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Image: Hyouko.jpg   580x977 135538 bytes 2003.10.28

This is Hyouko, or Shining Tiger from Colorado. He gave the description of a white tiger, blue hair, blue eyes, ponytail and a scar over one eye. So... the scar is over that eye you can't see... yeah. :P Anyway, used pencils and tried using markers, as the shorts tell the sad tale... but the stripes benefited from the mixture of the mediums. Inspiration: Lots of tiger pictures.

Image: irishterrier.JPG   800x1150 160466 bytes 2005.11.12

This is the Irish Terrier. This dog was used for rat hunting, otter hunting, and is a very tenacious dog. According to my books, that scruffy mouth hides the best teeth. This is the dog that I look at when people say "American pitbull terriers were bred only for dog fighting purposes." This dog is called the "Red Devil" by some people because it was used in pit fighting and can be very dog aggressive if not socialized right. And yet, show this dog to someone on the street, and they're not likely to identify it as a pitbull. Stupid humans. Idiot people. Dogs are not meant for pit fighting, no matter what they look like.

Image: jackrussellterrier.JPG   825x750 48555 bytes 2005.11.13

Hallie, the Jack Russell Terrier. :)

Image: jakesquirrel.jpg   500x750 48134 bytes 2001.09.11

Ok, there are some things I like about this one (it's my first bunny and I think he looks danged good for a lopped) and there are things I don't like (gad... *hides the hands*) The squirrel is an Abert's Squirrel (NOT ALBERT) from Colorado (they're black) and there's a funny story behind this one... but I don't need to make this longer than it needs to be. Anyway, they're both pets of the aforementioned fox and jackal.

Image: JEDILIGHTFLOW.jpg   1079x763 203284 bytes 2003.04.19

Ah, the Jedi fox... in her natural environment she meditates, unaware of the world or the overly curious Murrcury who wonders at her floating habits... This was done for Valentine's day (YAY I GOT ACCESS TO A SCANNER AGAIN!) as seen by the decorations. Lightflow and Murrcury can be seen on Furrymuck, rped by me and my love.

Image: karatefoxa.jpg   640x920 73501 bytes 2001.09.27

Another commission for my nephew... *s* Actually an art exchange. I now am the proud owner of a picture of his dog Nikki, which is adorable and I think is WONDERFUL for a 5 year old and will forever be in my art book. Anyway, his mom wanted me to draw a karate fox. She wasn't around so I asked details from him and he said a kid fox, one his age. At first everyone said it looked girlish, I think it looks more boyish with the colors I chose. Anyway, the nose is messed up, and I should have done more with the ears, but it works. Meanwhile, I can't get the adult karate fox to work out (as his mom was thinking more along the lines of what I drew for rainbow warrior fox.)

Image: Komondor72601.JPG   470x370 52181 bytes 2005.11.06

This is my Komondor for a site. And the first picture I've scanned with our new scanner! WHEE! YAY! I can actually download pics again! YAY! Go mophead, get busy, big grin now... strange looking dogs...

Image: Kuvasz.JPG   1245x450 51136 bytes 2005.11.11

This is a Kuvasz. Yeah, I know, another white dog. :P But more scruffy, and I worked on my white fur shading more. Wish I had used this method more with Fuzz.

Image: letmein1.jpg   1000x800 72089 bytes 2001.11.14

This is in the "sketches" folder uncolored, here it is colored. I like the coloration and for once the scanner seemed to work with me. For the explanation, sometimes we get so boxed in by our troubles we feel completely isolated and alone and forget that those who love us the most are wanting only to be let in. In other words, sometimes when we feel the most alone, it's because of our own doing, not because we're actually alone.

Image: lyanscott1.jpg   850x1200 107718 bytes 2001.11.14

I may retrace and recolor this picture of a friend of mine. Yes, his mane is supposed to be that short, he's a cub! At least in my eyes he's still a cub. Although a big one now.

Image: manger.JPG   200x125 2987 bytes 2001.02.04

Symbolism... heh. The father of the earth being watched over by his eartly father. The good shepherd having sheep keep watch over him. The sheep know who it is in the manger, so it is sort of furry. I like the feel of this one.

Image: Maremma.JPG   846x760 46580 bytes 2005.11.10

A Maremma Sheepdog. :) It's an all white dog, in case you're wondering.

Image: mine1.JPG   349x450 14687 bytes 2001.02.04

Part of a series. If you cannot read it from the file.\r\n\r\nMy dearest one, I am here. And here I will stay to lick your tears.\r\nCalm your fears and rest your head. My thoughts are with you, from waking til bed.\r\nMy heart is yours when I'm not by uyour side. And when we're together all troubles will hide.\r\nOur lives and our paths are so fully entwined. \r\nAnd I love you; my love; my chosen; mine.\r\n

Image: mine2.JPG   349x450 16629 bytes 2001.02.04

My mate's part of this poem. Here it is if is hard to read in the file\r\n\r\nIts alright to cry, I am here Though we're far apart I'll lick each tear.\r\nI'll stay alert as I cradle your head. from hour to hour, from waking til bed.\r\nRest my dearest, here by my side. When your pain and stress makes you want to hide.\r\nAnd though parted for now, our hearts are intwined. And I love you; my love; my dearest; mine.

Image: newyears.JPG   400x650 36853 bytes 2005.12.27

There, jpg. *goes to make sure the bmp version is gone* Anyway, lookee! It's me! All tagged out, and all white and purty with my winter coat. Squee!

Image: NIGHTFOX.jpg   775x1090 203527 bytes 2003.04.19

I like this one. I had a few thoughts when doing this one. One was the fact we had had snowfall recently here and I stood outside shoveling it in the night (like 1am, yes I'm nuts) and stood and listened to the quiet. Another was this was soon after Columbia and I was thinking about what had happened there. Another was missing my love who's far away. I do like how this turned out. I didn't ink the background as much as I normally do, and the result is very nice I think. The sky took me forever to do with combinations of black, blue, and gray I think.

Image: patterdaleterrier72601_1.JPG   383x500 67500 bytes 2006.01.09

The Patterdale Terrier. I like how I got the black fur in this one to look. I need more grays though... it would really be nice to have a new box of pencils.

Image: patterdaleterrier72601_2.JPG   376x500 56286 bytes 2006.01.09

I liked how I got the fur to give a sort of 3D image to the muzzle. :)

Image: patterdaleterrier72601_3.JPG   372x500 58244 bytes 2006.01.09

Black and Tan patterdale. I don't like it too much.

Image: pawsoff.JPG   600x376 33905 bytes 2001.02.04

This is to all those girls who I don't know who rp with my love. HE'S MINE! No pawing. Me? Possessive? Nah... *hangs sign on love "HE'S MINE!"* He knows what spurred this actual picture of possessiveness though. *Laughs*

Image: pomeranian72601_4.JPG   365x500 55282 bytes 2006.02.02

My hubby calls this the ewok coloration of the Pomeranian. Isn't he cute!

Image: Poms.jpg   940x500 108186 bytes 2006.01.28

Rather than uploading these three guys seperately, I thought it'd be better to just have them all sit by one another. :) Forgive the bit of a fade from orange Pom to Cream Pom there. And the fact that, for some reason, my black Pom has green highlights... I think it looks cool. :P

Image: protectora.jpg   1000x550 61396 bytes 2001.05.08

When I was a child and my sister was beating on me, I used to imagine a large, black wolf that would protect me against anything that wanted to harm me. On my worst nights, the black wolf would lay next to me watching the door, between it and me as I slept. ~Child of the Lupine (I tried to clean this up as much as I can to keep it out of the sketches. The pencil is supposed to look sketchy, but I cleaned up the area around it as much as I can...)

Image: puli.JPG   500x500 57757 bytes 2005.11.11

My try at a puli... not sure whether I like it or not.

Image: purplepeep.jpg   993x1096 247033 bytes 2006.10.18

Let's see if the recompression will be alright...\r\n\r\nThis is a one eyed, one horned, flying purple PEEP eater, ie my halloween costume this year. :P

Image: ratwarrior.jpg   350x225 9897 bytes 2002.03.10

I have a bunch of 3X5 cards by my computer that sometimes I draw on with the thought that they could be nametags. Even though I know that real nametags are smaller. This rat just sort of happened over a few days and I have no idea who he is. I even asked furs if they knew rats to get an idea how to color him. So, here he is. Unnamed, unclaimed, but powerful!

Image: redbonecoonhound72601.JPG   274x500 29428 bytes 2005.11.30

A woo woo woo woo... here's a redbone coonhound. I love hounds, because I love the Fox and the Hound (the movie, the book was depressing.) It was the first movie I ever saw, and the first fox I ever related to. :)

Image: santa.jpg   675x957 112087 bytes 2001.12.04

Santa Claws.... heh. I don't really like the chair or the legs, but I do like Santa and the baby, and how happy and content Santa looks holding the babe.

Image: Siamese2a.JPG   600x800 70908 bytes 2005.11.09

Siamese kitty for a nice lady who's kitty passed on this last year. Colorings based on what pictures she gave me. :)

Image: smarties.JPG   697x500 33120 bytes 2001.02.04

My life revolves around the computer, my studies, and my love. More than once he's asked (begged, pleaded, conjuled) me to put the books away and come cuddle. One time, I had smarties, he had pizza, and he offered a trade with some snuggle time too. I had this image come to mind.

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