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Image: cleantod.jpg   400x243 12340 bytes 2003.07.14

Foxes are cleanly creatures who pay close attention to personal hygiene. A clean fox is a healthy fox.\r\n\r\nNote from the artist: The attentive viewer may spot a lot of pencil lines in the drawing. While they are construction lines, and should be removed, they are ALSO an intended part of the drawing, and should NOT be removed. This is a technique I am experimenting with, and not a mistake.\r\n\r\nAny similarities to any actual tods, living or otherwise are entirely accidental.\r\n\r\nThe artist unreservedly apologises for the lame excuse for drawing a tod licking himself on a private part.

Image: kitsu.jpg   1485x967 168307 bytes 2003.09.17

Just a kitsune doodle, drawn during class. Made with an ordinary 0,7 pencil. The kind of pencil I do all my stuff with. I haven't found anything that can beat the feeling of it. :)

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