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Image: refjagori.jpg   298x665 100708 bytes 2004.03.14

...whoa. the yellow looks *too* yellow in some parts. weird. but that's okay. blame jay's scanner.\r\n\r\na more updated reference for jagori. note the facial markings. they're the markings of an american badger, but jagori is still just a coyote. the reasons for this are unknown, perhaps to be revealed at a later date.

Image: refcallimico.jpg   357x659 140002 bytes 2004.03.14

"callimico" means "pretty little monkey," and it's the genus name of the goeldi's monkey, but *she* is a golden headed lion tamarin.\r\n\r\ni know too much.\r\n\r\nanyhow. yeah. golden headed lion tamarins have flame decals. it's true!

Image: refmadison.jpg   313x622 115045 bytes 2004.03.14

madison has existed for almost a year, and i've drawn plenty of pictures of her, but i realized that i haven't really uploaded any. hmm. SO. here's a reference pic of her.\r\n\r\nshe's a were-(spotted)hyena, and can take on any form from full human to full hyena. this just happens to be her favorite form. it's anthro ENOUGH. :P\r\n\r\nshe's an anarchist dyke who dumpster dives and drinks cheap beer. woooo.

Image: 0sirius.jpg   514x757 255668 bytes 2004.02.09

possible new character? a fallen star. inspired by neil gaiman's "stardust," which is, like, totally one of my favorite books.\r\n\r\nhis name is sirius. i tried to make him look like an ancient egyptian dog, but not anubis, of course. just, the dogs people kept as pets. yaknow.

Image: manticoreandsphinx.jpg   510x683 101370 bytes 2004.01.13

[copies + pastes desc from dA]\r\n\r\nthe manticore is just a fantasy of corin's. he doesn't really exist. and he's dressed awfully emo.\r\n\r\ni've decided that corin should be an anthro sphinx. as such, he'd still look rather more human than most other anthros. also, he gets wings.\r\nyou may notice i'm calling corin "he" instead of using gender-neutral pronouns like i usually do. i've also decided to make corin a post-op FTM transperson, instead of the weird hermaphrodite i had him before. so. yeah. this just makes more sense to me now.\r\n\r\ni don't really like how corin turned out. i think i was sick when i tried to ink this, and i couldn't concentrate.\r\n\r\n\r\noh, and corin isn't wearing chucks. he's wearing black spot sneakers.

Image: cashew.gif   497x452 37212 bytes 2004.01.13

her name is sings-in-the-trees and she's a faerie mouse. she's also eating a cashew, because i *love* cashews. and such. yes.

Image: oppositesattract.gif   578x714 78684 bytes 2003.12.12

to illustrate the differences in personality between my mate and myself... ;3 i've had this image in my head for some while. it all started when jay and i were at the laundromat, and all our clothes were in one cart together. you could tell whose clothes were whose, because all of his were black and all of mine were orange, red, blue, green, pink.... i have, like, ONE item of black clothing.\r\n\r\n"faerie glitter" was the perkiest, happiest phrase i could think of. o_o;\r\n\r\ni will SO color this...

Image: singsinthetrees.gif   484x403 53489 bytes 2003.12.05

quick pencil drawing of a mouse wearing a skull. this mouse's markings will eventually be changed.\r\n\r\n\r\non other news: holy crap, i really haven't uploaded here in over a year? o_O;

Image: sabretoothkitty.gif   546x461 54133 bytes 2003.12.05

i don't know. this is what happens when i have a pencil in one hand and a bong in the other. random things pop out.\r\n\r\nthis'll probably get moved to sketches. o_o; even though the bg doesn't look messy to me. whoops.

Image: liekOMG.gif   451x620 73631 bytes 2003.12.05

this is in response to the attitude i've been getting lately from many people i know. apparently it's not "cool" to be a stoner anymore, so everybody's saying they want to stop smoking weed, or they've already stopped and they're glad, or weed is just, omg, sooo unhealthy and they don't want to touch it. HOWEVER, at the same time, they're drinking themselves stupid every night, smoking a pack of cloves a day, and doing a host of other hard drugs.\r\n\r\nthe moral of the story is, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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