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Image: hyaenamy00tait6.jpg   637x838 90332 bytes 2004.03.18

Inyokern, a hyaena-fox thing that Fuz fancies. I couldn't handle colouring his spots though - Might have to reupload if his person makes me redo him. \r\n Oh, Inyo's © Verse-Hyenafox.

Image: stefusednair.jpg   712x1058 92009 bytes 2004.02.29

Stef has muscles under all that fluff. \r\nStef is © lord_nougat, and is made 100% in potatoshop, because paper has no ctrl+z function!

Image: bishinougatmouse.jpg   900x781 107250 bytes 2004.02.23

This cute wee mousey lad, CecilBrown on Deviant 'won' this pic... he got some arbitrary pageview and announced it SHOULD be a winning number, so I figured why not! He wanted a self portrait as a mousey thing, so I did. \r\n\r\nI'm not really that pretty - poetic license.

Image: roughgoodec1.jpg   784x565 68121 bytes 2004.02.23

I forgot to give him hair, so this is back from that time he got all shaved, or something. \r\n\r\nI did this one for a contest over on Deviantart. Wish me luck!

Image: squirrrelv.jpg   1024x916 203914 bytes 2004.02.06

Xer is a pink squirrel who likes candy, and is © KornKayKob who can be found at:\r\nFuz is a coyote from Southern California who is a motorcycle courier, and likes to lick other guys' candy.

Image: bbatcolour-talky.jpg   563x800 92483 bytes 2004.01.13

My first bat character! Also, a first in other ways too... I actually properly inked a new layer over my standard sloppyassed sketch, and then I cleaned that linework up a couple of times until it looked a little more like something a real artist might do, and then I coloured in Photoshop using all 100% opacity colours - all these things are quite different than the way I usually do stuff, and overall, I am pleased - I just had lots of fun with this!\r\n Now, I must be leaving, there's a bat-creature here in need of licking all over!

Image: somethingv.jpg   529x883 34387 bytes 2004.01.05

Fuz being a tease. I have redone this pic so many times today that this is just the way it's going to be for the time being. One of the other versions is on my deviantart page.

Image: doc-pen-flourish0v.jpg   629x800 55588 bytes 2004.01.03

A regular 'action shot' here; here he is about to dot an i! Exciting ne? I stylised him a bit in my own feeble efforts to get him to look a little more like his creator - and ironically, I like how it turned out.\r\n\r\nDoc is ©DoctorShleckenbecker\r\nDrawn and coloured by ME!\r\n\r\nP.S. Oops! I just now realised that I accidentally de-anthro-morphetized the good little doctor here, and I did it without any thought whatsoever... *is stupid*\r\nWell, Thankfully, I recall there's a teeny bit of latitude here for that kind of thing, so I guess I might survive this wee incursion. He's pretty cute in his aquatic-creature-form too, but if I do too much 'fan art' for him, he'll surely become insufferably conceited and stuff. I mean, more than he normally is.

Image: kittydoll.jpg   562x800 31531 bytes 2003.12.30

Okay, here's my contribution to a collaboration in progress. This is a character I've drawn a few times already, but since this is a work in progress sort of thing, I won't go into great detail yet - I don't wanna ruin the suprise!\r\nAnyhow, at this point, he's essentially a paper doll, I've made a few different outfits and props, as has my collaborator... this should be fun! I figured you all mightn't mind just imagining his raiments for the time being ;-)\r\noh yeah, © Lord_Nougat & Andromeda Strainers, Ltd.

Image: prettyboi-z0c1s.jpg   800x660 43649 bytes 2003.12.14

Done entirely in Photoshop, and mostly with a mouse, though I did all the messy looking stuff with a generic knockoff wacom wannabe. His right hand's fingers are missing because he's holding something, but it's invisible or something.\r\n It was gonna be a car or a boulder or a sheep, but now its a nothing.

Image: 1209-5sm.jpg   364x719 45942 bytes 2003.12.11

Hey, wanna give me a hand with this? It's quite a job, so maybe you should remove your pants as well.

Image: s1ynx0rsm.jpg   581x800 55892 bytes 2003.12.06

It's Slinky! \r\nFun for a girl and a boy! Simultaneously!\r\n\r\nYes, I am trying to re-learn how to draw hands... I could have sworn I used to have the ability to draw hands.

Image: bardog.jpg   800x774 38365 bytes 2003.11.18

Just some dog, in a bar, drinking a Coke. Probably it's a vanilla coke, because otherwise - bleh! I didnt know who he was when I drew him, and I still don't now. Perhaps he's one of Stef's 'victims'.

Image: fuzdivan2sm.jpg   820x734 38371 bytes 2003.11.18

I obsessed on this one until it came time to do the background. One of these days, I ought to finish it; we'll see. Also, the monitor I was using at the time was kinda, well, dark... so the colours are not what I wanted them to be. There, TWO reasons for me to work on it again. Thing is, this is one of the pics that got me in here, so it's of historical significance, well it is to me.

Image: greyleashsm.jpg   800x715 36147 bytes 2003.11.18

Okay, I'm new to this art genre, and intend to master it yet! Hah! Speaking of 'mastering', Mr. Goode here (who's a Whippet, what are the chances?!) wanted to know why we ere calling him 'Whippet Goode'. He's a bit apprehensive about having asked that just now...

Image: nicekittything.jpg   800x716 28936 bytes 2003.11.18

Haha, the autoautomatic recompression thingy likes this one - it figures, since it got a little artifacty looking, but not like there are alot of details to lose! \r\n Really though, how could anyone not adore that cute face. Don't you just want to pat him on the head? And stuff. Or something...

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