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Image: Bastet.jpg   371x621 42559 bytes 2002.05.29

This of course, is the Egyptian goddess Bastet, first in the series of gods and goddesses i'd like to draw. This was done in colored pencil. \r\n\r\ncopyrighted to me, 2001

Image: Datfrontbody.jpg   456x782 62028 bytes 2002.05.31

This was my first non-fugged up version of Datrom, and the version i'm staying with.. long time ago it looked like a mutated clown...and well..i like it's boneyness :B\r\nblack ink pen\r\n\r\nDatrom (c)to me 2001

Image: Datheadside.jpg   286x405 28171 bytes 2002.05.29

My most favorite profile of Datrom...i haven't been able to get it right since..(sigh) he's just an ugly fella..O.o plain ol' pen. \r\n\r\nDatrom (c) mine 2002

Image: Datthrone.jpg   384x633 94276 bytes 2002.05.29

This drawing is very recent, the character is not. Datrom is a neutral character, though it does lean to the more risque things in life. I tried to show this in the throne it's sitting on...but i don't know.. I liked the shading in this. this is one of my first attempts with my colored pens.

Image: GargoyleTat.jpg   736x1143 237860 bytes 2003.02.25

Boy i haven't posted in a long time. working leaves me no time! bah. well, this pic is connected to work since one of the guys there asked me to draw a gargoyle for a tattoo so, this is it! i thought it deserved a spot in my vcl thingy. :B

Image: Goodslavedog.jpg   559x836 100024 bytes 2002.06.01

Aw, Dat's so subservient. That's a good slave :lovingly flogs'im:\r\ncolored pencil, marker and pen\r\n\r\nDatrom (c) to me 2002

Image: Ihavetoomanyheads.jpg   695x623 103492 bytes 2002.06.01

Just trying some expression...heey..the spikey one doesn't look like me at all..\r\nmicron pens and a mirror\r\n\r\nLix (c) to can i copyright myself? :T

Image: KimianandLix.jpg   572x644 80162 bytes 2002.06.05

Okay, i just HAD to start drawing my Kimian, and in the pic i am obviously very happy about it. She's the love of mah life and of course i should draw her. :) 'sides she's so thexy in leather pants........\r\n\r\nKimian and Lix (c) to me 2002

Image: Lixjoan.jpg   437x635 49581 bytes 2002.05.30

Welp, this here's my pic of myself, yup... \r\njust colored pencil and some pen's all \r\nLix (c) to me 2002

Image: Midnytgrin.jpg   575x659 80042 bytes 2002.06.01

This was lighter than i wanted it to be and he's missing his star over his right eye :sigh: ah well\r\na blue crayola colored pencil \r\n\r\nMidnyt (c) to me 1999

Image: Midnytsmoke.jpg   417x746 50222 bytes 2002.05.29

This black wolf is Midnyt, very light hearted and easy-going guy. He mostly puts up with Patience's exploits, keeping an open mind. I drew this a few years back, Feb. 1999 to be exact.

Image: Paco.jpg   225x269 28758 bytes 2003.02.26

this is another bored doodle done on that same tiny lined notebook paper. this is paco, my little stone gargoyle. i must have been staring at it too long when i drew this. it's not an exact likeness but hey, i don't draw gargoyles that much >:P. i think it looks too disneyesqe for my taste.

Image: Patiencefuggoff.jpg   563x812 176205 bytes 2002.06.01

Though this probably should be in the sketchy section..cause it's so crappy, but hey, i like her boots >:P\r\n\r\nPatience (c) to me 1999

Image: Patiencehitchhiker.jpg   466x712 49793 bytes 2002.05.29

This, of course, is Patience. She is one of my first developed characters. Extremely hyper and quick tempered. This pic is copyrighted to me. 2000

Image: Patienceinjury.jpg   459x895 69339 bytes 2002.05.29

I was feeling kind of worn down when i did this. It started out as a nude pic, but i can never say no to ripped clothing...hah! \r\n\r\ncopyrighted to me 1999

Image: Ridleyhead.jpg   221x362 37606 bytes 2003.02.26

this is ridley once again. (she's kind of my totem..) i drew this with plain ol' ball point pen on some tiny lined notepad paper. yah, i unsuccessfully erased all the lines though. :I much bored rendering done here. i like how it turned out.

Image: Ridleymusclestudy.jpg   615x818 145450 bytes 2002.06.05

This was a quick study of muscle using my dragon woman character that i've played in so many rps before i started playing as myself...the lizard. this is done in colored pencil. \r\n\r\nRidley is (c) to me 2001

Image: Tigrisronantoothy.jpg   605x633 106910 bytes 2002.05.29

man..the scanner consumed yet another one.. ah, well, this is Tigris and his best friend Ronan, giving a good look at their pearly whites. just done in pencil, a long long time ago. \r\n\r\nTigris, Ronan (c) to moi....ah..1997 i think lol

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