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Image: PatienceZero_715.jpg   710x653 150705 bytes 2006.07.03

"Patience is most important... specially in fights!"\r\n\r\nAnother Scene from "Blutfeder" (if I manage it I will upload the first chapter of it today) Zerophes again, this time being fully demonic in a room waiting for the next fight. Decided to make the room a bit bloody in the end, I didn't had it before, but it seemed empty somehow... and just too add, blood is never really bad *LOL* tried various lighting effects there...\r\nthose who watch my LJ will possibly recognise this...\r\n\r\nBasic Room, Blood and windows are created with Adobe Illustrator CS2\r\nCharacter and painted stuff created with Adobe Photoshop CS2\r\nall in all using Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet.\r\nCharacter/Art (c) Lizkay

Image: J2D_comp_small01.jpg   850x800 175861 bytes 2006.07.03

A Bookcover commission for ~Just2Draw ^__^\r\nfeaturing the three Characters Donald (The Dachshund), Shirley ( the skunk) and Richard (the raccoon) :D\r\nCharacters/Idea are (c) Just2Draw\r\n\r\nall in all painted in PhotoshopCS2 using a Wacom Intuos2 Tablet.\r\n\r\nGreetings!

Image: Ilyasacre_char02.jpg   681x768 106989 bytes 2006.07.03

I really didn't want to submit her that way... but I am simply too lazy for a background, maybe I will add one later.. or submit it just on my own website with a background whatever...\r\nThis is the final Design for the character "Ilya Sacre" the female villian in the TherpanIdols Story "Stoneheart"\r\nshe is a anthro-gryphon like race (just like the character Lizkay) with some nice big fluffy feet.\r\n... and she loves sharp things...\r\n\r\nPhotoshop CS2 + Wacom Intuos2 Tablet\r\n\r\nCharacter/Art (c) Lizkay\r\n\r\nFULLVIEW!!!!

Image: AnubisFlame.jpg   640x800 149541 bytes 2006.06.12

I wanted to draw Anubis since ages.. my interpretation of Anubis!\r\nFor me it isn't like a jackal-anthro, it is "just" a human-like god with the head of a jackal *g* :lol:\r\nFlame-ey love all around, use this to try a few new coloring techniques.. and of course muscle shading.\r\nStill.. the anatomy isn't overall right, but I don't really care there since it's more a fun and training piece\r\n\r\nArt (c) Lizkay

Image: SharpZero03.jpg   700x653 99053 bytes 2006.06.12

SHARP.. cause he is \r\n\r\nI think I waited in front of the microwave again.. just too hungry to think about anything better and sketched beside.. started to like this sketch of Zero somehow so I inked it and shaded it with Duotone technique.. yeah, SHARP! ;P\r\n\r\nZerophes and Art is (c)Lizkay\r\nPhotoshop CS 2 + Wacom Intuos2 Tablet\r\n\r\nAdd-on: and yeah he has teeth! in his beak! I know this maybe looks odd... but for me he looks even more odd without.. *gg*

Image: LizkayPortrait01.jpg   850x796 186586 bytes 2006.05.04

I worked a while on this, already finished it some time ago...\r\nAt first I wanted to design a magazine layout with her on it, but I think I will just submit her that way, simply like a portrait.\r\nAll in all painted/airbrushed using Photoshop 7, CS2 and OpenCanvas, with a Wacom Intuos2 tablet.\r\n\r\nCharacter, Art and Sig (c) Lizkay

Image: KurtBatzCommission.jpg   863x800 199819 bytes 2006.04.29

Commissioned Art for KurtBatz, featuring his personal character :D\r\nBackground is a surface Painting, Character is colored with Gradient Painting, LineArt drawn using a 3px brush all in all done in Photoshop CS2 + Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet, based on a scan of a rough sketch ;)\r\nArt (c) Lizkay\r\nCharacter is (c) KurtBatz

Image: FightCommission_JP.jpg   800x787 198378 bytes 2006.04.29

A finished digital Character Illustration Commission for Jawara Pittman ~AMTRAK, featuring the characters: Queen Justice and Crosshairs the rat in action.\r\nAll in all painted and shaded in Photoshop CS2 using a Wacom Intuos2 Tablet.\r\nArt (c) Lizkay\r\nCharacters are (c) to Jawara Pittman.

Image: IndianaKayLines02.jpg   681x963 149387 bytes 2006.04.29

Lizkay in Indiana Jones adapted outfit/look, all in all inked digital using my Wacom Intuos2 Tablet and Photoshop CS2 added a few shading areas to push the detail a bit. Hmm.. yeah, not much to say there, she would soooooo rock more than the Croft gal....\r\ncharacter and art (c) Lizkay

Image: lizkay_dreamingalpha01.jpg   900x725 163687 bytes 2006.03.29

"It looked like a lagoon just placed deep in the forrest, and it seemed like the stars followed every step I made in the water which was like liquid silver"\r\n\r\nThis is how Alpha described his dream (Alpha is the gryphon character mentioned...) I drew this mainly because I wanted to try various brushes and get a new design for Alpha done, with new marking and colors, this is what came out in the end.\r\nBG is various useage of different brushes crossed and various filters over and over again... so uah.. ignore.. please ;)\r\n\r\nall in all done in Photoshop CS2 with Wacom Intuos2 Tablet ;)\r\n\r\n\r\nCharacter and Art (C) Lizkay

Image: Skystalker_Web01.jpg   600x900 182487 bytes 2006.03.21

Commissioned Art, this time the anthro falcon character of Skystalker (from LJ)\r\nBackground is supposed to be quite simple and random... *blush* hope ya don't mind ;)\r\n\r\nAll in all drawn and colored in Photoshop CS2 using a Wacom Intuos2 tablet! :D\r\n\r\nCharacter is (c) Skystalker, Artwork is (c) Lizkay

Image: Evil_Plotting.jpg   800x884 147096 bytes 2006.02.15

So I finished the LineArt coloring for this. I wanted to give it such a Animated/Manga Look, not sure if that was a good idea though.. I like the result somehow.\r\nI specially spend longer time on his muscles this time... ;P *yummay* The Foreground and the Character is colored in Cell/PaintedGradient Style and the background is brushed/painted with various Photoshop Brushes. Zerophes stilll loves Evil Plotting...\r\n\r\nAll in all done in PhotoshopCS2 using a Wacom Intuos2 Tablet.\r\n\r\nArt/Character Lizkay\r\n\r\nPRINT of this is available here: ^__^

Image: IlyaGryphon01.jpg   666x750 115513 bytes 2006.02.04

So here is Ilya, a character out of "TherpanIdols" kind of a story-series I wrote beside drawing characters and parts of it. Ilya is the arch rival of Lizkay the Gryphon in the story, they are both the same species, as you maybe recognise. ;) All in all I wanted to create a fiery/dark mood there with Ilya being also in a quite evil mood, after a religious sacrifice in a temple. Mainly thing I wanted here, is to give it a very AnimationMovie like look.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop CS2 + Wacom Intuos2 Tablet\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) Lizkay

Image: LayingLizkay05.jpg   793x653 126323 bytes 2006.01.26

My Gryphon Character Lizkay, I drew and colored her for the new intro pic on ;) \r\n\r\nCharacter and Art (c) Lizkay 2006

Image: JediLizkayFN01.jpg   647x850 134967 bytes 2005.09.29

Lizkay in a "kind of" Jedi Outfit and a pair of lightsabers. \r\n\r\nCharacter is (c) Lizkay\r\nLightsabers/StarWarsStuff (c) LucasArts... etc.

Image: HwolfDA.jpg   456x700 70664 bytes 2005.09.29

Comissioned Character Drawing, featuring the Character HurtfulhWolf\r\n\r\nArtwork (c) Lizkay\r\nCharacter (c) HurtfulWolf

Image: WolfMaiden02.jpg   826x700 135931 bytes 2005.09.07

Helga - The Wolf/Dog Taur\r\nFinally the colored Version... the Bg looked a bit nude so I put a random one up there I made for another pic which shows the inside wall of a old stone house...etc.\r\nwell.. completely created with Photoshop 7, and Wacom intuos2 Tablet.\r\n\r\nCharacter and Art (c) Lizkay\r\n

Image: SnowGryphsSM03.jpg   715x477 120746 bytes 2005.08.11

I worked on it for over a week now, just in my freetime, I have to work beside ;) Timelines:\r\nOulines: 1.5 hours (WacomIntuos2, Photoshop CS2)\r\nBackgroundPainting: 3,5 hours (WacomIntuos2, Photoshop7/Painter IX)\r\nCharacterColoring: 6 hours (WacomIntuos2, Photoshop7)\r\n\r\nOkies.. will also be available as print... so if you want to support my stuff, check it out ( also bigger version of this is on my DA!! ( \r\n\r\nDO NOT COPY, RIP OF, TAKE OR WHATEVER!\r\nCHARACTERS AND ART (C) LIZKAY!

Image: DameFreedom_Small01.jpg   760x584 112259 bytes 2005.07.28

Another digital Character Commission done ;)\r\nCompletely created in Photoshop7 + Wacom Intuos2\r\nCharacter is (c) Jawara Pittman.\r\n\r\nPic can be viewed in better quality on! \r\n\r\n(BTW: Commission Status and Info is now on a own new section on

Image: Thenga01.jpg   725x820 139956 bytes 2005.07.24

Finally finished the Sheet featuring Thenga, If I get a good feedback to all these character I will try to get a characters booklet up for print, if someone is interested ;)\r\n\r\nOkies.. so here is Thenga completely re-designed, with two Kanthas, Kanth is the Giranic Word for "spear" and the Kanthas are kind of spear-swords, you hold them with the thumb on the end of the haft. They don't glow normally, Therpan Warriours like to put a glowing pulp made out of mushrooms on their body and their weapons. Thenga is somehow the "secret" love of Lizkay in the comic Stoneheart, knowing that he is a Therpanus-priest, and not of the same tribe, Kay is, the relation has no real future, etc....\r\n\r\nArtwork/Character(s) (c) Lizkay

Image: Carly_DA_Version01.jpg   653x850 109785 bytes 2005.07.08

Commission for DanN. - The Character Carly\r\nCompletely created with Photoshop7 and Wacom Intuos 2\r\nbased on a rough sketch.\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) DanN.\r\nI will stay open for commissions for a short time, more info on\r\n\r\n

Image: BG_Lizkaynew_small.jpg   520x604 104376 bytes 2005.07.06

The final look of my character Lizkay in the Therpan Idols Comic. Completely made with Photoshop 7 + Wacom Intuos2. Do not copy, redraw... etc. ! \r\n\r\nCharacter (c) Me!

Image: BrownLotusSet_VCL.jpg   760x810 140340 bytes 2005.06.02

The next part of the commission for Jawara Pittman, The Character Brown Lotus, these are just two drawings of the complete sheet, you can watch it here:\r\n\r\n\r\nArtwork (c) Lizkay\r\nCharacter (c) Jawara Pittman\r\n\r\nPS: I am not accepting CharacterSheet Commissions anymore!

Image: BrownLotusDA.jpg   720x720 112149 bytes 2005.05.18

Comissioned Digital CharacterDesign Sheet of the Character BrownLotus, drawn and colored in PS 7 using Wacom Tablet Intuos 2, Character is (c) Jawara Pittman

Image: VolleyballEy.jpg   500x806 74302 bytes 2005.04.11

Volleyball... EY? \r\nJust a ink/Pencil drawing of a random female doggie-volleyball-player, just wanted to use my Pencils and InkPens again... I love to use them ^_^\r\n\r\nArt (c) me

Image: FighterJump01small.jpg   566x700 105144 bytes 2005.04.02

Lizkay, my Anthro-Gryphon Character and Page Mascot, in a more dynamic pose, completely drawn in PS 7 and Wacom Intuos 2. \r\n\r\nCharacter and Art (c) me

Image: PinUpLizkay01.jpg   573x782 111802 bytes 2005.03.07

Lizkay the AnthroGryphon in a quite "pin-up" pose this time, drawn with ArtistBrushPen and H Pencil, overworked with Photoshop 7, Art and Character is (c) me!

Image: DragonDogFIN.jpg   800x444 136580 bytes 2005.03.07

A Chinese Dragon Dog, completely created using Photoshop 7 and a optical mouse.

Image: CalvinFinish.jpg   880x850 236331 bytes 2004.06.06

charactersheet for a new invented Character, Calvin this time, a cheeta hybrid without any furmarking, and of course glowing face-markings, inksketch colored with PhotoShop\r\n\r\nChar/Art (c) Lizkay

Image: AntelopeTaur.jpg   593x800 108573 bytes 2004.06.06

Yup a female Thompson/Oryx Antelope mix. Ink and ColoredPencils\r\n\r\nArt/Char (c) Lizkay

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