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Feel free to share all of the stories with your friends. No, as a matter of
fact, I'd love for you to do that! However, do not alter any part and/or call
the stories your own.

All of the characters, unless specified, are property of <([ Lone Wolf
Studios ])>. Don't even THINK of taking one and calling it your own. You will
have hell to pay if you do.

If you wish to use one of my characters (be it for an art project or a story
of your own), please drop me an e-mail asking permission. The following
restrictions apply:

Wait a minute?! Where are all the restrictions?! Hey! Who let this flood gate open?!
Oh wait...I did....
That's right....go ahead and use my guys for whatever you want. Just don't kill/rape 'em, m'kay? ^.^

Need to give me a shout? Contact me via AIM. My tag is AlMac255.
And I'm more than willing to drop everything to answer your questions.

My site has a great deal of other stuff you won't find in the archives. I
advise you visit that if you want to fully enjoy my stories. And don't forget
to sign the guest book there!


If you have an idea for a SHORT STORY you would like to see me do, drop me a
line describing the story idea. If I approve, I'll hammer it out and you get
to have your name added in one line (usually accompanied by "Requested by"). And, as with using my characters, everything is now free game!

Story/Story trades:
These are fun. I've done them before and I'd be more than willing to do them again. If you want to do one, drop me a line and we'll talk.
Story/Art trades:
The idea is simple. I write a story, and you draw the pictures to go along with it. Again, if you want to do this, drop me a line.
Art/Story trades:
Another relatively simple idea. This time, I write a story from the pictures you draw.

Please also take cover - I mean note: I have just recieved an art department. That means we'll start churning out artwork (slowly, mind you).

That about covers it. Until I can think of something else, this is what you
have to work with. Enjoy!

Look to the stars,
-Lone Wolf
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