla, a type of hunting dog. Everyone draws the smooth coated version usually. I think the wire coat has more character.

Image: cairnterrier72601_4.JPG   251x483 33117 bytes 2005.11.06

I like this one the best, personally. :) Isn't he CUTE! I don't remember what color this is.

Image: cairnterrier72601_3.JPG   252x483 30592 bytes 2005.11.06

A black Cairn Terrier. I'm getting better at black...

Image: cairnterrier72601_2.JPG   254x490 36885 bytes 2005.11.06

A Salt-and-Pepper Cairn Terrier. Hardest one to color.

Image: cairnterrier72601_1.JPG   270x500 39966 bytes 2005.11.06

I did 4 Cairn Terriers, showing the 4 different colorations that they come in. I don't remember what they're called, but here's Cairn Terrier 1.

Image: Komondor72601.JPG   470x370 52181 bytes 2005.11.06

This is my Komondor for a site. And the first picture I've scanned with our new scanner! WHEE! YAY! I can actually download pics again! YAY! Go mophead, get busy, big grin now... strange looking dogs...

Image: Hyouko.jpg   580x977 135538 bytes 2003.10.28

This is Hyouko, or Shining Tiger from Colorado. He gave the description of a white tiger, blue hair, blue eyes, ponytail and a scar over one eye. So... the scar is over that eye you can't see... yeah. :P Anyway, used pencils and tried using markers, as the shorts tell the sad tale... but the stripes benefited from the mixture of the mediums. Inspiration: Lots of tiger pictures.

Image: hiker2.jpg   500x750 77154 bytes 2003.07.18

This one is in sketches too if you want a hand at coloring it. :) I chose to color it in my dog's colors, since it's modeled after her. Yes, she has no tail and her eyes are blue. I got a bad scan, and some of the shading on the white is gone. I also had to spend a lot of time cleaning around the image, which is a neat effect I think. The hat is from the musical Oliver Twist, one of my favorites. The inspiration was my nephew telling me to draw with him NOW! Interesting what comes out when you don't think about it and just draw.

Image: ferrellea.jpg   995x822 305385 bytes 2003.06.17

The tip of the wing didn't scan, and the colors are all messed up from the scan. Also, the bottom of the rock didn't scan, and so neither did my signature.\r\n\r\nCopyright is Ferrelle Moon, who is purple-furred and has a white paw so I totally messed up the coloring but by the time I realized it was too late... uhm yeah. Anyway, the rock is at Garden of the Gods in Colorado, and when she told me about the wings I could only think of her up on a rock there. The clouds were wacked like that in the picture I used as a reference, so it was intentional.\r\n\r\nFerrelle Moon is a maned wolf, as can be seen, which is a Pliestocene leftover pretty much, related neither to wolf or fox. The black face was in a picture I used as a reference, so was the black tip to the cheek ruff.

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