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Image: Lounge2color.jpg   1000x657 58125 bytes 2005.08.24

Long Time since a have done a Photoshop. College is distracting me. Thats a good thing. Um this is a piece a made to improve an existing piece in the critique section, so I love how much I have improved. Photoshop, pencil.

Image: loversoffall.jpg   905x1200 227127 bytes 2006.11.23

Back with part II with my ink works, the first is a fall-inspired piece that I made while watch some of those awesome autumn leave we happen to get every year. Yeah, itís a little bit mushy, but I really like how it turned out. Iím probably going to tweak a few things in my next Ink set to see what effects I can make.\r\n\r\n -Lord MagicPants

Image: magicpants.jpg   633x900 71381 bytes 2005.06.15

PHOTOSHOP FUCKING ROCKS! I never thought I would turn out like this. pencil and about 5 hours of burn and dodge.

Image: MerryCheri.jpg   946x1200 364144 bytes 2006.12.24

Merry Cheri

***MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!***\r\n\r\nI finished just before the 25th like I said I would, so here she is: Cheri dressed in her revealing and festive lingeriewaiting for more than just Santa. All Photoshop from sketch to finish and was a great way to break up the monotony of finals week.\r\n\r\nNude version coming out after Chirstmas, probably the 26th and thus will conclude my year of 2006 art. As for now, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the holidays with some cider, Jack, and Guiness. Have a wonderful break everyone!

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Image: NorseBjorn.jpg   760x1000 139336 bytes 2006.11.23

- Norse Bjorn\r\n\r\n2 of 5 ink portfolio. Bjorn is the Scandanavian word for Bear. An axe seemed fitting for obvious reasons, and it is signed with four Elder Futhar (very early) runes. From bottom up is Uruz for strength, the Thurisaz for conflict, the Eihwaz for trust, and finally the Tiwaz for justice.\r\n

Image: NorseCrevan.jpg   710x1000 100129 bytes 2006.11.23

- Norse Crevan\r\n\r\n3 of 5 ink portfolio. Although the true Norse name for fox is Foa, Crevan (along with Todd) in the Celtic equivalent. Plus Crevan sounds fancy. He is wielding one of two throwing axes, a weapon of choice for agilie warriors, and has two crossed Irminsul symbols on his belt buckle. They were believed to represent the World Tree Yggdrasil and the cosmos.\r\n

Image: NorseFenrir.jpg   675x1000 134302 bytes 2006.11.23

- Norse Fenrir\r\n\r\n1 of 5 ink portfolio. Everyone should know the story of Fenrir and Tyr, espesially if you are visiting a furry site. Fenrir would be the bound wolf who had bitten off the hand of the God Tyr, and was destined to be unleashed during Ragnarok. The runes on his sword have no particular meaning, all though the last word is a direct English translation of the word wolf.\r\n

Image: NorseNidhogg.jpg   705x1000 140944 bytes 2006.11.23

- Norse Nidhogg\r\n\r\n4 of 5 ink portfolio. Inspired by the great Dragon, Nidhogg is a massive creature that eats the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasill. Its task was to destroy the tree, and the runes on his hammer spell out "Nidhogr" the formal phonetic spelling of Nidhogg.\r\n

Image: NorseSleipnir.jpg   770x1000 141100 bytes 2006.11.23

- Norse Sleipnir\r\n\r\n5 of 5 ink porfolio. Sleipnir was the horse of Odin, and was often depicted as having 8 legs total (note the four fabrics). He was believed to have two separate pairs of legs to traverse both land and air. The head of his spear is carved with "Slepnir" the formal spelling.\r\n

Image: PantsClose.jpg   930x602 98128 bytes 2007.04.06


New avatar which is more of a joke than an actual representation.\r\n\r\nSee link below. \r\n\r\n

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Image: Pink.jpg   861x800 54039 bytes 2005.06.15

Woah. Style change. I might have used a little to much pink in this one.

Image: PoolHustler.jpg   582x800 70262 bytes 2005.06.11

I finished this almost two years ago. I'm amazed that this turned out so good with such a little understanding of painting and anthro. I think it took like 4 nights to finish back then and it shows. done with pencil, then acrilic paint on some wierd thin paper.

Image: RainandSnow1024X768.jpg   1024x768 149282 bytes 2007.02.08

Rain and Snow

This is Trancy Mick's General Rain Silves, as seen in the icy environment of Vilious.\r\n\r\nI was originally going to wait for Trancy to color the updated armor version found here: but I decided to jump the gun and just color it with what was in my head.\r\n\r\nThis picture was done entirely in Photoshop CS with a Wacom tablet and a bunch of patience. I'm really proud of how the blade turned out.\r\n\r\nNote: Because of VCL compression, this file is much smaller than I would have liked it to be. The full sized wallpaper version (1600 X 1200) can be found here on my site:

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Image: RainsizedVCL.jpg   749x1000 234735 bytes 2006.11.21

Good to be back on the VCL, I havenít updated my gallery here for about 6 months, and if you looked at it now, it almost looks like two different people were sharing it. This is my most recent Photoshop piece; the character is named Rain and is property of Tracy Mick. I gathered the setting from bits and pieces from the novel she is working on. I also used a whole bunch of cool little techniques to create the Background, the dam she is on, and that mean looking blade she is holding. \r\n\r\n -Lord MagicPants

Image: Ready.jpg   700x909 69320 bytes 2005.06.18

Ah yes, nakedness. Gotta love it. I wonder what she's looking at? Whatever it is, it's bigger than her ;)

Image: Reallytall.jpg   1024x768 99414 bytes 2005.06.11

Now for the naughty. I have been playing around with perspective and this one turned out well. She kinda looks like shes 20 stories tall, but I'm not complaining. Printer paper, Prismacolor, and 2mm pen, with photoshop for background. More to come...(pun intended *hehe*)

Image: rearfinalVCL.jpg   1024x819 166063 bytes 2006.11.21

You know, according to your nutritionist you are supposed to get 6- 11 servings of pornographic images a day. Without that, the body becomes unhealthy and begins to loose its strength... Photoshop and Tablet, I wanted a nice peaceful afternoon vibe in this image complemented by some evening loviní\r\n\r\n -Lord MagicPants

Image: RedPaint.jpg   700x870 66047 bytes 2005.06.21

Ok, an explaination is needed. While in a chat room, I was assulted with a large can of red paint, tackled into a 7ft high blank canvas, and instantly dryed off. You can sense my confusion.

Image: roguefinal.jpg   621x729 46182 bytes 2006.04.06

This is the finished piece for my new background image. Several hours of photoshop smudge, which took so way longer than I thought. Feel free to send me suggestions or comments at now that I have a bunch of time to work on art.\r\n© Ian Irish

Image: Roxanneboobs.jpg   663x1000 120096 bytes 2006.11.23

This was the first true ink that I have tried, it turned out pretty well. I have a bunch of things to experiment from here but I would like to carry on with this style for the moment. Done on notebook paper and cleaned with yeah, you guessed it; Photoshop.\r\n\r\n -Lord MagicPants\r\n\r\n(I'll cut down on the free advertising space and only post my website twice.)

Image: RoxxanneFlightVCL.jpg   874x1024 142267 bytes 2006.11.21

This is one of my characters I have named Roxanne, or Rox for short, (Be sure to see more of her in the future) She seems to be enjoying her nude self scraping one of those puffy clouds hundreds of feet above what looks like Kansas. I like to create an actual background; it gives a sense of freedom and complements the figure as well as her boobs.\r\n\r\n -Lord MagicPants

Image: Spentfinal.gif   582x664 24975 bytes 2005.06.11

the second of two pictures that gave me trouble was this. I tried to finalize it in photoshop, which took loads of time. maybe be I will color these two pictures someday, but right now I'm tired of messing with them. pencil, photoshop, aggravation.

Image: three-wisegals-ink.gif   1600x1066 90413 bytes 2010.02.28

Three wise girls ink

Wolf thinks about Dog\r\nDog thinks about Fox\r\nFox thinks about pretzels.

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Image: tittieswebVCL.jpg   960x1200 106139 bytes 2006.11.21

This piece was done a few months ago, and I needed a fancy homepage picture for my website. However after several redesigns I decided to just place it in the gallery. I tried a whole bunch of new techniques on this piece mainly to try to get the fur to look deeper, and needless to say some things I liked and some things I didnít. Photoshop ink and color, Wacom tablet.\r\n\r\n -Lord MagicPants\r\n

Image: Toungeplay.jpg   1200x909 179655 bytes 2006.11.23

Alright, before I get into the Norse stuff, I needed something rediculously porngraphic; and here you go.

Image: Vanish.jpg   1024x768 76348 bytes 2006.04.06

My new finished desktop image. Sketch, then lots of photoshop. Ah, its good to be back on the VCL!\r\n© Ian Irish

Image: vertigo.jpg   1024x768 129835 bytes 2007.01.07


More experimenting with different angles, poses and coloring, this Picture was an absolute nightmare. Photoshop ran out of memory several times during the making, and the program crashed costing a couple hours of work. :(\r\n\r\nHowever, it is now the new main page for my website, which has been recently updated found here:

Tags: Wolf, Stripper, Lord MagicPants, colors   [More Info]
Image: WasClean.jpg   800x953 71240 bytes 2005.07.08

Done. Finally, a real background. You know she was clean, but now she's just on vacation

Image: WingedWolf.jpg   750x1000 73206 bytes 2005.07.15

Commissions! For WingedWolf, because I'm a nice guy. I'm gonna take a break now, because the wings kicked my ass and because my computer is fucking up really bad. Lobotomy time, computer!

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