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Image: refmadison.jpg   313x622 115045 bytes 2004.03.14

madison has existed for almost a year, and i've drawn plenty of pictures of her, but i realized that i haven't really uploaded any. hmm. SO. here's a reference pic of her.\r\n\r\nshe's a were-(spotted)hyena, and can take on any form from full human to full hyena. this just happens to be her favorite form. it's anthro ENOUGH. :P\r\n\r\nshe's an anarchist dyke who dumpster dives and drinks cheap beer. woooo.

Image: rumors.jpg   470x652 178407 bytes 2005.02.06

i think it's time for my one non-furry upload. (although she's kinda more fish than human anyhow... look! gills!)\r\n\r\ni've been doing stuff like this lately. the scan doesn't do this justice and ate a lot of the shading and aaaiiiieee compression hates me, but i kinda expected it would do that so i don't mind too much. (if i were using photoshop 7 instead of 5, this would look much better. nyeh.)\r\n\r\nANYHOW. yeah, yeah, yeah. mermaid.\r\n\r\ni like mermaids. but i don't like people who hotlink to my images, so please... don't be a sneaky bitch. :>

Image: sabretoothkitty.gif   546x461 54133 bytes 2003.12.05

i don't know. this is what happens when i have a pencil in one hand and a bong in the other. random things pop out.\r\n\r\nthis'll probably get moved to sketches. o_o; even though the bg doesn't look messy to me. whoops.

Image: singsinthetrees.gif   484x403 53489 bytes 2003.12.05

quick pencil drawing of a mouse wearing a skull. this mouse's markings will eventually be changed.\r\n\r\n\r\non other news: holy crap, i really haven't uploaded here in over a year? o_O;

Image: stompystomp.gif   500x729 111575 bytes 2004.06.22

crosshatching is your friend.

Image: tabbykitty.jpg   527x234 48230 bytes 2004.09.07

i'm sorry about the big ugly watermark in the middle of this. but... well. i gotta eat, don't i?\r\n\r\nthis sexy tabby is up for auction on furbid.\r\n

Image: this_image_has_a_title.jpg   502x575 78861 bytes 2004.11.01

a little thingy i scribbled in rob's sketchbook. ;P you can't quite see all of the bg after i cleaned up the image for good vcl etiquette. but that's okay, it's just a silly little thing. ;3\r\n\r\nlina (and you thought she was dead) + molotov cocktail. whee.\r\n\r\ncatch the mr. show reference and you win a cookie!

Image: trevorinky.jpg   468x681 99183 bytes 2004.09.06

my half of a trade with MicahFennec. (at least, it's the inked part of the trade. still needs color.) :3 it's her chinchilla trevor, with a little clairepossum and geoffskunky.\r\n\r\nlonger description at deviantart, as if anyone on the vcl reads descriptions. OMG PEENER!!!!11 ;3 i kid, i kid... well. i'm not kidding about the peener. :0

Image: trouble.jpg   556x546 222869 bytes 2004.04.05

those hyenas are trouble waiting to happen, i tell you. madison (on the left) is mine, and scabies (on the right) belongs to rob (sweaterwoolf here on the vcl). i'm not sure i got scabies' markings completely right, as i was working from memory while watching ghostbusters.\r\n\r\na number of things could be going on here. i'm not sure myself. but i think a fight is about to break out.\r\n\r\nguess what brand of beer madison is drinking, and you win a cookie.

Image: wyvernbabe.jpg   478x622 182086 bytes 2004.07.07

a blue and yellow wyvern babe. the background was not put in using photoshop, it's a collage. so nyah. ;P\r\n\r\nanyhow, anyhow, anyhow... she'll be for sale at anthrocon as well. (i almost don't want to sell her, she's so gorgeous...) and if i don't sell her there, look for her on furbid soon after the con. :x

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