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Image: dork.jpg   800x742 128139 bytes 2004.07.03

\r\nLikeshine is a dork. Right?

Image: tyrrlin_final.jpg   850x678 200845 bytes 2003.09.21

\r\nA commissioned image for a Gryphon Guilder, Tyrrlin. This is marker and colored pencil on Bristol Board :)\r\n\r\ni hope she likes it!\r\n\r\nbtw, Tyrrlin's image is her intellectual property and stuff :)

Image: amoux.jpg   549x700 127171 bytes 2003.09.12

\r\na rough sketch of Amoux, for her birthday. Yes, I know, it was a month ago :( I'm slow.

Image: hoseamaggie1.jpg   727x750 100964 bytes 2003.01.25

Fan art for two of my favorite artists, Richard Raidel and Rene LeCompte (aka Hosea Kittomer and Maggock).

Image: stormyboot.jpg   550x417 81703 bytes 2003.01.25

\r\nStormy, Gryphon Guild admin, sits next to her faithful /boot. Rough in ballpoint pen, cleaned up and darkened in Photoshop.

Image: bobiatro.jpg   750x567 118266 bytes 2003.01.25

Bob, my dancing devil from animation class, and Iatro, my new favorite art subject (hi Iatro!).

Image: Mogwais.jpg   800x645 85661 bytes 2002.09.19

Just me being a dork during class. Acyd and myself as mogwais. You can't tell it is me because there is NO COLOR, but it is, i promise. Acyd is the property of angyl porter. yup.

Image: Lysanth_sketch.jpg   800x796 98962 bytes 2002.09.19

Sketch for a picture trade with Lysanth. I chose to draw her gryphon because, well, I guess gryphons are my thing. Red colerase pencil and black brush pen. Lysanth is the property of her creator.

Image: headshots.jpg   800x509 90624 bytes 2002.09.19

Headshots of a few random Gryphon Guilders. Madox Gyr, Nambroth, Acyd, Orca, Dreamlance and Kesrael are all the property of their respective creators. Mmmkay?

Image: AnthroLuxie.jpg   800x559 84768 bytes 2002.09.19

A gift for a friend. Illucian is the property of her creator.

Image: terrorgryph.jpg   600x463 72160 bytes 2002.09.08

A rotting sort of gryphon based off of the facial and body structure of the "terror dogs" from the film Ghostbusters. I dig this fellow. I'd like to refine the body, fix up the wings, perhaps add those twisted horns to his head... anywho....

Image: Aura_Mel.jpg   275x300 24332 bytes 2002.08.13

Commissioned picture for Aurora Starwing and her mate, Melanchanon. Done in prismacolor pencil on white bristol board. All characters are (c) their respective creators.

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