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Image: hand1.jpg   600x741 154496 bytes 2001.10.11

Picture of all the influential females in my life.. I was staring at my hand one night thinking "What would it be like if I could squish a bunch of little furries in my hand?"... it was a funny thought. Heehee. Image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2001. Characters are depictions of actual people. Taking them would be pathetic. =D

Image: lizzie-run.jpg   500x649 214654 bytes 2001.10.09

I live. Hope all your summers were better'n mine. Here's a pic I did near the end of August. Tis my furry persona run-run-running. Save is crappy cuz of PSP. Lizzeh smash! ... Yes.. P-markers and C-pencils, yo. I'm tired as hell, leave me alone. Lizzie character and image Lizzie Johnson-Webb 2001. Go eat a cookie, you pig.

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