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Image: artiesong.jpg   600x900 81337 bytes 2001.04.17

I started this picture making Artie more unhappy, but then it evolved into this.

Image: swimmingfoxa.jpg   350x500 19703 bytes 2001.04.11

Same picture, just colored.

Image: artieandsasha.gif   1000x600 139898 bytes 2001.04.10

My character, Artie, finds himself with a broken tail so he can only sleep on his belly. Add in the fact that in the Cornerian military they shave you and you have a funny looking shepherdmix furry. But the female who is also stranded with him, a doberman furry named Sasha, doesn't seem to be minding the view at all. Time will tell.

Image: hugmefox.jpg   579x500 23207 bytes 2001.03.30

An exploration of shading fur. This fox wants a hug!

Image: chiri1acolor.jpg   255x440 41365 bytes 2001.02.05

Something to remember with my coloring. I either get to use colored pencils or, on those brave moments, I do pixel by pixel coloring. AHHHHHHHH. HOURS OF SQUARES! So yes, this one looks blocky. At the same time, I sort of like it. Chiri didn't always have his mate near him. At one time, they got seperated and he missed her lots. This is another one where the mood more took over than I had planned. Soon after this, his mate was reported missing and later was found in a very bad way, barely alive. Thankfully, she's with him now.

Image: spotskincolor.jpg   209x350 16476 bytes 2001.02.05

This is one of my more favorite pictures of Spots. It shows her pattern of spots down her back. She's standing in front of one of her kind's fur. Her kind (Acrians) aren't known as sentient, so they've been used for the beautiful fur patterns. I had to draw these pictures of Spots because there were no felinoid pictures that suited the species of cat I wanted emulated. Look at the spots. That's not the usual furry kat. Not leopard or lion or tiger or something like that.

Image: spots2a.jpg   240x390 14609 bytes 2001.02.05

This is the first drawing of Spots that I made. I have no idea how I got the expression like that, look at my work, I don't draw this good normally. She's developed a bit since then. I can't remember what cat she's based on... it has a really broad brown nose and loves the swamplands.

Image: spotsacolor.jpg   365x241 23849 bytes 2001.02.05

Enjoying her newfound freedom, one of my more favorite furry characters who only knows that growing up she was called Spots. She doesn't like the name, but she is glad to be free.

Image: manger.JPG   200x125 2987 bytes 2001.02.04

Symbolism... heh. The father of the earth being watched over by his eartly father. The good shepherd having sheep keep watch over him. The sheep know who it is in the manger, so it is sort of furry. I like the feel of this one.

Image: birthday.JPG   300x190 8966 bytes 2001.02.04

My mate had a birthday this year. the others are his room mates. Art (c) me. All art (c) me.\r\nSo don't take it!

Image: mine2.JPG   349x450 16629 bytes 2001.02.04

My mate's part of this poem. Here it is if is hard to read in the file\r\n\r\nIts alright to cry, I am here Though we're far apart I'll lick each tear.\r\nI'll stay alert as I cradle your head. from hour to hour, from waking til bed.\r\nRest my dearest, here by my side. When your pain and stress makes you want to hide.\r\nAnd though parted for now, our hearts are intwined. And I love you; my love; my dearest; mine.

Image: mine1.JPG   349x450 14687 bytes 2001.02.04

Part of a series. If you cannot read it from the file.\r\n\r\nMy dearest one, I am here. And here I will stay to lick your tears.\r\nCalm your fears and rest your head. My thoughts are with you, from waking til bed.\r\nMy heart is yours when I'm not by uyour side. And when we're together all troubles will hide.\r\nOur lives and our paths are so fully entwined. \r\nAnd I love you; my love; my chosen; mine.\r\n

Image: smarties.JPG   697x500 33120 bytes 2001.02.04

My life revolves around the computer, my studies, and my love. More than once he's asked (begged, pleaded, conjuled) me to put the books away and come cuddle. One time, I had smarties, he had pizza, and he offered a trade with some snuggle time too. I had this image come to mind.

Image: Wolf-foxhug.JPG   400x558 21311 bytes 2001.02.04

Can you guess what I tend to relate to animal wise? And what my love relates to? This picture tends to speak for itself, though I really wish I could get better at drawing what I feel.

Image: pawsoff.JPG   600x376 33905 bytes 2001.02.04

This is to all those girls who I don't know who rp with my love. HE'S MINE! No pawing. Me? Possessive? Nah... *hangs sign on love "HE'S MINE!"* He knows what spurred this actual picture of possessiveness though. *Laughs*

Image: grim_asmo.JPG   574x346 30848 bytes 2001.02.04

This is one of my characters, Grim Reaper. She is an orphaned girl who chose the name to intimidate people\r\nThen the Jedi Asmodaeus took her in and became a father to her. And a Master. Here they are having a sparring match.\r\nGrim (c) me.

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