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Image: 0botan.jpg   244x478 17916 bytes 2000.08.11

Botan at 17, after trading in her pink hair dye and frilly dresses.

Image: andrfam.gif   378x296 25445 bytes 2000.09.10

These are André and Claire's parents. © Lon Bergeron \r\n

Image: bangkok.gif   220x452 27185 bytes 2000.10.02

"Bangkok, just another stop in \r\nThe chess world circus--masters drop in, \r\nPlay, checkmate, check out and then you \r\nMove on to another venue." Okay I was inspired by both "A Night in Bangkok" from CHESS and a dress worn by Beruche of SailorMoon.\r\n\r\n(younger) Shishi © Lon Bergeron\r\n

Image: bar.jpg   319x450 26469 bytes 2000.11.06

Whoops,uploaded the wrong version of this pic.This one is MUCH nicer.\n

Image: begypt.gif   296x430 44589 bytes 2000.09.15

Congrats to Botan on being my 1st totally topless drawing.This time,the lovely femouse is dresses in Eqyptian(ish) garb,garb in this case being a head band/crown,a decrorative collar and a loin cloth.Botan is © Lon Bergeron

Image: bh.gif   216x453 59356 bytes 2000.11.01

Boy,was the design on the skirt a pain in the ass to do,and it didn't even turn out right.grr...\n

Image: botancake.gif   266x490 25399 bytes 2000.09.05

Oh dear.I just checked the other Botan pic and the colors are TOTALLY outta whack.Oh well,enjoy this piccie as a dedication to cherry cheesecake.(YES,that IS a cheesecake.If I had drawn it like the one I was eating earlier,it would have been "too big to be real".Mhmmmm.....^.^; \n

Image: carnightmare.jpg   222x617 20835 bytes 2000.06.27

Ever watched "Carrie"?It could happen to anyone.I will never understand how people can watch a movie like that and still hurt people the way they do.\n

Image: clairemag.jpg   199x390 14827 bytes 2000.12.23

This is the 1st in a set of drawings of my charecters as Rocky Horror Show charecters.This is Claire as (duh) Magenta,since I've already drawn Andre as Frankie this was the only part I could think of\n

Image: cpgloria.jpg   281x404 14528 bytes 2000.11.18

"Looks like a pin-up!"- Mum

Image: cpsus.jpg   218x344 14389 bytes 2000.12.23

Susan getting funky on the dance floor! ^__^

Image: dotel.gif   210x411 60227 bytes 2000.09.28

This is what you draw when you listen to "C'mon Eileen" at 2:40 in the morning.Dot, dirty, in overalls,with cleavage(naturally).

Image: gloria.jpg   286x497 18545 bytes 2000.06.24

This is Gloria,a duck billed platapus.This is also her 1st colored picture where she's alone.She's wearing one of her tap dancing costumes.\r\n\r\n

Image: ido.gif   305x322 15205 bytes 2001.08.02

This was just something I did while thinking about a good friend of mine. \r\nCopyright © 2001 Lon Bergeron

Image: kimono.gif   290x469 50696 bytes 2000.09.29

Boy, does it ever piss me off to see a drawing I worked hard on crusified by my computer.Aw well,here is a lovely drawing of Saffron in a kimono(I may upload a scan of just the inked picture.It's not my fault!Really!^^;)

Image: maddysea.jpg   392x493 34835 bytes 2000.08.08

This is Maddy McCain,a lovely lobster girl.Maddy is a model and this photo was taken for a tourist guide.I am soooo glad I finally finshed this one\n

Image: mer.jpg   364x474 25381 bytes 2000.11.14

I watched the Little Mermaid to see if the guy doing the wedding really looked aroused.He was and the view resulted in this.I am not too happy right now,I feel abbandoned and I am really scared about what of my stuff is kosher with the new copyright rules\n

Image: merrim.gif   335x321 25021 bytes 2001.07.19

My first post in a while,I started drawing a character called Merrim by Kiki Steen,but it ended up looking much older and taking on a life of it's own.Anyways,the original Merrim is copyright him.

Image: miyu.jpg   216x462 29972 bytes 2000.06.19

This is a furry portrait of a girl I met in the hospital.

Image: mulan.gif   351x524 29983 bytes 2000.08.18

This was drawn about 2 weeks ago.My little brother really enjoyed Mulan and therefore watched it at least twice a day.It was sheer hell.I ended up humming "A girl worth fighting for" in the shower and typing on the computer in time with "Honer to Us All".How could I NOT draw something Mulan inspired?\n

Image: oldlook.gif   211x233 8706 bytes 2000.08.13

This is Saffron's old look. Back when she had longer hair and her facial markings. Also, I'm making an effort to make Saffron plumper in newer drawings since she IS my personal furry

Image: proj.gif   221x267 32242 bytes 2000.10.19

This was done for a project where I had to submit a picture and bio of Saffron

Image: saff2.jpg   247x217 38349 bytes 2003.04.20

The first piece of furry art I've done in a while. It was drawn totally by mouse and it's MEANT to look kind of rough. I wanted to use only the colors on the Furcadia palette but I caved and used some other ones, as well as the PSP air brush.(If you have seen my other stuff, you'll note Saffron's face markings are missing. IC the fur on her face fell out and grew back in white over the summer OOC I elimited them because they limited what I could do with her face)

Image: saffkiwi.gif   274x261 18628 bytes 2000.09.25

This is one of thouse pics done because "Everyone is doing it".Everybody is drawing their charecters as Kiwi birds so I did as well.Saffron the Kiwi © Lon Bergeron...Ish so kyooote!@.@\n

Image: saffnwi.jpg   302x370 15808 bytes 2000.12.18

Love thouse lil' buggers.Saffron and the generic nameless kiwi is copyright moi.\n

Image: smokey.gif   230x243 22785 bytes 2000.10.19

Luv oo, baby. (He'd really dig the BG)\r\n\r\n

Image: susieq.jpg   199x299 13609 bytes 2000.11.07

Gloria's sister,Susan Quash\n

Image: wedding.jpg   258x466 27083 bytes 2000.11.16

Every little girl designs a wedding dress whether she is going to have a wedding or not.Here's to hormones.\n

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