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Image: mar407.jpg   298x850 74999 bytes 2007.05.09

up here

Maria-Ki in some surprisingly conservative clothing. She is the Goddess of Love in my comic universe.\r\n\r\nimage and character design "Hydroisis" Liz Lambert 2007\r\nInks and Photoshop 7.

Image: yunicom507.jpg   550x575 91481 bytes 2007.05.09


Part of my trade for yunicoon\r\nHer character waking up on a big fluffy magenta pillow.\r\n\r\nimage Liz Lambert 2007

Image: hathornut507.jpg   382x790 76869 bytes 2007.05.09


Maria-Ki's daughter, Hathor-Nut, the Goddess of Destruction.\r\nI went back and forth on the outfit colors, think this did alright. The alternative was very muted reds and browns.\r\nimage and character design Liz Lambert 2007. Inks and Photoshop 7.

Image: demonhyd507.jpg   660x670 114630 bytes 2007.05.09

demonic hyd

I drew this image back in 2005 actually, but I dug it up and slapped a (somewhat) quick coloring job on it. I dunno how happy I am with it (especially with the red glow.. I'm iffy about it). But the shading on her body/hair I was cool with.\r\nSo here's the tentative result.\r\n\r\nFor those of you who don't know/play with me on furc (anyone? Anyone? No? Okay), Hyd was killed off and her soul was placed into the body of a water demon, which resembled her for reasons I'm too lazy to type. ANYWAY.\r\nHere she be. All pissed off and in bandages. \r\n\r\nimage and character design "Hydroisis" Liz Lambert 2007. Photoshop 7.

Image: ruskihyd-fc.jpg   405x668 71813 bytes 2007.04.20

hyd 2007

Hydroisis, revived and revamped for a new storyline, this one based in a colder, Siberian-inspired setting. The outfit is going to be similar to those that are in the company Helkar runs (Valaraukar Trading Company) will be wearing. A purple and black theme. Inspired by our new car. =B\r\nSimple coloring I may improve upon later.. \r\nCharacter design and image Liz Lambert 2007.

Tags: hyd hydroisis lasintesi nifelheim furcadia  
Image: hyddress307-f.jpg   582x760 117773 bytes 2007.04.20

day of rebirth

This was actually based on a picture by Alphonse Mucha. the background is just an altered photograph of a city called Alwar, in Rajastan. \r\nI thought the scenery was most like what I had always imagined Hyd's home islands of Musa to be like.\r\nThe scene is supposed to be one of the final ones in her story.

Tags: hyd hydroisis lasintesi  
Image: frenchie407.jpg   390x710 78552 bytes 2007.04.20

French Kiss

Bernie, for my trade with mykiwichan\r\nI tried shading it, but I thought the flat colour made it stand out a little more. May change it later. Who knows. \r\nCharacter design is her own.\r\nArt Liz Lambert 2007

Tags: french kiss bernadette  
Image: chordsy.jpg   670x474 122333 bytes 2006.11.09

Chordsy doodle. Sketch and photoshop. Image Lizzie Lambert 2006. Character design "Chordsy" Dawn Best.

Image: maria-ki.jpg   439x700 126999 bytes 2006.11.09

Maria-Ki. Sketch coloured in Photoshop. Image and character design "Maria-Ki" Lizzie Lambert 2006

Image: hydsquat206j.jpg   265x365 52798 bytes 2006.06.07

Hyd in coloured pencil. Character design "Hydroisis" and image Lizzie Lambert 2006.

Image: pinkmar.jpg   558x831 298006 bytes 2006.06.07

Maria-Ki. Ink and Photoshop. Character design "Maria-Ki" and image Lizzie Lambert 2005-2006

Image: makacom1v1.jpg   860x612 119404 bytes 2006.06.07

Makayia commission. Ink, Photoshop. Brushes from an outside source. Character design Tracy. Image Lizzie Lambert 2006.

Image: vday06f.jpg   500x708 118344 bytes 2006.02.19

For Valentine's Day. Character design "Snake Wraith" Randy Lambert 2006. Image and character design "Hydroisis" Lizzie Lambert 2006.

Image: nikriansprings.jpg   492x910 145968 bytes 2005.12.19

Hydroisis bathes in the Nikrian Gods' springs. Inks, Photoshop. Character design "Hydroisis" and this image Lizzie Lambert 2005. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year~

Image: hydsnake505.jpg   510x466 84931 bytes 2005.08.02

So I got married to Randeh (Snake) and am now having his bebe is a few months. hooray. Hydroisis and Snake as they appear in the comic "LaSintesi", being close. Inks, photoshop. Character design "Hydroisis" andx this image Lizzie Lambert 2005. Character design "Snake Wraith" Randy Lambert.

Image: u2.jpg   630x670 89194 bytes 2004.04.25

Just got back from TX last week. Moving there next month. Lizzie Skwrl hearts teh Randeh Snakeums. Painter lines, Photoshop colour. Character depictions are based on existing characters, and are Lizzie Johnson-Webb and Randy Lambert. Image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2004.

Image: carnivalwp.jpg   350x262 19988 bytes 2004.03.03

Miniature version of a desktop that can be found on my webpage. Photoshop 5.5. character design "Hydroisis" and image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2004.

Image: hydsneer204.jpg   520x540 49984 bytes 2004.03.03

odd picture of Hydroisis. Lighting experiment. Painter classic. character design "Hydroisis" and image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2004.

Image: norra104.jpg   620x477 83163 bytes 2004.01.14

Anorra's design is her own. Image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2004.

Image: snakehyd104.jpg   607x620 84583 bytes 2004.01.14

Snake and Hydroisis. A personal favorite. Snake Wraith's design is his own. Character design "Hydroisis" and image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2004.

Image: kithsnake104.jpg   520x610 74711 bytes 2004.01.14

Kithen Lacaob and Snake Wraith. We love them. Designs are their own. Image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2004.

Image: kissykissy.jpg   535x443 56946 bytes 2004.01.01

Cuz I <3 teh Snakeums

Image: risuskate.jpg   506x667 202190 bytes 2003.12.21

Scanned Risu from 2001. OMG. (character design "risu" and image lizzie johnson-webb 2001-2003)

Image: watchingb.jpg   800x600 64325 bytes 2003.10.05

Abstract wallpaper with Hydroisis. Painter lines, Photoshop colour. Character design "Hydroisis" and image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2003.

Image: popstarhydb.jpg   650x606 82445 bytes 2003.10.05

Hydroisis back on Runihura. Decent linework. photo background with credit to Painter lines, photoshop colour. Character design "Hydroisis" and linework Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2003. Photo again credited to (I will change the image BG if necessary)

Image: hydrofurc7b.jpg   434x588 48585 bytes 2003.10.05

Hydroisis autumn design. Changed her ears back to blue. Painter Classic. Character design "Hydroisis" and this image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2003.

Image: techevosuic2.jpg   655x577 99623 bytes 2003.07.19

It's weird. Photoshop. Character design "Yamu" and image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2003

Image: noafternoonsun.jpg   670x600 72533 bytes 2003.07.19

"No Afternoon Sun" Hydroisis, being badass. Image and character design "Hydroisis" Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2003

Image: easter03.jpg   546x490 45944 bytes 2003.07.19

My easter pic. Quick Painter Classic. Character design "Yume" Diana Montoya 2003. Image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2003. Steal either, and we'll hunt you down and skin you to the booooone.

Image: chiceu1.jpg   423x359 20387 bytes 2003.07.19

LaSintesi comic scene. The cool and cranky Chiseen is rudely awakened by airheaded associate Xing-Qi Ceu. Chi's a porcupine, Ceu's an echidna. Character designs "Chiseen Agulha-Aguda" and "Xing-Qi Ceu Lau" and this image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 703

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