all artwork and original characters © lindsay n. tebo
please do not alter, copy, or redistribute without permission.

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i am open for commissions. if you'd like one, you can e-mail me at kerosene -at- graffiti -dot- net.

*pencil sketch- $5
*ink drawing- $10
*ink drawing with crosshatching- $15
*colored pencil- $25
*with background- $35
*watercolor painting- $30
*colored pencil with collage background- $30
*conbadge- $10

* these prices are pretty static, but may vary due to the complexity of the request. for example, a commission of more than one character will cost a little more. just a bust (head & shoulders, not full body) of your character will cost a little less.

* i will draw 'naughty' art, but only to a certain extent. nudity is fine, as is moderate sexual content. but i'm not at all into kinky stuff/bdsm/bondage/[insert weird fetish here], so please don't ask me to draw the freaky stuff.

* i will also take commissions for some things that aren't listed above, such as tattoo design. i don't have a flat rate for these things, so please feel free to email me and ask.

shipping- will be added on to the total cost. assuming the piece will be less than 9”x12”, i will send in a USPS flat-rate priority envelope. this costs $3.85, but if you want insurance it’s $5.’s some fun links.
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